Qantas Points Club guide: Get rewarded from the couch

Qantas Points Club is designed to reward people who earn Qantas points from the couch, regardless of how often they fly.

Offering two membership levels – Points Club and Points Club Plus – there are plenty of perks on offer. The program unlocks the ability to earn Qantas Points and Status Credits, shopping discounts at the Qantas Rewards Store, score Qantas Club lounge passes, and even complimentary Qantas Club membership.

In this post, we'll take a deep dive into why Qantas Points Club is worth aiming for, and showcase tips for unlocking top-tier membership.

How does Qantas Points Club work?

Qantas Points Club sits alongside and separately from the Qantas Frequent Flyer program. It's designed to incentivise consumers who earn most of their points on the ground, as opposed to in the air.

qantas points club flowchart

The concept is pretty simple: Points earned on the ground from eligible partners and activities count towards Points Club. By reaching a Points Club membership tier, you'll unlock a range of travel benefits that used to only be available to frequent flyers.

There are literally hundreds of ways to earn Qantas Points on the ground. Whether you’re shopping at the Qantas Store or Woolworths, booking at Qantas Hotels or signing up for a new Qantas credit card there are so many opportunities to move up the Points Club membership tiers.

What are the Qantas Points Club membership tiers?

Each membership year, Qantas Frequent Flyer members can automatically achieve Points Club status upon earning up to a specific threshold of points.

There are two levels of Qantas Points Club membership, based on an individual’s Qantas Points earn in their membership year. The table below sets out the two tiers and highlights the number of points required:

Membership Level Qantas Points Needed:
Points Club150,000 Qantas Points
Points Club Plus350,000 Qantas Points

Qantas Points Club: This first-tier membership level is unlocked when you earn 150,000 Qantas Points in your membership year.

Qantas Points Club Plus: This is the second and highest level of Points Club. Points Club Plus is reserved exclusively for members who earn 350,000 points or more in a membership year, rewarding them with a variety of premium perks and benefits.

It's important to note that the number of points that count towards Points Club is capped at 125,000 Qantas Points. So, it pays to be strategic and seek out high points earning opportunities. For example, if you earn 150,000 points as a sign-on bonus for a Qantas-linked credit card in one transaction, 125,000 of those points will count towards Points Club membership.

Once a new membership level is unlocked, Qantas Points Club members gain access to a range of new benefits and exclusive offers.

How can I earn lots of Qantas points fast?

If you're seeking ways to obtain a significant number of Qantas Points in one transaction, pushing you closer to Qantas Points Club membership, there are plenty of strategies to consider. Below are our top tips for obtaining a significant serve of points in one go:

Get approved for a Qantas-linked credit card: Depending on the product you choose, a Qantas-linked credit card could earn you stacks of Qantas Points fast. Card providers routinely offer up to 120,000 bonus points or more, which is almost enough to get you to Qantas Points Club level one membership. Browse Qantas Credit Card offers here

Take up Qantas Health Insurance: Qantas Health insurance often runs sign-on bonuses for new members. Qantas Health insurance promotions change frequently, and it's sometimes possible to obtain up to 120,000 bonus points for taking up a new policy. Often, these policies need to be held for just 60 days. You can also earn points on Qantas Travel Insurance.

Transfer Qantas Points from a flexible membership program: From time to time, Qantas runs points transfer promotions for consumers who hold proprietary rewards program charge and credit cards such as the Amex Platinum Card. These promotions can see Australians obtain a transfer bonus of up to 25%, simply for transferring points into Qantas Frequent Flyer.

To ensure you're across the latest promotions, check our website regularly for the latest deals. For savvy points collectors, it's easy to combine multiple points earning opportunities with a view to unlocking level two Qantas Points Club membership.

Can I earn Qantas Points Club status through flying?

The aim of Qantas Points Club is to incentivise those who rack up points on the ground, therefore, only limited rewards are awarded from flying.

That said, each membership year, Qantas will count 20,000 Qantas Points earned from flying towards Points Club membership. It's worth bearing in mind that Qantas Points earned via Loyalty Bonus, elite status bonus rewards, family transfer, or Qantas Business Rewards transfers will not be counted towards Points Club or Points Club Plus membership.

What key benefits does Qantas Points Club membership deliver?

Qantas Points Club offers a range of enticing benefits and perks to those who buy as opposed to fly. Key benefits include:

Qantas lounge access: Points Club members receive two digital Qantas Club lounge invitations each year, while Points Club Plus unlocks a complimentary Qantas Club membership.

Earn Status credits on award flights: Both tiers of Qantas Points Club membership unlock the ability to earn Status Credits on Classic Reward flights booked with Qantas Points.

Earn more points at Qantas Hotels: Points Club members earn 25% extra frequent flyer points when booking through Qantas Hotels. The bonus points earn is boosted to 50% for Points Club Plus members. This excludes Airbnb bookings.

Status Credit rollover: Top-tier Qantas Points Club Plus members unlock the ability to roll over 100 status credits each membership year. This counts towards earning Silver, Gold, or Platinum status, but it doesn't apply to Platinum One.

Earn more points with Qantas Wine: Both membership levels receive complimentary Qantas Wine premium membership. Points Club Plus members benefit further, with 10% off most wines available for purchase (excludes Penfolds).

Qantas Points Club also offers the following vouchers and points reward benefits for members:

Points ClubPoints Club Plus
$50 Qantas Hotels voucher$100 Qantas Hotels voucher
$50 Qantas Wine birthday voucher (minimum spend $149)2 x $50 Qantas Wine birthday vouchers (minimum spend $149)
Reward of 2,500 points for earning 250,000 eligible Qantas PointsReward of 2,500 points for earning 250,000 eligible Qantas Points

In addition to the key perks listed above, there are other benefits on offer with partners including Avis, Qantas Insurance, and the Qantas Rewards Store. You can review key Points Club benefits by membership tier in the table below:

qantas points club membership benefits list

Accessing Qantas lounges with Points Club

If you've considered purchasing a Qantas Club membership but have balked at the high cost, then obtaining lounge invitations or complimentary access through Qantas Points Club could be worth your while.

qantas club membership Lounge

Qantas Points Club delivers two complimentary Qantas Club invites each membership year for tier 1 members. High-spending Points Club Plus members receive a digital Qantas Club membership.

Note that Points Club doesn't deliver a physical Qantas Club card or passes. Instead, you can access lounges using a digital Qantas Club membership card or pass that is accessible on the Qantas website or through the Qantas app.

It's worth bearing in mind that many credit cards offer complimentary Qantas Club passes each year.

Earning Status Credits with Qantas Points Club

One feature of the Qantas Points Club that I'm particularly excited about is the ability to earn status credits on Qantas Classic Reward flight bookings. This perk effectively represents a shortcut to elite Qantas Frequent Flyer status.

qantas a380 first class suite

This is a game-changing feature for many Qantas Frequent Flyers – particularly for those who routinely use their points to book award travel in premium cabins.

How many Status Credits can I earn with Qantas Points Club?

We've pulled together the tables below to show how many Status Credits it's possible for Points Club members to earn on Qantas Classic Flight Rewards by booking class/cabin:

The following table lists out Status Credit earn for Qantas Classic Reward flights in domestic Australia:

Economy (X) Prem Economy (Z) Business (U)
Domestic Australia short flights (0 to 750 miles)710
Domestic Australia medium flights (751 to 1,500 miles)1115
Domestic Australia long flights (1,501 and over miles)1520

The following table lists out Status Credit earn on Qantas Classic Reward flights originating in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney to the following international destinations:

DestinationEconomyPrem EconomyBusinessFirst
New Zealand or Papua New Guinea15203236
Northeast Asia or Southeast Asia22304854
West Coast USA/Canada or Dubai33457281
East Coast USA/Canada or Europe5270112126

Status Credit earn on other routes can be found on the Qantas Points Club website here.

To earn Status Credits on Classic Reward flights, you must be a member of Points Club or Points Club Plus at the time of flying. Status credit earn will only apply to Qantas-marketed classic flight rewards bookings. This means that reward flight bookings with Oneworld partner airlines and Emirates are excluded.

How to check if you've qualified for Qantas Points Club

Qantas Frequent Flyer members can view their Points Club status on the Qantas website. Current status is available on both the desktop website and via the app. On the website, you’ll find your Points Club status (if applicable) in the top right corner, directly below your Qantas Frequent Flyer membership status:

qantas points club status

How long is Qantas Points Club membership valid for?

Qantas Points Club membership benefits start from the moment you unlock Points Club. The benefits run until the end of your next membership year. As an example, if your membership year begins on 1 January 2022 and ends 31 December 2022 and you unlock Points Club or Points Club Plus in June 2022, you can enjoy your membership benefits until 31 December 2023.

To extend your Qantas Points Club benefits, you'll need to earn 150,000 or 350,000 points each membership year to retain Points Club or Points Club Plus. Qantas members can keep track of Points Club membership in the My Account area on the Qantas website.

More information about the Qantas Points Club can be found on the Qantas website here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Qantas Points Club

How do I join Qantas Points Club?

Qantas Frequent Flyer members don't need to join Points Club separately. Rather, you'll automatically be assigned membership if and when you meet the qualifying points earn criteria.

How can I qualify for Points Club quickly?

There are many different ways to obtain a stack of Qantas Points in one transaction and it's possible to meet the 150,000 Qantas Points earn criteria with just two activities. Consider taking up a new Qantas linked Australian credit card offering up to 120,000 bonus points. Alternatively, switch your insurance or transfer points across.

Can I earn Status Credits with Points Club membership?

Yes, both levels of Qantas Points Club membership unlock Status Credit earn on Classic Reward flights. Click on our post to find out how many Status Credits you can earn by route and by cabin class.

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