Guide to Qantas Club Membership and promotions

A membership to the Qantas Club provides access to lounges in Australia and overseas, along with a range of other handy Qantas perks.

That said, an annual Qantas Club membership commands a significant fee, so its value proposition needs to be weighed up against your personal circumstances.

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Is the Qantas Club worth joining?

Read on to find out whether joining the Qantas Club is worth your while in 2019. In this guide, we’ll provide an overview of the benefits of Qantas Club membership and crunch the numbers on pricing.

Plus, we’ll highlight various ways to enter the frosted doors of the Qantas Club without holding a paid membership, or by leveraging a promotion to join at a significant discount.

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Qantas Club Membership overview

A Qantas Club Membership unlocks access to an extensive network of Qantas lounges in Australia and overseas, providing a premium space where travellers can relax before a flight whilst enjoying complimentary refreshments, high-speed internet, business and shower facilities.

These benefits are provided regardless of your status tier or class of travel. You simply need to be flying with an eligible airline.

Once you’re a carded up Qantas Club member, you’ll also gain access to selected perks outside the Lounge – including priority check-in, preference for domestic upgrades and an additional checked baggage allowance.

Which Qantas Clubs and Lounges can members access?

The Qantas network of lounges is the largest of any airline in Australia. Along with access to domestic Qantas Club lounges available in capital and regional cities, members can visit a range of lounges overseas. This includes Qantas International Business Lounges, ultra-premium Qantas International Lounges, and some Associated Lounges operated by partner airlines (access rules vary).

qantas club membership

Qantas Club members are unable to access Qantas Domestic Business Lounges, Qantas International First Lounges or the Chairmans Lounge. For a complete list of Qantas Lounges and a more detailed overview of access rules, check out The Champagne Mile’s Guide to Qantas Lounges.

What additional benefits does a Qantas Club Membership provide?

A Qantas Club membership provides access to a range of handy benefits, above and beyond individual access to Qantas Lounges. Key perks include:

  • Access for one guest (visitation rules vary between lounges)
  • Access to ‘On Departure’ upgrades on Australian domestic flights (using Qantas points)
  • Additional checked baggage allowance when travelling in Economy or Premium Economy
  • Priority check-in for Qantas flights, and
  • Discounts on booking Qantas Meeting Rooms in Australia.

When can members visit the Qantas Club?

Qantas Club Membership provides the primary member and one guest entry to Qantas Clubs and International Business Lounges prior to flying. Children aged 17 or under are generally admitted at the discretion of the lounge (more information is here).

When travelling in Australia, you’ll need to be travelling on a flight with a Qantas or Jetstar flight code. When flying overseas, the access rules vary, but you’ll usually be able to visit a Qantas International, International Business Lounge or associated lounge when you’re flying with Qantas and have a QF flight number. Most lounges also offer access when you’re travelling on an international Jetstar flight with a JQ number.

Note that access rules vary between lounges, and some restrictions may apply. For example, at the time of writing, Qantas Club members are unable to access to Qantas Singapore Lounge due to longstanding issues with overcrowding. When in doubt, check the Qantas website for the most up to date access information.

How much does Qantas Club Membership cost?

Access to the Qantas Club is convenient, but it doesn’t come cheap. If you’re a new member taking up an Individual membership, a joining fee of $399 is levied. This charge does not apply for renewals or corporate memberships.

Qantas Club memberships are offered in one, two or four-year blocks. The usual pricing in dollars and points is as follows:

Individual Qantas Club membershipCost (renewal) $Cost (membership + join fee) $Qantas Points redemption
1 year$540$93978,000
2 years$980$1,379155,000
4 years$1,850$2,249285,000

While membership isn’t cheap by any means, you’ll receive 3 Qantas Points per $1 spent on Qantas Club memberships, which can help to sweeten the deal.

Note that Qantas Business Rewards members can receive 10% off individual membership fees. Separate fees apply to Corporate and Partner memberships.

Can I buy Qantas Club Membership with frequent flyer points?

Yes, in addition to forking out 70,000 Qantas points for the joining fee, you can also purchase a one, two or four-year membership at 78,000, 155,000 or 285,000 Qantas points respectively.

But while Qantas points can be used to redeem for Qantas Club membership, this generally represents a poor use of points when compared with business or first class flights.

Getting into the Qantas Club for less

Taking advantage of Qantas Club promotions and offers

Several times per year, Qantas runs promotions on Individual Qantas Club memberships. The offers can include discounted or waived joining fees, and a reduction on renewal fees. There are no current offers at the time of writing, but when a new one is released, you’ll find it here. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to ensure you don’t miss out.

Credit cards offering Qantas Club Lounge passes

If you suspect that you’d only get the chance to enjoy a Qantas lounge several times a year, you might be better off choosing a credit card that offers complimentary passes to Qantas owned and operated lounges. Many Qantas co-brand credit cards offer two single entry passes to Qantas Clubs and selected International Lounges for each year of card membership. You can browse our range of Qantas credit cards here.

Purchasing a single Qantas Club Lounge pass

If you’re not willing to invest in a Qantas Club membership, you may be able to purchase a single access pass. Qantas occasionally sends email invitations to travellers, inviting them to purchase a lounge access pass. Emails are usually sent out between two to five days before the flight.

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Summing up: Qantas Club Membership

A Qantas Club Membership unlocks comfort and convenience for leisure and business travellers – even when flying in economy. However, it doesn’t come cheap, so it’s important that you consider your own personal travel patterns before taking the plunge to join.

Membership can make sense if you plan to travel and can make use of a Qantas Lounge frequently (my general rule of thumb would be ten or more times per year), or if you can take advantage of one of the promotions that Qantas runs several times per year. It might also be worth joining if you could make multiple visits to one of the ultra-premium lounges, such as the Qantas Hong Kong or London Lounge.

However, if you only travel infrequently, obtaining single entry lounge passes through a Qantas co-brand credit card or waiting for an invitation to purchase lounge access from Qantas can make much more sense.

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