Qantas Lounge Guide: Discover all of Qantas’ plans

Read on to get up to speed with all we know about Qantas’ big lounge plans, including the newly reopened Hong Kong International lounge, in our Qantas lounge guide.

Great news! The Qantas Hong Kong Lounge is once again welcoming business class travellers and frequent flyers.

The crowd favourite lounge has a completely new look as Qantas continues to significantly enhance its network of lounges in Australia and overseas, elevating the pre-flight and transit travel experience for customers to a new level of luxury at key destinations.

The $100-million splurge also features four brand new lounges, including a new luxe flagship First Lounge at London’s Heathrow Airport, which is arriving just in time for the airline’s non-stop ‘Project Sunrise’ flights from Sydney and Melbourne.

Closer to home, Sydney and Melbourne’s international business lounges are also in line for a much-needed overhaul, with millions of travellers set to benefit from the country’s busiest domestic lounges.

qantas hong kong lounge kitchen
The new Hong Kong Lounge menu features a good mix of fresh dishes and familiar favourites

Qantas Lounge guide: What’s new?

Last year we saw a new Qantas Club lounge open at Rockhampton and, overseas, a refresh to the Honolulu International Business Lounge.

We’re pleased to share that Qantas is continuing the newness with a steady lineup of lounge updates in Australia and overseas.

All this newness is of course part of Qantas’ $100-million lounge investment, which will see four brand-new lounges elevate the pre-flight and transit travel experience for the airline’s frequent flyer base.

Qantas lounge upgrades at a glance

  • Re-opening of a refreshed Hong Kong International Lounge (May 2023)
  • New First Lounge at London’s Heathrow Airport (opening late 2025)
  • Complete refurbishment and expansion of International Business Lounge in Sydney (opening early 2025)
  • Updated and expanded International Business Lounge in Melbourne (opening mid 2024)
  • New Hobart Qantas Club
  • New Broome Regional Lounge with double the seats (opening 2024)

Plus, Qantas is carrying out previously announced lounge upgrades, including:

  • New Auckland International Lounge (opening progressively from 2023)
  • New Business Lounge at Adelaide Domestic Airport (opening 2025)
  • Full upgrade to Qantas Club at Adelaide Domestic Airport (2023)
  • New Regional Lounge at Rockhampton Airport (now open)
  • Redevelopment of Regional Lounge at Port Hedland Airport (2024)

Hong Kong International Lounge reopens

One of the most popular Qantas lounges amongst business class passengers and top-tier frequent flyers has officially reopened!

The Hong Kong lounge was ‘closed for good’ during the pandemic, with its furniture sent back to Australia for use in local lounges. As such, we can now enjoy the refurbished lounge’s completely fresh look.

Sprawling across a spacious 2,000 square metre area, the new lounge houses seating for 290 customers who can relax and enjoy panoramic views of Hong Kong’s Sky Bridge – relaxing and scenic.

The finer details

Those familiar with the previous Qantas Hong Kong Lounge will be happy to know it’s in the same place in the Northern wing of Terminal 1.

Here’s what else to expect.

The vibe

Although it’s original footprint holds true, the Qantas Hong Kong lounge now features a warm colour palette and new furnishings, intentionally designed by Australian designer David Caon.

The food

Neil Perry is behind the new menu, which includes a mix of new local dishes and familiar crowd favourites. Think: Guangdong-style chicken with black beans and steamed rice and braised beef brisket noodle soup.

And yes, we have confirmation that the popular Yum cha trolley will return!

qantas hong kong international lounge yum cha trolley

“Our customers absolutely loved the Yum Cha trolley so we are pleased to confirm we have fired up the dim sum steamers for its comeback, and will bring back the much-loved char siu Chinese barbeque pork dish,” said Mr Perry.

The drinks

When it comes to drinks, Neil Perry’s mixologist-designed cocktails include the lounge’s signature ‘Rabbit’, a concoction of Aperol, Limoncello and passionfruit.

Not what you’re after? As well as a series of other cocktails, bartenders will be ready to mix up a beverage of your choosing.

A Qantas Quench hydration station is also fitted out with hot and cold beverages to support wellness before taking flight.

The amenities

High-speed WiFi is available for those who need to work in the lounge’s business zone, which is equipped with power and data outlets.

Those on a more relaxing trip can duck to one of 12 showers stocked with Li-Tya amenities for some pamper time before taking off again.

New London First Lounge

Construction of a brand new flagship First Lounge at London’s Heathrow Airport is set to align with the launch of Project Sunrise direct flights between the UK and the east coast of Australia. 

Once open in late 2025, the First Lounge will operate alongside the current International Lounge, which will become a dedicated International Business Lounge.

Qantas CEO, Alan Joyce said this the London First Lounge is the most notable event in the airline’s new lounge roadmap.

“London is one of the most important destinations on our network and it’s the perfect location for a First Lounge, especially with our direct Project Sunrise flights on the way. Heathrow is one of the world’s busiest airports so we’re very pleased to be working with them to secure a great space in the terminal for an additional lounge,” Mr Joyce said.

It will be the fifth destination to offer a Qantas First Lounge, along with Los Angeles, Melbourne, Singapore and the original Marc Newson-designed First Lounge in Sydney.

Sydney International Business Lounge

Qantas will undertake a highly-anticipated upgrade to the currently uninspiring Sydney International Business Lounge. Redevelopment of the existing lounge was previously announced but paused due to the pandemic.

We’re happy to report Qantas has proposed a full redesign and rebuild from scratch that will increase capacity by 40 per cent to more than 600 seats. Meanwhile, foodies will delight in a new signature food and beverage offering from Neil Perry.

Being the airline’s busiest domestic lounge, we’re happy the Sydney International Business Lounge made the upgrade list.

Work is expected to commence early 2024 with completion of stage one estimated by early 2025. Hopefully this is a case of ‘good things come to those who wait’.

Melbourne International Business Lounge

The Red Roo’s lounge upgrade plans include the proposed redevelopment of existing Qantas Business Class Lounge at Melbourne International Airport.

The refresh is set to feature an expanded footprint, which will increase capacity by up to 30 per cent to accommodate future passenger growth.

Come mid-2024, lounge guests can expect a full internal refresh and new signature food and beverage.

Qantas international lounge network map

Hobart Qantas Club

Often left off the map, but not out of Qantas’ grand plans, Hobart is also getting a taste of the newness.

Qantas has proposed a relocation into a brand new Hobart Qantas Club, hoping for larger premises in line with the overall terminal redevelopment.

The new Hobart Qantas Club would see a 50 per cent increase in capacity from 96 to approximately 150 seats.

Broome Regional Lounge

Finally, construction of a brand new Regional Lounge has commenced, with capacity of the existing lounge set to double from 49 to approximately 100 seats following consistently strong demand from premium leisure travellers.

Those travelling to the Western Australian holiday destination don’t have too long to wait. We’re expecting the new Broome Regional Lounge to open in 2024.

Qantas Auckland International Lounge

After an overhaul of its domestic lounges in 2022, Qantas is now setting its sights over to New Zealand, where the business and first class Auckland Lounges will be replaced by one premium lounge for all passengers, including top-tier flyers, Qantas Club members and those in the Chairmans Lounge program.

The new-look Qantas Auckland International Lounge will be open for more to enjoy, with capacity increasing from 244 to 340 seats.

We’re expecting to see this lounge open progressively from the first half of 2023, in time for the launch of Sydney-Auckland-New York service in June.

Adelaide Business Lounge

After Auckland gets its new lounge, we’re expecting Qantas to get to work on the Adelaide refresh.

This lounge will be specifically for business class passengers, as well as Platinum and Platinum One frequent flyers. You can expect increased seating for 190 travellers, plus local South Australian culinary delights (and wine of course!)

You’ll be able to find the Qantas Adelaide Business Lounge next to the Qantas Club, and while no further updates have been announced.

After much suspicion, we can now confirm the Chairmans Lounge and Qantas Club at Adelaide Domestic Airport will also undergo a full upgrade, with the Chairman’s Lounge set to open in 2025 and the Qantas Club sooner in 2023.

Qantas domestic lounge network map

Accessing Qantas Lounges: Complete guide

Whether you are travelling for business or leisure, access to an airport lounge can help you relax in comfort before your flight. Qantas boasts a large network of lounges for Australians at home, along with an extensive footprint overseas.

The pandemic saw many Qantas Lounge closures, but Qantas is expanding its lounge footprint now that travel is continuing to ramp back up. From refreshed old favourites, to all new openings 2023 is bringing some exciting airport lounge additions.

We’ve put together a comprehensive guide to help you discover the Qantas Lounge network this year. We’ll also explain access rules and cover the different ways you could score a visit before your next flight.

Qantas Lounge Overview

Qantas Lounges are operated in almost 50 locations in Australia and overseas. From base-level domestic Qantas Clubs to the ultra-premium Qantas International First Lounges, a visit could see you treated to a range of convenient and comfortable facilities to enjoy before your flight.

What amenities do Qantas Lounges offer?

Qantas operates multiple tiers of lounges, and the benefits on offer vary by location and size. At one end of the scale, visitors to the exclusive Qantas First Lounge can indulge in complimentary spa treatments and no less than three types of Champagne. On the other hand, small, regional domestic Qantas Clubs may only offer limited facilities.

qantas lounge

However, the base-level features that visitors can expect to enjoy include:

  • Food: Food is offered at all locations, but the quality and format can vary widely. At the very top end, the Qantas International First Lounge offers a Neil Perry-inspired a la carte dining menu, while small, regional Qantas Clubs may only provide a limited cold buffet selection and/or pre-packaged goods.
  • Drinks: All Lounges offer self-service tea and coffee stations. You’ll usually find larger lounges operating a barista coffee service in the morning. Bar services are open for consumption from midday onwards, with a selection of wines, beer and spirits on offer.
  • WiFi: Password-protected WiFi is provided for all Lounge guests. The speed of the WiFi on offer may depend on the location of the lounge.
  • Bathrooms and showers: All lounges provide bathroom facilities, and most offer private shower facilities.
  • Reading materials: A variety of reading materials is provided at each lounge. This generally includes local papers, as well as selected magazines. (Some restrictions may apply due to Covid.)
  • Business centre: Most lounges offer a space for business travellers to get to work, with power points and docking areas widely available. Some lounges offer dedicated Apple computers, printers and even phones for usage.
  • Children’s space: A number of lounges offer play zones for children. The zones are often kitted out with a TV, play mat, toys and a dedicated children’s computer.

If you’re fortunate enough to be visiting a premium lounge, it pays to arrive early so that you can enjoy all the different amenities and facilities on offer.

Lounge tiers

Qantas boasts a network of almost 50 lounges worldwide. These operate under six different lounge tiers, as follows:

  • Domestic Qantas Club Lounges
  • Qantas Domestic Business Lounges
  • Qantas International Business Lounges
  • Qantas International Lounges
  • Qantas First Lounges, and
  • Chairmans Lounge.

Amenities and access rules vary widely between the different lounge tiers, as we’ll outline in this post.

Domestic Qantas Club Lounges

If you’re flying around Australia or if you have a domestic connection to an international flight, chances are that you’ll be heading to the Qantas Club to relax before your flight. A base-level lounge, the Qantas Club is operated in all capital cities along with a number of regional locations.

Qantas Clubs can be found in no less than 24 locations. The current list of locations can be found in the table below:

Domestic Qantas Club
(new lounge opening 2023)
Alice SpringsEmeraldMelbourne
BrisbaneGladstonePerth (T4)
BroomeGold CoastPort Hedland
(reopening 2023)
CanberraKalgoorlieSydney (T3)
Coffs HarbourKarrathaTamworth

Qantas Clubs have the most relaxed entry requirements, and as a result, they can tend to get crowded at peak times. A Qantas Club membership unlocks access to these lounges. You can find out more here.

Qantas Domestic Business Lounges

The Qantas Domestic Business Lounges are accessible in five locations:

  • Brisbane
  • Melbourne
  • Canberra
  • Sydney
  • Perth (T4)

The facilities on offer are a slight cut above what you’ll find in the Qantas Club, with slightly more premium food and beverages available.

Qantas International Business Lounges

Qantas International Business Lounges are mostly located airside in the international terminal. However, visitors to lounges in smaller capital cities such as Adelaide and Darwin might be surprised to see that these are actually dual-function Qantas Club Lounges, located at the domestic gates.

Qantas lounge guide
The Qantas International Business Lounge Sydney Airport was originally due for refurbishment in 2019

The Qantas International Business Lounge can be found at the following locations:

  • Melbourne
  • Auckland (expansion opening 2023)
  • Wellington
  • Los Angeles (Tom Bradley terminal)
  • Sydney (T1)
  • Honolulu, and
  • Tokyo (Narita).

Some of these lounges are closed due to Covid. Check the Qantas website for the latest update on availability before you travel.

Qantas International Lounges

In recent years, Qantas has embarked on the development of a range of ultra-premium combined business and first class flagship lounges that you’ll want to spend some serious time in.

Strikingly designed, visitors to these world-class lounges can expect to enjoy a la carte dining, premium beverage options and a range of other high-end facilities. Qantas operates a small network of International Lounges.

International lounge locations include: Adelaide, Brisbane, Singapore, Los Angeles, London (Heathrow), Perth (T3) and Darwin. Qantas has now reopened almost all of its 51 domestic and international lounges, including its Los Angeles First Lounge earlier this month. 

Most Qantas International Lounges offer an a la carte selection. At the Singapore Lounge, this is a signature laksa.

Qantas International First Lounges

For discerning travellers, Qantas operates a small number of dedicated first class lounges, in Sydney, Melbourne, Los Angeles and Singapore (there’s also a First Lounge located in Auckland, which doesn’t offer the range of amenities we’ve covered here – it is essentially a smaller room within the Qantas Auckland Business Lounge).

These stunning spaces are widely considered to be amongst the best airport lounges in the world. Guests are pampered with spa treatments, a la carte dining and a range of Champagnes and high-end wines on pour.

qantas lounge
The Qantas International First Lounge Sydney Airport

Naturally, access to these lounges is restricted to a select few – as we’ll outline further down in this post. You can also read our in-depth guide to visiting the Qantas First Lounge here, with an overview of the Spa facilities here.

Qantas Chairmans Lounge

Qantas Chairman’s Lounge is the highest tier of Qantas status, though there’s no point chasing it – membership is by invitation only. Those lucky enough to enjoy membership in this exclusive program are hand-picked every two years by the Qantas Chairman from the ranks of politics, media, business and celebrity.

A membership unlocks access to exclusive lounges located behind nondescript doors in six of Australia’s domestic airports. Chairmans Lounge members also gain access to Qantas First Class Lounges when travelling internationally.

Associated Lounges

In addition to Qantas-operated lounges, Qantas has access agreements in place with a range of associated lounges that are operated in conjunction with partner airlines or external organisations.

This includes Emirates lounges in Dubai, along with spaces operated by OneWorld partner airlines such as American Airlines and Cathay Pacific at airports where Qantas doesn’t provide a lounge of its own.

The current list of Associated Lounges is detailed below:

Associated Lounges
BeijingJohannesburg (Shongololo Lounge)San Francisco (Business Lounge)
ChristchurchNadiSan Francisco (Cathay Lounge)
ChicagoNew York (AA Admirals Club)Santiago
Chicago (AA Admirals Club)New York (AA Flagship Lounge)Sapporo (CTS Royal)
Dallas Fort Worth (AA Admirals Club)NoumeaShanghai (First Lounge)
Dallas Fort WorthManilaShanghai (Business Lounge)
DelhiOsaka (JAL Sakura)Tokyo Haneda (First Lounge)
DenpasarOsaka (KIX Airside lounge)Tokyo Haneda (Business Lounge)
Dubai (Inti Business Lounge)Port MoresbyVancouver
Dubai (First Lounge)Queenstown

Access requirements to these lounges vary considerably, Check the Qantas website for up-to-date information before you travel.

Qantas Lounge access rules

Access to Qantas Lounges is provided as a benefit to passengers travelling in Business or First Class on Qantas or partner airlines and high-tier Qantas or partner airline frequent flyers.

Selected Lounges are also able to be accessed by Qantas Club members and those holding single-entry Qantas Lounge passes obtained from Qantas co-brand credit cards.

That aside, the access rules vary quite dramatically and can be confusing. We’ve put together a matrix below, to highlight the entry rules at the time of writing for different groups of travellers:

qantas lounge domestic access
qantas lounge international access

^Includes equivalent status with Emirates Skywards or China Eastern Miles, Emerald status with Oneworld

#Includes those travelling in an equivalent cabin on Emirates or a Oneworld airline partner

*Excludes access to the Singapore Lounge, which is currently closed to single-use Qantas Lounge passes and Qantas Club members due to overcrowding.

Note that Lounge access rules can change from time to time. Current Lounge access rules can be accessed via the Qantas website.

Other ways to access Qantas Lounges

If you don’t hold Qantas elite or equivalent status, and you don’t see yourself travelling in business or first class anytime soon, there are still a few ways to arrange to visit selected Lounges.

Paying for Qantas Club membership

Qantas Club is a paid membership program that provides access to selected Lounges along with other Qantas benefits when travelling on Qantas or Jetstar flights. Membership can be costly, and the viability of joining up very much depends on your personal circumstances.

Achieving Qantas Points Club status

Qantas Points Club rewards frequent flyers who earn Qantas Points on the ground. There are a variety of benefits on offer, including single-entry lounge passes and even Qantas Club membership for top-tier members.

Single-entry Qantas Lounge passes

A range of Qantas credit cards offer lounge passes for use at Qantas Club domestic lounges and selected Qantas International Business Class Lounges. Most cards offer two lounge passes each year you keep the card.

You can browse our range of current Qantas Frequent Flyer credit cards here.

FAQ: Qantas Lounge Guide

Can I pay to access the Qantas Lounge?

Eligible Qantas Frequent Flyers may be invited to purchase single-entry lounge passes for selected domestic and international flights. Access can be purchased using either cash or Qantas Points.

Can Qantas Club members access the Emirates Lounge?

Yes. Qantas Club members travelling on a Qantas (QF) flight number can access Emirates partner lounges when travelling in Economy.

Does a Business Class ticket get you into Qantas Club?

Yes, travelling in business class on a flight with a QF flight number unlocks access to the Qantas Club. In selected cities, you may also be able to access Qantas Business Lounges.

Can I use the Qantas Club when flying Jetstar?

Yes. Qantas Club members and those with Qantas Gold Status or above are able to use Qantas Club lounges when flying Jetstar.

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    Hi! I’m flying Sydney to LA on Qantas first class on Friday morning. My husband is flying Sydney to Brisbane on Jetstar economy (sorry husband) then Brisbane to LA on Qantas business on that same Friday but in the afternoon. Am I able to invite him as a guest into the Sydney Qantas first class lounge? Thanks in advance!!!!!

    1. Avatar for Adele

      Hi AL, since your husband is flying to Brisbane, and you are flying to LAX, I’m assuming you are both departing from different terminals (domestic for him and international for you). Assuming that’s the case, then unfortunately you won’t be able to guest him in as he’ll be in a different terminal. Enjoy your trip!

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    I am traveling first class on Emirates from Sydney.
    I appreciate I can use the Qantas first class lounge which I have done before. My question is can I take my son in with me as a guest? He is traveling on same flight but in business class. The qantas site seems to mention a guest is allowed but it seems unclear.
    Thank you.

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    Hi, I am travelling on FF points under Qantas but on a BA400 number and want to use the London Qantas Club. I am a Qantas Club member silver status, can I use the club in london?

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    I am booked on an economy Emirates flight from Brisbane to Dubai with an EK flight number. The emirates lounge is currently closed in Brisbane. I am a Qantas frequent flyer member. Can I purchase access to the Qantas international lounge and if so, can I use my frequent flyer points? If this is possible how would I go about this purchase? Also what would it cost for two persons. Than you.

    1. Avatar for Zoe Kassiotis

      Hi Cheryl, thanks for you question. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to purchase passes at the lounge entry. However, if lounge entry is not included in your fare or Qantas Frequent Flyer tier, Qantas may send an invitation for the opportunity to purchase a lounge pass for you and passengers travelling with you on the same booking 2-5 days before departure. The cost of lounge entry varies and will be clear if you receive your invitation and click on the link to purchase a pass (you can pay with cash or points). You may find this link helpful:

    1. Avatar for Zoe Kassiotis

      Hi Elaine. Thanks for your question. Qantas partners with Premier Lounge in Denpasar (Ngurah Rai International Airport), which features bar service, lounge dining, refreshments, showers and WiFi amongst other comforts. In saying that, this third party lounge isn’t too flash, so it may be best to manage your expectations! Eligible Qantas customers can access this lounge by taking the lift from Level 3 to Mezzanine Level. Hope this helps.

  5. Avatar for David

    Hi, if I am traveling business class on Qantas from Bne to lax , can I use the Qantas business class lounge at Tom Bradley lax after clearing customs if I am transiting and flying to the east coast of USA but not on a one world carrier. I am also an American platinum member. Sapphire.
    Thank you

    1. Avatar for Adele

      Hi David, this would depend on the airline your are flying domestically, and whether you are flying on the ticket with a QF or AA flight number – if the airline you are flying is a non-oneworld partner of either Qantas or American Airlines then you should have access.

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    Iam on a Emirates flight-premium economy to Dubai soon.I am a qantas club member with recent access to points club etc.
    I dont think the emirates flight is a code share .Can I use the Qantas Lounge in sydney prior to boarding.

    1. Avatar for Zoe Kassiotis

      Hi, thank you for your question. Qantas Club members travelling on a Qantas (QF) flight number can access Emirates partner lounges when travelling in Economy. With that in mind, you’ll need to check whether you are on a codeshare flight.

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