Red Planet Research: The Qantas-Owned Market Research Panel

Discover how Red Planet Research unlocks Qantas Points earning on surveys

Have you ever been a member of an online market research panel before? If so, chances are that you have seen surveys pop up on your screen or in your email, asking about what products and services you like or don’t like.

These panels frequently offer consumers rewards for completing surveys and participating in other activities such as answering questions about themselves.

The Qantas Red Planet Portal is one such panel that offers rewards to its users; it is fully owned by Qantas, and it offers eligible members the opportunity to earn Qantas Points by taking online surveys.

What is the Red Planet Research and how does it work?

Red Planet is an online market research panel that is 100% owned by Qantas Airways.

The platform was created back in 2014 by Qantas Airways Limited. The portal is a secure website that is only available to Qantas Frequent Flyer members who receive an invitation.

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Through an exclusive tie-up with Qantas Frequent Flyer, Red Planet provides members with the opportunity to earn Qantas Frequent Flyer Points for completing online surveys.

As a market research and data insights platform, Qantas aims to collect consumer insights through online surveys. Research findings are used to provide consumer insights and strategies for Qantas Airways and other advertisers.

How many Qantas Points can be earned with Red Planet Research?

Like many online survey sites, participants earn incentives (in this case, Qantas Points) for completing surveys in exchange for their time and valuable input. The number of Qantas points provided will vary based on the length of the questionnaire being completed. Members can expect to receive between 150 – 250 Qantas Points (the ballpark equivalent of $1.50 – $2.50 AUD) for a survey of up to 30 minutes duration.

Disappointingly, no points are credited when a user screens out of a survey.

Qantas says that points should appear in your Frequent Flyer account within 10 business days after completing a survey.

Members also receive one entry into a prize draw for every survey completed.

So how do these rewards stack up?

While this compensation isn’t the lowest survey reward we’ve seen, it’s by no means high. For example, panellists receive over $16 per hour for completing surveys with the leading survey site, Octopus Group. Sites like Rewardia, YouGov, and Opinionworld also cater to Australian and New Zealand users, and they provide competitive incentives.

Who can join Red Planet Research?

If you’ve read this far into our post, you may be interested in joining up.

Unfortunately, that won’t be possible – only Qantas Frequent Flyer members based in Australia who receive an invitation are able to complete the registration survey and become fully-fledged members.

Red Planet research qantas welcome screen

At the time of writing, new members are not being sought. However, it’s still possible to register your interest. Furthermore, if you’ve opted in to receive Qantas direct marketing emails, you’ll likely receive an invite when places in the panel open back up again.

Is Red Planet Research safe?

Yes! When it comes to paid survey sites, it’s fair to say that the Red Planet research panel is legitimate and trustworthy.

Here’s why:

Owned by one of Australia’s most trusted companies: The panel is owned by Qantas Airways Limited trading as Red Planet, a division of Qantas Loyalty (Red Planet).

Adheres to industry guidelines: As we’d expect from any legitimate market research company operating in Australia, Red Planet adheres to Australia’s privacy laws, along with industry guidelines. This includes the Research Society’s Code of Professional Behaviour and the Market & Social Research Privacy Principles.

Verified rewards: While the rewards on offer are modest, many current and previous portal users have verified that the panel does, indeed, payout Qantas Points on completed surveys. There are many positive user testimonials on the web, including via frequent flyer forums and online review sites.

How to get started with Red Planet

If you’ve been lucky enough to receive an invitation, it’s easy to get started.

To begin with, you’ll need to navigate to and fill out and submit the Red Planet registration survey (or launch survey) to become a panel member. The form will ask for some personal and general information (such as your name, email address, and date of birth). This information will allow Qantas and R.P. to assess your behaviours and demographics. It also ensures that you only receive qualifying survey invites.

red planet research survey dashboard qantas

Once you’ve successfully registered, you’ll be able to access ‘The Portal, on the Qantas Red Planet website. Here, you can view currently available surveys and track how many Qantas Points you’ve acquired through the platform.

You can also keep track of research findings, view infographics, and take quick polls on the ‘news’ page of the website.

What information does Red Planet collect?

When you sign up, Red Planet will collect some personal information about you. This includes your name, email address, gender, date of birth, and postcode. This demographic information is required so that they can match you with the most relevant surveys.

Then, when you take a survey, you’ll be asked to offer your thoughts on a variety of issues. Be aware that some questions may contain personal queries such as age, gender, and income.

Participation in all surveys is voluntary; you are not obligated to answer any questions that you do not feel comfortable answering. You can also opt out of completing a survey at any time.

How is Red Planet Survey data handled?

Individual-level information including survey responses or personal information is never disclosed to Qantas third-party research clients without your explicit consent. All personal information will be treated in accordance with the privacy policy.

Qantas may ask you for permission to pass data onto research clients in a form that allows you to be personally identified. If you consent, we will ensure that this information is used for the purposes of research only.

Is there a Red Planet Research app?

No. Unfortunately, an app is not offered for iOS or Android. That said, most surveys can be completed across multiple platforms. This includes PCs and laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

From time to time, a survey may require a specific device to be used. For instance, if there are pictures or video content included, Red Planet may not allow completion by mobile devices. Where this occurs, specific pre-qualification information will be outlined in the survey invitation.

Pros and Cons – Red Planet Surveys


  • Legitimate and trustworthy survey panel.
  • Earn frequent flyer points for your opinion.
  • Regular survey invites.


  • Join by invite only.
  • Low payouts when compared with other survey sites.
  • No mobile app offered.

FAQ – Qantas Red Planet Research

How can I join Red Planet?

You can’t! Membership is by invitation only. Click here to discover the highest-paying Australian survey sites open to new members.

Is Red Planet Research legit?

Yes. Red Planet is a legitimate online survey panel owned by Qantas. It is fully compliant with Australian privacy legislation

Who owns Red Planet?

Red Planet is wholly owned by Qantas Airways. It is affiliated with the Qantas Frequent Flyer program.

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