How to earn Qantas Status Credits without flying

Forget flying. Here’s how you can rack up Qantas status credits fast, from the comfort of the couch.

Long restricted to revenue fares (and the occasional double status credit promotion) Qantas Status Credits have always been a highly sought-after commodity.

But if you look hard enough, it’s possible to find ways to earn Qantas Status Credits on the ground – getting you on your way to attaining or retaining elite frequent flyer status sooner.

Current ways to earn Qantas Status Credits without flying

We’ve rounded up the current ways to earn Qantas Status Credits without flying, below:

Qantas one-time loyalty bonus for August 2023 (earn 30 or 75 Status Credits)

On the back of a major profit recovery, Qantas is rewarding frequent flyers who have taken at least one Qantas flight in the past 12 months with a choice of bonus Status Credits or points. The bonus is awarded as follows:

  • 1 – 9 Qantas flights taken in the past 12 months: You’ll have a choice to receive either 30 Status Credits or 1,000 Qantas Points
  • 10 + Qantas flights taken in the past 12 months: Opt to receive either 75 Status Credits or 5,000 Qantas Points

Eligible customers will receive an email inviting them to choose their bonus. The offer can be accessed from the dashboard of the Qantas App.

Achieve Qantas Green tier (earn 50 Qantas Status Credits)

Qantas Frequent Flyer members can complete five environmentally friendly activities to unlock Green tier. There are three rewards on offer for doing so, including the ability to unlock 50 bonus Qantas Status Credits.

Untitled 1000 × 600

It’s a relatively easy and straightforward process to qualify. Ready to get started? Read our guide to achieving Qantas Green tier fast.

Leverage loyalty bonuses (earn 50 Qantas Status Credits up to 4x)

Each membership year, Qantas offers a ‘loyalty bonus’, with frequent flyers provided with the opportunity to choose between bonus Qantas Points or Status Credits when they reach a specific earning threshold.

It works like this: for every 500 Status Credits earned from Qantas and Jetstar flights in a single membership year, it’s possible to choose either 8,000 Qantas Points or 50 Status Credits.

Since the loyalty bonus is offered up to four times per year, it’s entirely possible to earn up to 200 bonus Status Credits in this way. Of course, you’d need to rack up an eye-watering 2,000 Status Credits on flights to do so!

Points Club Plus roll over (up to 100 Qantas Status Credits)

Operating alongside Qantas Frequent Flyer, Points Club was set up to reward members who earn a high number of Qantas Points through ‘on the ground’ activities like shopping, accommodation and via credit cards.

Earning 350,000 Qantas Points will see members attain the lofty heights of Points Club Plus status.

Points Club Plus unlocks a range of benefits, including the ability to roll over up to 100 Status Credits into your next Qantas membership year. Note that this excludes reaching or retaining Platinum One tier.

Earn Qantas Status Credits on Classic Reward Flights (earn rate varies)

This final option involves earning Status Credits through flying – but not in the usual way.

Normally, flights booked using points don’t earn Status Credits. However, there’s an exception applied for Qantas Points Club. Beyond the ability to rollover Status Credits, this loyalty program for heavy points earners unlocks the ability to earn a small number of Status Credits on Classic Flight Reward seats flown on Qantas metal.

Qantas Business Rewards Guide 2022 qantas club
Qantas Points Club unlocks a range of benefits including lounge access

It’s worth knowing that the Status Credit earned in this way do usually qualify for Qantas Double Status Credit promotions, helping savvy points collectors to achieve elite status via reward flights, fast.

Previous ways to earn Qantas Status Credits without flying

In the midst of travel restrictions implemented during Covid, Qantas provided a range of ways for frequent flyers to rack up status credits on the ground – offering a path to elevated Qantas Frequent Flyer status sooner.

Earning Qantas Status Credits with vaccinations

Back in 2021, Qantas launched a reward campaign for COVID-19 vaccinated Australians to recognise their role in helping the country get out of lockdown. Fully vaccinated Australian-based Frequent Flyers aged 18 and over could claim one of three chosen rewards through the Qantas App.

Grouped Jpeg2

One of the rewards on offer was 15 bonus Status Credits. More information about the Qantas vaccine reward scheme is available here.

Earn Qantas Status Credits via BP

Filling up at the bowser hasn’t ever been that exciting, but from time to time, Qantas has offered bonus status credits, making it that much more compelling.

On a previous offer, new members of BP Rewards could register and then fill up or shop five times by 30 September 2021 and spend a minimum of $50 each visit. Once the eligibility criteria was met, 50 bonus Status Credits was applied to the member’s personal Qantas Frequent Flyer account. Read this guide to learn how to maximise Qantas Points earn through the BP Rewards program.

bp rewards image 1

Earn Qantas Status Credits with a Qantas credit card

Beyond the usual offers of bonus points, Qantas Points-earning credit cards have also occasionally offered a side serving of Status Credits. As an example, a recent Status Credits offer was attached to a Qantas Premier Platinum Card promotion that ran in 2021.

How did it work? A bonus of 80 Status Credits was awarded to new approved Qantas Premier Platinum Primary Cardholders who applied by 29 September 2021 and made an eligible purchase by 31 October 2021. The offer was available to new cardholders only.

Discover limited-time and exclusive Qantas Points earning card offers here.

Earn bonus Qantas Status Credits when transferring points

From time to time, Qantas has offered bonus Status Credits attached to manual Qantas Points transfers from selected credit and charge cards (note: this doesn’t include Qantas-linked cards that directly sweep points into your account each month).

A previous offer ran in 2021 was as follows: For every 5,000 Qantas Points transferred, eligible cardholders were able to earn 1 bonus Status Credit (up to a limit of 200). All up, it was necessary to transfer 1,000,000 Qantas Points to obtain the full 200 Status Credits.

How to find Qantas Status Credit earning opportunities

While Qantas status credits are normally only earned via flying, from time to time, Qantas partners have offered the ability to earn this commodity as part of limited-time promotions and offers.

Previous bonus status credit offers have been attached to Qantas Health Insurance, Red Energy, Qantas Club membership, and the Woolworths Everyday Rewards program. Of course, we’ll continue to update this post as any new non-flying Status Credit earning opportunities are released.

For even more opportunities to rack up Status Credits, bear in mind that Qantas Points Club unlocks the ability to earn status credits on Qantas Classic Reward flights. You can read our in-depth guide to Qantas Points Club here.

Conclusion: Earning Qantas status credits without flying

As the status-driving currency of the Qantas Frequent Flyer program, Status Credits are a valuable commodity that can help elevate your travel experience – both at the airport and in the air.

While there aren’t many options for earning Qantas status credits that don’t involve flying, if you look hard enough, it’s possible to find ways to rack up status credits on the ground. In doing so, you’ll be on your way to opening up the benefits of elite Qantas Frequent Flyer status earlier.

Can I earn Qantas Status Credits without flying?

Status Credits (sometimes mistakenly referred to as status points) are normally only earned via flying. However, from time to time, it’s possible to take advantage of Qantas offers to earn Status Credits on the ground.

How to get Qantas Status Credits without flying?

Here is one easy way to earn Qantas Status Credits without flying: Earn 50 Status Credits with Qantas green tier.

Can you turn Qantas Points into Status Credits?

No. It’s not possible to convert Qantas Points into Status Credits.

Do Qantas Status Credits expire?

Yes, Qantas Status Credits reset to zero every membership year.

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6 thoughts on “How to earn Qantas Status Credits without flying”

  1. Avatar for Laurence Agius

    I am living in France for the next year, how can I earn status credits while I am here?. I will be travelling to other European countries while here.

    1. Avatar for Adele

      Hi Laurence, you can continue to earn Qantas status credits by flying with partner airlines that earn status credits into Qantas Frequent Flyer (you’ll need to link your QFF number to your flights to do this). The SC earn by airline does vary, so it is worth looking at the earn tables on the Qantas website to determine how many you’ll earn for individual partners.

  2. Avatar for Ahmad

    I have been flying Qantas for years I tried to get business class upgraded but it never happens for me is it because of stutes credit?

    1. Avatar for Adele

      Hi Ahmad, business class upgrades are assessed on a number of factors, including your status with Qantas Frequent Flyer, the class of the fare originally booked and the time of request. It can also be extremely difficult to score an upgrade on popular routes.

  3. Avatar for Michelle

    Does green tier expiry each year? So you can redo every year to pick up 50 status credits each year?

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