Guide to Qantas Frequent Flyer membership status tiers

Discover everything there is to know about navigating the Qantas Frequent Flyer membership status tiers in the Qantas loyalty program.

Qantas operates one of the most successful Frequent Flyer membership programs in the world and it is the most popular airline loyalty program of choice in Australia.

The Qantas loyalty program is built around two key currencies – Qantas Frequent Flyer points and Qantas Status Credits.

Qantas points can be earned and then redeemed for a range of rewards. There are so many different ways you can earn Qantas Points quickly, and we’ve covered many of them here.

And, as Points are able to be collected both in the sky and on the ground, it stands to reason that it’s the currency that the majority of Qantas Frequent Flyer members focus on.

However, if it’s elite Qantas Frequent Flyer membership status that you’re seeking, you need to understand how Qantas Status Credits work. Simply put, Status Credits are a structure that determines Qantas Frequent Flyer membership tiers, rewarding those who travel frequently with Qantas by providing a range of perks designed to make the journey a more comfortable and enjoyable one.

In this Guide, we’ll help you to understand the currency of Qantas Status Credits, and the structure of Qantas membership tiers. Plus, we’ll take you through scenarios where earning status credits to elevate your membership status can be worth your while.

What are Qantas Status Credits?

Qantas Status credits are typically only earned through flying (though there are a small number of ways to earn this commodity on the ground). From time to time, Qantas offers double Status Credits, helping members to elevate their membership tier sooner.

Once earned, status credits are tallied up and used to determine the Qantas membership status of each individual member every year. Once a certain number of status credit has been reached, it’s possible to ascend to a higher membership level.

Understanding Qantas Frequent Flyer membership levels

The entire Qantas Frequent Flyer membership program is geared toward maintaining loyalty to Qantas and its oneworld partner airlines.

Travellers who are fortunate enough to reach Qantas’ top status tiers can enjoy highly desirable membership benefits. Think access to Qantas lounges, award seats, increased Qantas points earn, upgrades, priority boarding and queuing, improved luggage allowances and sometimes even benefits for friends and family.

qantas lounge

Once travellers hit Qantas Gold or Platinum membership, travel suddenly may not seem like such a burden. And, in many cases, top-tier Qantas members can still travel cheaply in economy class or even on Jetstar and still access lounges if they have a high enough status.

What are the Qantas Frequent Flyer membership Status Tiers?

In order to decide whether a higher level of Qantas membership is worth chasing, it’s important to look at the individual benefits that each membership tier delivers. You can access the complete breakdown of tiered benefits online, but we’ve summarised the most important perks for you right here.

qantas frequent flyer status tiers membership

Qantas Frequent Flyer Bronze

Qantas Bronze is the starting point in the program and requires no actual activity. All new Qantas Frequent Flyers start here. As you’d expect, there are few, if any, tangible benefits awarded for those at this entry-level membership tier. New members will be provided with a physical membership card (which can be enabled with Qantas Cash) and bag tags.

How To Join Qantas Frequent Flyer For Free In 2024

If you see this card at the airport, you’re either standing next to an irregular flyer, someone just commencing on their status credit journey, or perhaps someone who collects and redeems points only and has no interest in elevating their Qantas Frequent Flyer status!

Qantas Frequent Flyer Silver

Once you’ve reached 300 Status Credits, you’ll automatically progress to the second Qantas membership level – Silver.

Arguably, Silver Status doesn’t deliver much of a wow factor. However, there are a small number of benefits provided, including one complimentary Qantas lounge pass each membership year. The Qantas lounge access pass can be really handy if you’re hit with a massive delay and need a lounge to camp in.

Qantas Frequent Flyer Status Membership - SilverStatus Credits to Reach: 300
Status Credits to Maintain: 250

Status Credits for lifetime status: 7,000
Qantas Points: 50% more
Lounge Access:One complimentary entry to Qantas Club or
Qantas International Business Lounge per year
Check-in:Business Class check-in counter access
Extra bag on international flights
Improved priority for:Seat Selection
Telephone Line
Increased points on:Qantas, Jetstar and American Airlines – 50% bonus points

Qantas Frequent Flyer Gold

Widely considered to be the ‘sweetspot’ of Qantas status by many, Gold delivers ongoing lounge access and priority across a number of items, and is a lifesaver if travelling with children!

To reach this status level, you’ll need 700 Qantas Status Credits. While that might not sound too hard a number to reach – consider that it’s the equivalent of no less than seventy red-e-deal flights between Melbourne or Sydney!

Qantas Frequent Flyer Status Membership - GoldStatus Credits Reach: 700
Status Credits to Maintain: 600

Status Credits for lifetime status: 14,000
Qantas Points: 75% more
Lounge Access:Qantas Club, Qantas International Business and
associated lounges,
oneworld partner lounges,
Emirates and China Eastern lounges
Check-in:Business Class check-in counter access
Two extra bags on international flights
Improved priority for:Premium Security Lanes (domestic)
Baggage Handling
Increased points on:Qantas, Jetstar and American Airlines flights
– 75% bonus points

Qantas Frequent Flyer Platinum

For most travellers, Platinum is an aspirational goal. At 1,400 Status Credits to obtain, it will require some hardcore travel and spend to reach it.

That being said, a Qantas Platinum membership unlocks access to Qantas First Lounges – arguably considered to be amongst the finest airline lounges in the world.

Qantas Frequent Flyer Status Membership - PlatinumStatus Credits to Reach: 1400
Status Credits to Maintain: 1200

Status Credits for lifetime status: 75,000
Qantas Points: 100% more
Lounge access:First Class lounges:
– Qantas, Emirates and oneworld partners
Check-in:First Class check-in counter access
Improved priority for:Immigration
Economy seat purchases
Increased points on:Qantas, Jetstar and American Airlines flights
– 100% bonus points

Qantas Frequent Flyer Platinum One

Only a very small percentage of Qantas Frequent Flyers will ever reach Platinum One status, and it’s not hard to see why.

Platinum One (or ‘P1’ as it is affectionately nicknamed by many travellers) requires dedication and most probably a lot of international work-related flying in Business or First Class. In fact, it requires an eye-watering 3,600 Status Credits to obtain – including 2,700 Status credits earned on Qantas-operated flights.

That said, it is packed with perks not available to other membership tiers, the key one being the ability to award a partner Platinum status to someone else.

Qantas Frequent Flyer Status Membership - Platinum OneStatus Credits to Reach: 3,600
Status Credits to Maintain: 3,600
(must include at least 2,700 on Qantas marketed flights)
Qantas Points: 100% more
Lounge access:First Class lounges
– Qantas, Emirates, oneworld partners
Check-in:First Class check in counter access
Improved priority for:Access to earlier flights
Access to 24×7 Platinum One team
Free phone-assisted bookings and family transfers
Increased points on:Qantas, Jetstar and American Airlines flights
– 100% bonus points
Qantas Restaurants – 100%
Other perks:
Free Platinum membership for the nominated giftee
Premium Qantas Golf Club membership
Premium Qantas Wine membership
Museum of Contemporary Art Lounge (Sydney)
Invitations to special events and experiences

Note: with all the tables above, the benefits identified are over and above those of the tier immediately preceding it.

Qantas Green Tier

Sitting separately from standard Qantas Frequent Flyer membership levels, Qantas Green tier can help the planet and your Qantas Frequent Flyer balance – while enabling you to earn Status Credits on the ground.

Qantas Frequent Flyers who qualify for ‘Greenie’ status can unlock one of these three compelling benefits:

  • 50 bonus Status Credits,
  • 10,000 bonus Qantas Points, or
  • Qantas will offset three tonnes of carbon on your behalf

Qantas Frequent Flyers can achieve Green Tier status by completing five out of the following six activities during their membership years:

  1. offset your air travel
  2. book a ‘green’ property via Qantas Hotels
  3. offset your home or car
  4. shop sustainably
  5. take the sustainability quiz on the Qantas Wellbeing App
  6. make a donation
Completing five of these activities in your membership year will see you reach Qantas Green tier

You can learn more about Qantas Green tier on the Qantas website.

Chairmans Lounge

Sitting alongside (and not formally part of) the Qantas Frequent Flyer program is the Chairmans Lounge. Access to this very secretive club is by invite only. Members are thought to include CEOs of Australian ASX-200 companies, senior MPs, A-list celebrities and leading industry figures.

How do the membership tiers work within the Qantas Frequent Flyer program?

A travellers membership tier is dictated by the number of Qantas status credits acquired in any given membership year. As a member acquires more Qantas status credits, they’ll progress to a higher tier with corresponding privileges – simple as that!

Whether a traveller remains or moves up or down a tier is dependent on the status credit-earning activity that they register in the following membership year.

Example: Fiona Flyer has a membership anniversary of November 30, 2022.

She acquired 750 status credits by August 2022 – earning Gold in the process. At the minimum, she will retain Gold until November 30, 2023.

Within her 2023-2024 membership year, there are a number of possible scenarios:

  • by November 2022 she manages to earn an additional 700 SCs, bringing her total haul to 1450 SCs. This will trigger an immediate upgrade to Platinum status, which will remain in place until the next full membership year expiry date of Nov 30, 2023;
  • from Nov 30 2022 to Nov 30 2023 she earns 620 SCs, allowing her to maintain Gold status until Nov 30, 2024;
  • from Nov 30 2022 to Nov 30 2023 she earns 250 SCs. This will likely see her slip to Silver status from Dec 1, 2023.

How to move up a Qantas Frequent Flyer Membership tier

Now that we’ve stepped you through the concept of Status Credits, and highlighted how many you need to reach each Qantas membership level, it’s time to take you through how to earn them.

Which flights earn Qantas Status Credits?

You can earn Status Credits by flying with Qantas (QF), and selected flights with Jetstar (JQ, 3K, GK and BL), oneWorld, and other partner airlines. Most, but not all flights with a QF designation earn status credits. On Emirates, for example, you can also earn Status Credits, as long as you have a Qantas (QF) flight number on your ticket.

Oneworld partner airline earn-rates (or even the ability to earn Status Credits) vary significantly from flight to flight, so it’s worth checking on the Qantas website or with your travel agent. Budget, non-refundable, or severely limited tickets are less likely to deliver Qantas Status Credits so choose your fare type according to your needs.

The amount of Status Credits earned for a flight is generally based on the segments flown.

Lastly, it is important to ensure that your QFF number is on all bookings and tickets. That way, Status Credits will be awarded to you without delay.

Is there a Membership Tier sweet-spot?

While there are many benefits to each Qantas status tier from silver and above, many Qantas loyalists believe that Gold status is the tier to aim for.

The reason? Qantas Gold unlocks unlimited access to lounges, both in the Qantas and oneworld network.

Qantas Frequent Flyer Membership Status Tiers guide lounge access

If you’re contemplating a Round the World trip on Qantas Points – good access to quality lounges with oneworld partners will be required – meaning Gold/Sapphire is essential. We think this is where travellers will really notice the benefits of status.

The oneworld equivalent for each Qantas Frequent Flyer membership tier is as follows:

  • Silver = oneworld Ruby
  • Gold = oneworld Sapphire
  • Platinum = oneworld Emerald
  • Palatium One = oneworld Emerald
qantas membership tiers
Qantas gold membership can also help you to obtain an upgrade to premium economy or business class Source Qantas

How can I calculate Qantas Status Credit earn?

Not surprisingly Qantas has created a calculator to allow you to figure out how many points you’ll earn based on flights, classes and destinations. You can learn more about the Qantas Points and Status Credit earning calculator here.

What flights can’t I earn status credits on?

Buried in the Qantas Frequent Flyer Terms and Conditions (effective 19 September 2022), some flights do not attract status credits:

(a) certain oneworld Alliance Airline and Airline Partner fare types and routes not listed in or that are excluded in the Airline Earning Tables (see the Airline Earning Tables for details);
(b) infant fares (this does not include infants travelling in their own paid seat);
(c) charter flights;
(d) freighter flights;
(e) free tickets;
(f) Classic Flight Rewards;
(g) travel industry rebated tickets;
(h) competition prize tickets;
(i) tickets acquired at an auction; or
(j) tickets that are restricted from earning Status Credits or are subject to any specific provisions excluding the accumulation of Status Credits.

The Qantas Loyalty Bonus Reward

One of the overlooked benefits of accumulating Status Credits is the fact that for every 500 SCs you earn on Qantas or Jetstar flights (not Partners), Qantas credits you a further 8,000 points or 50 SCs. The Loyalty Bonus reward must be selected within 90 days from the date a member achieves the Loyalty Bonus. Once selected the reward cannot be changed. Keep an eye on your account!

Up to 4 Loyalty Bonuses can be earner in a membership year, delivering 32,000 points or 200 SCs.

Platinum Bonus Rewards

Just like the Loyalty Bonus reward, for Qantas Platinum members who earn 2,400 SCs in one membership year, Qantas gives you the choice of:

  • Complimentary Gold Frequent Flyer membership
  • Qantas Valet Parking or Qantas Chauffeured Transfers, or
  • Bonus 50,000 Qantas Points

If you reach 5,000 or 7,500 Status Credits in one year respectively, you’ll receive a further 75,000 or 100,000 Qantas Points.

Qantas Frequent Flyer Membership Status – Lifetime Silver, Gold and now Platinum

Whilst many travellers are sad to see status credits reset at the beginning of each membership year, the good news is that Qantas does track your lifetime earnings.

If you travel regularly for a number of years with work (think FIFO workers and high flying executives), it is entirely possible to reach Lifetime Gold. Flying on long-haul international flights generally, make it easier to earn Status credits than flying domestically.

Previously, the absence of a lifetime platinum tier had long been a complaint within some executive circles. As such, Qantas created a new lifetime Platinum tier, where the target is 75,000 status credits. This is a hard bar to reach – meaning that you’ll likely need to spend your entire working career chasing status points with Qantas and its Partners.

Lifetime Membership RequirementsStatus CreditsBenefits
7,000 Status CreditsLifetime Silver statusSilver membership benefits for life including:
50% Status Bonus on Qantas and Jetstar
25% Status Bonus on American Airlines
14,000 Status CreditsLifetime Gold statusGold membership benefits for life including:
75% Status Bonus on Qantas and Jetstar
75% Status Bonus on American Airlines
75,000 Status CreditsLifetime Platinum statusPlatinum membership benefits for life including:
100% Status Bonus on Qantas and Jetstar
TBA% Status Bonus on American Airlines

The importance of the Qantas Membership Anniversary

On your Qantas membership card, and in your online account, you’ll notice that your Qantas membership anniversary is often cited.

It’s very important to keep track of your membership anniversary. It’s on this day every year that your Qantas status credits balance resets to zero and the status credit chase begins all over again.

It pays to have the right number of status credits registered prior to this date if you’re running close to the wind for a particular target. Status credits can take several months to reach your account, so be warned.

Historically there have been issues with Status Credits not being posted and this may adversely affect your status tier. If you notice Status Credits missing, you should contact Qantas customer service as soon as possible.

How to avoid narrowly missing the Status Credit Retain target?

There are a number of ways you can increase your chances of holding your current status or scraping through to the next tier.

Qantas launches new Double Status Credits offer
The ultimate guide to planning a Qantas status run

If you’ve missed your goal by a few points or it’s imminent:

  • contact Qantas asap and highlight that you have booked upcoming travel – there is discretion available.
  • if you have dropped a tier, but hold your desired tier in an alternative scheme, contact Qantas on 13 13 13 and request a Status Challenge.

Qantas has also been known to comp a certain status tier for an additional year – several years ago we experienced it.

How can I accumulate Qantas Frequent Flyer Status Credits quickly?

Check out our article on Qantas Status Runs and keep an eye out for Qantas Double Status Credit promotions that periodically occur publicly, and often as targeted promotions to selected customers.

Qantas Points Club

The Qantas Points Club also offers members a unique opportunity to acquire status points via spend and non-flying activities. One feature of the Qantas Points Club that I particularly love is the ability to earn status credits on Qantas Classic Flight Reward bookings. This perk effectively represents a shortcut to elite Qantas Frequent Flyer status.

We’ve pulled together the tables below to show how many Status Credits it’s possible for Points Club members to earn on Qantas Classic Flight Rewards by booking class/cabin:

The following table lists out Status Credit earn for Qantas Classic Reward flights in domestic Australia:

Economy (X)Prem Economy (Z)Business (U)
Domestic Australia short flights
(0 to 750 miles)
Domestic Australia medium flights
(751 to 1,500 miles)
Domestic Australia long flights
(1,501 and over miles)

The next table lists out Status Credit earn on Qantas Classic Reward flights originating in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney to the following international destinations:

New Zealand or Papua New Guinea15203236
Northeast Asia or Southeast Asia22304854
West Coast USA/Canada or Dubai33457281
East Coast USA/Canada or Europe5270112126

Status Credit earn on other routes can be found on the Qantas Points Club website here.

Qantas Dreamliner
Jetting off on a status run can be a quick way to amass lots of Status Credits in a relatively short period of time Source Qantas

Are there ways to extend my Qantas membership?

Yes, there is a range of ways to extend the Qantas membership tier that you currently hold. These are:

  • Plan and fly to hit the maintain thresholds in your status level
  • Status Hold – the impending arrival of offspring allows eligible Silver, Gold, and Platinum members to put their status on hold for up to 18 months under the Qantas parental hold system.
  • Time your Status Credits earn: Aim to earn the Status Credits you need at the beginning of your membership anniversary to take you up to the next tier – this could give you nearly 2 years at a higher tier.

Finally, if you are incapacitated for a prolonged period, you could consider approaching Qantas for assistance as they may be able to extend your status to compensate – though it should be noted that an extension of status for compassionate reasons is rare.


With a range of Membership Status tiers, Qantas has created an incredibly successful way of creating and maintaining loyalty.

It’s important to note that the benefits within the tiers impact before, during, and post-travel; whereas the simple redemption of Qantas Points is a straight and simple reward.

If you have a vast number of points, chasing status is probably not worthwhile as most privileges are accessible with Business and First Class reward bookings. And, if you can afford to book these classes, you’re probably not worried about status tiers.

However, for many other travellers, Status Credits and the chance to move up the Qantas membership levels are an important part of the loyalty journey. Just how valuable these tiers are can be seen by the practice of those undertaking status runs. A small fortune can be spent purely on chasing status!

No matter how you achieve your desired status, it sure does feel good when you walk past that long line straight into a comfortable lounge.

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