Does Myer Price Match?

Myer is a well-known department store chain in Australia with the slogan “My Store, Myer”. It was founded in 1899 by Sidney Myer and has since grown to become one of the largest department store chains in the country.

Myer sells a wide range of products including clothing, footwear, beauty products, accessories, homewares, furniture, electronics, and toys. Myer operates over 60 stores across Australia, as well as an online store. It is known for its high-quality products and excellent customer service.

Read on to discover how you can take advantage of the Myer price match policy to help you stretch your dollar just that bit further.

Myer price match policy

The policy is called the ‘Competitive Pricing Policy‘ and applies to personal shopping for products stocked in Myer stores only, but NOT via online purchases at the Myer website. Note that value-added services such as Myer Care Plan and delivery are not included.

If you’re thinking of taking advantage of a Myer price match, there are still some rules you’ll need to be aware of.

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How do you get a price match at Myer

If a competitor, (another Australian retail store), is offering a cheaper price on a like-for-like product basis, in its store or on its Australian website, Myer may Price Match if:

  • The price match is requested before purchase, in person at a Myer store
  • The identical product (same model, brand/style), product offer, or bundle is in stock and available for immediate sale, by Myer and the competitor
  • A Store Team Member is able to verify the price and availability of the product

When a Price Match is agreed upon, no further discounts (including Team Member Discounts), or promotional offers, such as Gift with Purchase or Bonus Gift Cards will be given.

And… if you do get a Myer Price Match, it’s only available at the time and day offered.

Does Myer price match instore?

Yes, this is expected by Myer. You’ll need to visit in-person with evidence of a competitor’s offer at their store or online store.

To obtain a price match in-store, you’ll need to bring in evidence with you. This could be in the form of a hard copy catalogue or possibly digital evidence like a photo or a webpage from the competing retailer.

Should you choose to purchase the product from Myer, the discount for the price match will be applied at the checkout counter.

Does Myer price match online?

Myer will not process price match requests online or over the phone.

However, it will price match an online price, at the store, if the competing Australian retail store, is offering a cheaper price on a product on an exact like-for-like basis on its Australian website. The product must be in stock and available for immediate sale by Myer and the competitor.

Where the Myer online website,, has exclusive Online Only offers or products selling below cost, Myer stores will not consider matching those products.

myer price match screenshot homepage

Digging into the terms and conditions

The Myer Competitive Pricing Policy is designed to ensure a level playing field by committing to price-match competitors that have a full retail store presence and registration in Australia.

Other terms and conditions include restrictions on price matching a competitor’s products include:

  • When the product is below the Myer cost price
  • The conditions for Price Match (discussed above) are not met
  • When the competing product is:
    • a demonstration model
    • second hand
    • refurbished
    • sourced from a supplier or store that has special conditions or trading limitations, such as Duty Free stores, warehouses, factory outlets, clearance centres, or a business under an insolvency administration
  • Sourced from an unauthorised reseller
  • Sourced from an online website that does not have a physical retail store in Australia

The price match will also be declined if it is:

  • an Online Only offer
  • a specially negotiated price or offer that is only available to a select group of people, such as a loyalty, corporate rate, subscriber or membership offer
  • discounted by means other than money, such as a discount voucher, loyalty points, or coupon (expect cashback to fall into this category)

A price match should even be payable with gift cards.

Price Adjustment policy of Myer

Myer does not have a formal price adjustment policy.

Depending on the type of product, you could return it under the Myer ‘Change of Mind‘ policy, and then repurchase the goods using the price match policy. Obviously, you’ll need to ensure the goods are unopened/damaged and understand the policy.

Postage and Shipping

The Myer Competitive Pricing Policy is silent upon postage and shipping, principally because it is focused upon in-store price matching, rather than online price matching.

Frequent Flyer and Loyalty Programs supported by Myer

Myer does not offer the chance to directly earn Frequent Flyer Points when shopping in store or online.

Rather, Myer has its own program called “Myer One”, where consumers can join for free, by registering on their website.

Like most programs, it’s multi-tiered with silver, gold and platinum levels, with increasing rewards as consumers progress up the tiers, by spending more.

Can I earn Qantas Frequent Flyer Points with Myer

Unfortunately, you can’t earn or redeem Qantas Frequent Flyer Points directly with Myer, but you can earn points when shopping via the Qantas Shopping Portal.

myer price match qantas shopping online

Collecting Velocity Frequent Flyer Points with Myer

When you purchase Myer goods via the Velocity e-store, you’ll earn 2 Velocity Frequent Flyer Points for every $1 spent.

Myer also has an arrangement where you can directly use your Velocity Points in store to make purchases, but redemptions may not represent good value versus flight redemptions.

myer price match velocity estore shopping online

Earn when you use American Express at Myer

At present, Myer does not appear to offer any unique opportunities to earn Membership Rewards points.

Commbank Awards with Myer

Myer also partners with Commbank Awards where consumers can use their Commbank Awards Points for redemptions in-store and online.

Obtaining cashback at Myer

Myer offers the ability to obtain a cash rebate when shopping at cashback programs in Australia. The discounts for Myer via portals such as Shopback, Cashrewards, and Kickback range up to 5% on a limited range of goods.

Note that these cashback deals are deemed as promotions or coupons, so price matching will not be available.

myer price match cashrewards cashback
myer price match shopback cashback
myer price match kickback cashback

Alternative Payment Options at Myer

Buy Now, Pay Later services (BNPL) have dramatically increased in popularity and Myer offers several of the most popular.

Myer Zip Pay

Myer does not offer Zip Pay.

Myer Afterpay

You can use Afterpay to make purchases both online and in-store, between $100 and $2,000.

Myer Humm

Little-known Humm is available in two flavours: a $2,000 small wallet and a $30,000 large wallet.

Will Myer price match competitors?

Yes, Myer will price match Australian-based retail store competitors, including their online stores, provided the products are like-for-like, available immediately and verifiable.

Myer vs David Jones price match

Yes, Myer will price match David Jones.

Myer vs Chemist Warehouse price match

Yes, Myer will price match the Chemist Warehouse. You can read the Chemist Warehouse price match policy here.

Myer vs JB HiFi price match

There is no reason why Myer will not price match JB Hifi. You can read the JB HiFi price match policy here.

Myer vs The Good Guys price match

Myer price matching will definitely apply to The Good Guys. Their respective price matching guide is here.

Myer vs Harvey Norman price match

Yes, again there is no question that Myer will price match Harvey Norman.

Myer vs Big W price match

Yes, Myer will price match against Big W.


Provided you can match a like-for-like product that Myer stocks with a competitor, the price match policy is a great tool to save time and money.

The only shame for consumers is that Myer doesn’t improve on competitor prices with its price match, but we’ll take what we can get.

FAQ – Myer Price Match Guide

Does Myer price match?

Yes, it has a comprehensive price matching policy. You can read all about Myer price matching here.

Does Myer price match Amazon?

Amazon is neither an Australian Registered Retailer, nor does it have retail operations in Australia, so Myer will not price match it.

Does Myer price match online goods?

Yes, provided the comparison retailer is both an Australian Registered Company and has a physical store presence. It will not match an online offer only.

What goods will Myer price match?

Myer does not stipulate any restrictions on the goods it will price match, but they do need to meet the terms of the Competitive Pricing Policy.

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