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Big W stocks women’s, men’s and children’s wear, homewares, electronics, toys, books, and everything in between. It is well known for its toy sales, especially Lego. And consumers may be pleased to know there is no ‘official’ Big W price match policy in operation.

Big W price match policy

But would you be surprised to find out that Big W has an official ‘no price match’ policy listed on its website –

Does Big W price match?

We don’t do price matching at BIG W. Retailers often have differing prices and discounts on the same or similar items for reasons including the quantity of a product remaining in stock, and the length they’ve had a product in stock.

And if you ask their online chatbot, you’ll get this response:

We don’t do price matching at BIG W, but we do have pretty epic deals and promos throughout the year.

big w price match policy screen

To some degree this may be due to the market positioning of ‘lowest prices everyday’.

BUT… while that’s the official position, you’ll be pleased to note that there is some anecdotal store managerial discretion available.

How do you get a Big W price match?

While not guaranteed, you can approach a staff member and request a price match. In all probability, the team member will need to check with a supervisor.

If you’re going to go down this path, you’ll need to present evidence either in-store or online for the like-for-like product and proceed to purchase the goods.

While you may be ‘lucky’ enough to obtain a price match, don’t expect a cheaper price to be offered as Big W considers all the products it sells to already be low prices.

Does Big W price match in-store?

To obtain a price match, you’ll need to bring evidence with you to a Big W store. This could be in the form of a hard copy catalogue or possibly digital evidence like a photo or a webpage from the competing retailer. You’ll need clear details about the offer and the competitor’s price.

Don’t bother if competitor items are

  • out of stock
  • short-dated
  • on clearance or discontinued
  • part of a promotional offer (e.g. buy one get one free)
  • part of a liquidation
  • only available via postage, rather than pick-up
  • not near your postcode
  • not the same model number or identical product

If there is any doubt you will likely walk away disappointed.

Does Big W price match online?

Despite some in-store flexibility, you won’t find that with online retailers.

You could attempt to contact customer service via the chatbot, but it is very unlikely that goods can have prices adjusted for your checkout screen.

Be prepared with a direct link (URL) to the competitor’s website, product and advertised price. You should also offer a description including such details as the size/volume of goods.

In all honesty, our frank advice is that if you find a lower price elsewhere and delivery and terms are comparable, don’t waste your time with Big W.

Many price-match policies do not allow for purchases made through Click and Collect services and variable delivery fees will factor into overall price-matching policies.

big w price match lego

Digging into the terms and conditions

There is not much to dig into in the way of terms and conditions, despite some other websites claiming there IS a price match policy – WRONG!

INSTORE SALES – officially no, some store flexibility

ONLINE SALES – no, very unlikely

Price Adjustment policy of Big W

There are no price adjustment policies on the Big W website. Customer service in-store or an operator on the Chatbot may be able to provide more guidance.

Big W Returns policy

If you have proof of purchase and the product is:

  • in original condition and packaging (including labels)
  • not worn, used or expired
  • not a personalised or clearance item

You have 90 days from the day of purchase to return or exchange if you’ve had a change of heart. You won’t be eligible for a return outside 90 days and without a receipt.

Postage and Shipping

Postage and shipping will likely be irrelevant due to the Big W policy.

Frequent Flyer and Loyalty Programs supported by Big W

Because Big W is part of the Woolworths Group, you can shop in-store and online, earning Woolworths Everyday Rewards.

big w price match everyday rewards

Can I earn Qantas Frequent Flyer Points with Big W

Yes, you can earn Qantas Frequent Flyer Points with Big W, but not directly. Woolworths Everyday Rewards can be transferred to Qantas.

You can choose to enjoy your Everyday Rewards dollars in-store and online with Big W in increments of $10. Ensure that you have attached your Everyday rewards card to your Big W online account.

Collecting Velocity Frequent Flyer Points with Big W

There is no direct way of earning points for the Velocity Frequent Flyer program, other than using a card to make purchases where you’ll earn points for your shopping.

Earn when you use American Express at Big W

There is no direct way of earning points with Amex, other than using a card to make purchases where you’ll earn points for your shopping.

Obtaining cashback at Big W

Big W offers the ability to obtain a cash rebate when shopping using cashback programs in Australia. The discounts for Big W via portals such as Shopback and Cashrewards are usually up to 2.5%, so rather minimal, but may be worth taking advantage of, if spending up big.

Alternative Payment Options at Big W

Buy Now, Pay Later services (BNPL) are well supported at Big W with two payment methods:

Big W Zip Pay

You can use Zip Pay to make purchases both online and in-store.

Big W Afterpay

You can use Afterpay to make purchases both online and in-store.

Will Big W price match competitors?

It is hard to say – but our educated guess is that they will match products within their own group of companies and maybe other large competitors in-store but online sales are very unlikely.

Big W vs Priceline Pharmacy, Amcal, National Pharmacies, Terry White Chemmart price match

Unknown, but worth a try for in-store only goods.

Big W vs Pharmacy Online price match

Do not attempt.

Big W vs Amazon price match

Do not attempt.

Big W vs JB HiFi price match

Attempt, but very unlikely – Big W has previously resisted price matching electronics.

Big W vs Target price match

Attempt, likely due to Big W competing head-on with Target (owned by Wesfarmers).

Big W vs Officeworks price match

Attempt, likely due to Officeworks being owned by a competitor (owned by Wesfarmers).

Big W vs EB Games price match

You could try for an EB Games price match if you have a compelling case.


We have to say that no official price guarantee at Big W is disappointing, given the size and prevalence of the brand in the Australian retail scene. But with Big W positioning itself as a low-price retailer, there may be limited need for it anyhow.

About Big W

With over 180 retail stores in Australia, from NSW to WA, Big W is a major retailer in the Australian marketplace. Serving price-conscious customers, BIG W is a popular one-stop-shop for customers across the country, seeking Australia’s lowest prices.

FAQ – Big W price match

Does Big W price match?

Officially Big W has a no price match policy.

Does Big W price match electronics?

It is very unlikely, but you may still wish to ask in-store, but don’t expect it online.

Does Big W price match online goods?

No, officially Big W has a no price match policy.

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