Does EB Games Price Match?

EB Games is a powerhouse in the retail interactive gaming industry in Australasia with 370+ stores in Australia and 40 in New Zealand. It is renowned for its comprehensive collection of video games, consoles, accessories, and gaming paraphernalia.

With a focus on providing an immersive experience for gamers of all ages and interests, the local EB Games store is a vibrant hub, buzzing with the energy of enthusiasts exploring the latest releases, pre-orders, and exclusive merchandise. EB Games caters to every gaming preference.

With that in mind, you’d think an EB Games price match was a given, wouldn’t you?

EB Games price match policy

It might come as a surprise then that there is no formal EB Games price matching policy, but don’t let that stop you.

With a lot of competition coming from JB HiFi, Big W, Kmart, Harvey Norman, and online stores, the policy is rather surprising.

Historically, there was an EB Games price match policy where the competing store needed to be close to your EB Games store. It has since disappeared from the website and there is anecdotal evidence that stores have been instructed not to provide it; but some do at managerial discretion.

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How do you get an EB Games price match?

Your best chance of getting an EB Games price match is to visit your local store in a shopping centre where competitors are displaying the products you want.

Go photograph or obtain hard evidence from the competition and then politely approach the EB Games manager in-store.

Do not assume it will be granted or that you will receive a better price than the competition.

Some gamers have been advised that they can pre-order games and request a price match at the time of pick up.

Does EB Games price match in-store?

As a rule, no. But there is managerial discretion applied.

Do not expect any price matching on goods that are not like for like, or not brand new.

Price matching ‘may’ be possible on already-released games, new releases, and board games.

Do not expect a price match on pre-owned games, pre-releases, or new games where there may be a premium applied, special terms/offers, or trade-ins. Playstation, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X and other consoles are unlikely to be price-matched.

You should realistically expect to pay full price on Pokemon, trading cards, figurines, stickers or specialist gaming kits such as headsets.

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Does EB Games price match online?

There is no evidence that EB Games will price match online.

Digging into the terms and conditions

As we’ve said, with no policy in place, a request for a price match should be considered and factor in some typical exclusions, such as:

  • items out of stock
  • short-dated
  • on clearance or discontinued
  • part of a promotional offer (e.g. buy one get one free)
  • purchases made through Click and Collect options

You may be able to receive a price match when paying with gift cards and any price match should be confirmed before pick up.

Price Adjustment policy of the EB Games

There is no formal price adjustment policy across EB Games Australia. Rather, consumers need to be educated before purchasing in-store. However, there are several things you could do to level the playing field:

  • Depending on the type of product, you could return it and then repurchase the goods elsewhere. You’ll need to ensure the goods are unopened/damaged and understand the returns policy.
  • Discuss a discount on those or further goods, based on your ongoing business.

EB Games Zero Regrets trade policy

Have you ever worried you’ll regret trading games you might want to play again? Well now you can trade risk-free, with Zero Regrets!

Simply trade and save on what you really want right now – and if you ever (yes, ever!) change your mind and want your games back for one more play, you can buy them back at any EB Games store for the same price you traded them for!

Zero Regrets is open to all current EB World members, for any games you’ve traded on your EB World account after 10 September, 2018.

Frequent Flyer and Loyalty Programs supported by EB Games

If saving money by price matching makes you happy, then you are going to be disappointed to hear that EB Games does not directly have a preferred loyalty program.

Can I earn Qantas Frequent Flyer Points with EB Games

Unfortunately, you can’t directly earn or redeem Qantas Frequent Flyer Points with EB Games.

Collecting Velocity Frequent Flyer Points with EB Games

Unfortunately, you can’t directly earn or redeem Velocity Frequent Flyer Points with EB Games.

Earn when you use American Express at EB Games

Unfortunately, you can’t directly earn or redeem Membership Rewards with EB Games.

Obtaining cashback at EB Games

At present, we have not been able to find EB Games in any cashback programs in Australia. If it does appear, you could expect that the discounts in portals such as Shopback and Cashrewards will be in the 0-5% range. they may be worth taking advantage of if spending up big.

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How to use Gift Cards at EB Games

You can buy gift cards at EB Games and there is no reason why you can’t ask for a price match when using them.

Alternative Payment Options at the EB Games

Klarna and PayPal in 4 are available, as well as Zip Pay and Afterpay.

Buy Now, Pay Later services (BNPL) have dramatically increased in popularity and the two of the biggest are now firmly embedded into the EB Games retail system.

EB Games Zip Pay

You can use Zip Pay to make purchases both online and in-store.

EB Games Afterpay

You can use Afterpay to make purchases both online and in-store.

Will EB Games price match competitors?

EB Games vs Amazon price match

You will have little to no chance of gaining a price match.

EB Games vs The Good Guys price match

You have a reasonable chance of success if you ask nicely and there is a local The Good Guys store nearby.

EB Games vs Kmart price match

We would love to hear if you have success with a Kmart price match.

EB Games vs Target price match

Target should be considered a competitor for more of the basic merchandise such as games titles, give it a go.

EB Games vs JB HiFi price match

You probably have the best chance of success when price matching against a JB HiFi store.

EB Games vs BigW price match

You can only ask and hope for a BigW price match.

EB Games vs Harvey Norman price match

Not big on gaming titles, but more on electronics, give a Harvey Norman price match a go.


If you get an EB Games price match, that’s great. But let’s ask the question: if you can buy something else locally cheaper, why would you bother pursuing a price match with EB Games in the first place? …. the only answer we can think of is if you are a loyalty member looking to accrue points.

FAQ: EB Games price match

Who owns EB Games?

EB Games is owned by GameStop in America.

Will EB Games price match competitors?

There is no official policy, but managers in stores ‘may’ apply discretion if there is strong competition nearby.

Will EB Games price match online competitors?

This is VERY unlikely unless they also have bricks-n-mortar stores near your local EG Games store.

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    EB Games most likely won’t price match KMart as KMart no longer stocks video games (at least the ones I’ve seen). However I know they frequently price match Big W and JB Hi-Fi without any issue as long as it’s in the same shopping centre or nearby

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