American Express launches new MyAmexShop cashback benefit

American Express has launched a brand new initiative, MyAmexShop, in the Australian cashback space, offering cardholders the chance to earn a cash rebate when shopping online with popular retailers and brands.

The new initiative is now underway with some generous offers, with up to 12.5% cashback credit available for the taking.


We’ve prepared a post to explain what there is to know about MyAmexShop, as well as highlight some of the standout offerings.

What is MyAmexShop?

Operating in a similar way to other cashback sites in Australia, MyAmexShop offers customers a chance to get money back when shopping online.

The premise is simple: Eligible cardholders can click through to a range of online retailers, pay using a linked American Express card and get rewarded with credit back to their account.

The current line up includes more than 55 retailers across the following featured categories:

  • clothing and accessories
  • luxury
  • home and office
  • tech
  • sport
A snapshot of the retailers on offer

Initial offers

At the time of writing, the cashback rate on offer appears to sit between 5% -12.5%, depending on the retailer and the category of purchase. The table below outlines some of the more popular merchants on offer and their current cashback rates:

Adore Beauty
(up to 12% back)
(up to 7.5% back)
Cotton On
(up to 12.5% back)
(up to 12.5% back)
(up to 12.5% back)
(up to 12.5% back)
New Balance
(up to 12.5% back)
Red Balloon
(up to 5% back)
(up to 12.5% back)
(up to 12.5% back)
The Economist
(up to 12.5% back)
The Iconic
(up to 12.5% back)

How the cashback is delivered

Rather than offering cashback in the traditional sense, MyAmexShop issues cardholders with a ‘credit’ back to their card account after a qualifying spend.

Amex states that the credit on selected spend categories should be received within seven days of purchase. This process is significantly faster than the payout timelines offered by some other Australian cashback sites, which can take in excess of 120 days.

In saying this, credits from travel and experiences bookings will be awarded somewhat later – within 90 days of purchase.

It’s worth noting that if you receive a refund (either partial or in full) your credit may be reserved or amended.

Check out our guide to the top cashback sites in Australia for more on the world of cashback.

How to sign up for MyAmexShop

Eligible American Express cardholders (excluding Corporate American Express Cards) can register by following a few easy steps:

  1. visit the MyAmexShop website
  1. create an account
  1. link your American Express Card

Then, you’re all set to click through to a range of featured stores. As with all cashback sites, avoid leaving or refreshing the online store to ensure the session is tracked properly.


What’s the catch?

It’s important to note that each Amex card account can only be linked to and participate in one MyAmexShop membership at any one time.

Only accounts kept in good standing, and which are not overdue are eligible to register for MyAmexShop. The cardholder must also be over 18 years of age to enroll in the program.

Bear in mind that a credit may be reversed or amended within 90 days of receiving it if there’s a breach in the terms of use.

There are some data and privacy considerations to factor in too. Using MyAmexShop to get cashback allows retailers to track your online shopping habits, opening you up to targeted advertising. You can read more about this in our cashback guide.

You can find the full MyAmexShop program terms and conditions here.

Summing up

MyAmexShop is a new program that opens the world of cashback up to American Express cardholders.

By simply clicking through and paying with a linked Amex card, it’s possible to earn money back on products and services you’d otherwise purchase anyway.

From adventure experiences, to travel, beauty and tech, the initial line up of brands and retailers is solid. Of course, it’s still early days, so we can expect to see even more merchants onboard in the future.

Have you registered for MyAmexShop yet?

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