TAS Public Holidays 2022 – 2023

Tasmanian / TAS public holidays 2022 – 2023

Tasmania public holidays for 2022 to 2023 are set out in the table below:

New Year’s DaySaturday 1 January
Australia Day HolidayWednesday 26 January
Eight Hours DayMonday 14 March
Good FridayFriday 15 April
Easter MondayMonday 18 April
Easter Tuesday^^Tuesday 19 April
Anzac Day*Monday 25 April
Queen’s BirthdayMonday 13 June
Christmas Day^Sunday 25 December
Tuesday 27 December
Boxing Day^Monday 26 December

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New Year’s DaySunday 1 January
Monday 2 January
Australia Day HolidayThursday 26 January
Eight Hours DayMonday 13 March
Good FridayFriday 7 April
Easter MondayMonday 10 April
Easter Tuesday^^Tuesday 11 April
Anzac Day*Tuesday 25 April
Queen’s BirthdayMonday 12 June
Christmas Day^Monday 25 December
Boxing Day^Tuesday 26 December

TAS public holidays notes

*When Anzac Day falls on Saturday or Sunday, no substitute or additional holiday is observed.
^Substitute holidays apply.
^^Easter Tuesday is generally a Public Service only holiday

Tasmania regional holidays

Devonport Cup
(generally public service only – 11am onwards)
Wednesday 5 January
Royal Hobart Regatta (Southern Tasmania)Friday 14 February
Launceston Cup
(generally public service all day and others – 11am onwards)
Wednesday 23 February
King Island ShowTuesday 1 March
AGFESTFriday 6 May
Burnie ShowFriday 30 September
Royal Launceston ShowThursday 6 October
Flinders Island ShowFriday 14 October
Royal Hobart Show (south Tasmania)Thursday 20 October
Recreation Day
(Northern Tasmania/those that do not celebrate the Royal Hobart Regatta)
Monday 7 November
Devonport ShowFriday 25 November
Devonport Cup
(generally public service only – 11am onwards)
Wednesday 11 January
Royal Hobart Regatta (Southern Tasmania)Monday 13 February
Launceston Cup
(generally public service all day and others – 11am onwards)
Wednesday 22 February
King Island ShowTuesday 7 March
AGFESTFriday 5 May
Burnie ShowFriday 6 October
Royal Launceston ShowThursday 12 October
Flinders Island ShowFriday 20 October
Royal Hobart Show (south Tasmania)Thursday 26 October
Recreation Day
(Northern Tasmania/those that do not celebrate the Royal Hobart Regatta)
Monday 6 November
Devonport ShowFriday 1 December

Government website

Tasmania's public and bank holidays are prescribed by the Statutory Holidays Act 2000, with various Amendments.

TAS public holidays are administered by Worksafe Tasmania.

Tasmania / TAS Public Holidays Dates

The state of Tasmania observes ten public holidays in 2022. There are six national public holidays; two state-wide holidays legislated by the state of Tas and regional public holidays.

National public holidays are recognised throughout Australia and include New Year’s Day, Australia Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, ANZAC Day, and Christmas Day.

State-wide TAS public holidays are the holidays that are specific to Tasmania, including Queen’s Birthday, Eight Hours Day (Equiv. Labour Day), and Easter Tuesday (for public service).

Regional public holidays are part or full-day public holidays that are observed within specific regional locations within Tasmania.

It is reasonable to assume that Tasmanians are guaranteed eight holidays per year and are likely to be able to access several regional holidays (maybe more if public service).

TAS public holidays timings

The first half of the year sees a decent number of holidays, with the Eight Hours Day holiday in March delivering a long weekend and then a good break for Easter, followed by Queen’s Birthday in June.

From October onward most residents will also receive regional holidays. So, mid-year, through Winter is probably the longest stretch without a holiday.

Is Easter Tuesday a public holiday in Tasmania?

No, this public holiday is only observed by the state’s public sector. It acts as a trade-off for the fact that Easter Sunday is not legislated as a public holiday within the state.

What is the Eight Hours Day holiday in Tasmania for?

Just like May Day in the NT, the Eight Hours Day holiday celebrates the granting of an eight-hour working day for workers. In other states and territories, this holiday may be known as Labour Day.

Visiting Tasmania during a public holiday

Tasmania metro centres, as well as the main tourist focal points such as the MONA, can become busy during public holidays. Mostly this occurs during the spring/summer holiday season due to the climate. Residents also tend to make strong use of the warmer weather by getting out and about to wineries and the wilder parts of Tasmania.

Are businesses open on TAS public holidays?

The Shop Trading Hours Act 1984 stipulates the trading hours possible for large retailers on Christmas Day and Good Friday. The Anzac Day Observance Act 1929 regulates this important day, disallowing shops to open prior to 12.30 pm.

Visiting Tasmania on Australia Day

Australia day is one of the most popular TAS public holidays, particularly as it falls in Summer. Australia Day is held on the 26th of January every year. If it falls on a weekend, a substitute holiday applies, as was the case in 2020.

Every community in Tasmania celebrates the day outdoors and most events are family orientated.

Tasmanian / Tas school holiday and term dates

A complete list of Tas school holiday and term dates is available on this website.
To view this year and the next couple of years, please click here.

Why are Mother's Day and Father's Day not listed as Tasmanian public holidays?

Both Mother's Day and Father's Day are Observances rather than public holidays for Tasmanians. Unfortunately, Tasmania does not receive a legislated holiday or day off in lieu.

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