Coles eGift card guide to discounted grocery shopping

No matter who you are, grocery shopping is an unavoidable expense (and the rising cost of living means it’s a big expense at that). However, did you know that you could save a significant amount of money each year on your grocery shopping, for very little effort, with a Coles eGift card.

In this article, we’ll explain how you can purchase Coles digital eGift cards at a discount, delivering serious savings when you shop at Coles Supermarkets all year round.

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Coles eGift card: Enjoy discounted grocery shopping

Purchasing a Coles gift card for use each time you visit the supermarket might seem like a burden. However, there is considerable value to be had when you shop in this way.

In a nutshell, it works like this: Purchase a Coles eGift card from an online retailer at a discount – typically around 5%, but sometimes even more. The gift card can then be used at Coles Supermarkets 365 days per year, delivering tangible savings on your everyday spending.

It’s a simple but handy hack that could see you saving serious money.

How much money can I save each year with a Coles eGift card?

The cost of groceries is a significant outlay for every Australian consumer, and each dollar saved can make a real difference. Let’s consider the facts.

Data from the ABS Household Expenditure Survey shows that a couple living in Australia spends on average $331 a week on groceries, but this figure will generally depend on your stage in life and household composition – it’s usually in the vicinity of $239 to $331.

However, according to recent ABS Consumer Price Index data, the cost of vegetables has increased by 12.7% from March 2021 to March 2022, suggesting that the weekly Australian grocery shop is likely to be even higher.

Now, based on a ballpark household spend of $300 per week for groceries, you could enjoy an annual saving of $780 when shopping with Coles eGift cards purchased at a 5% discount – that’s $15 per week or $780 per year!

We’ve put together a table that provides an overview of ASIC MoneySmart research to show how much Australians typically spent on food and non-alcoholic beverages, and how much you could save as a result, simply by shopping with a Coles eGift card:

Single – aged under 35Couple only – under 35Family with kids – youngest under 5Family with kids – youngest between 5-14Family with kids – youngest over 15
Weekly spend (food and non-alcoholic drinks)$122$239$282$336$332
Savings per year with Coles eGift card at 5% discount$317$621$733$874$863

Source: ASIC MoneySmart 2016 study

As we’ve highlighted above, if you are able to visit a Coles Supermarket for your regular grocery needs, there is significant value to be had by using a Coles eGift card regularly.

How do I buy discounted Coles eGift cards?

While it’s possible to buy cards from Coles directly, it’s generally only third parties who offer a discount on purchases.

Many organisations run offers or promotions that allow you to purchase gift cards at a discounted rate year-round. While some offers are restricted to members, there are a number of other promotions that online retailers offer to the general public.

We’ve put together a table that details the organisations and online retailers that sell discounted Coles eGift cards:

Retailer / organisationDiscountHow to purchase
Sconto3%Open to the public. Simply visit Sconto and follow the steps to buy your Coles eGift card. Multiple denominations are available. Reports that Coles egift cards are currently out of stock.
Seniors Victoria4%Open to Seniors Victoria. Go to the Spendless / Seniors Victoria website and purchase the Coles eGift Card. You will need to register with Spendless if it is your first purchase.
Union Shopper4%Open to Union Shopper members. You must register with Union Shopper and then log in to your account to access the discount.

Note that gift cards are subject to availability and discounted pricing is subject to change at any time without notice. The Champagne Mile holds no commercial relationship with any Coles egift card sellers. You can also check deal aggregator sites like OzBargain for other opportunities to purchase Coles gift cards at a discount.

How soon can a Coles eGift card be delivered?

The Coles eGift Card is a digital gift card, so it’s sent to you via email – that means no waiting for the post to arrive! Digital eGift cards can reach you within several hours or even sooner, making them easy to use at short notice. However, delivery time frames can vary and some retailers may take longer to release them to you.

Before you buy a card, check the individual retailer’s terms and conditions of purchase, as well as the expected delivery time frame.

How do I use a Coles eGift card?

It’s easy to redeem a Coles eGift card at a Coles Supermarket. You can do so by supplying your gift card to the check-out assistant at the point of purchase. Alternatively, if you’re using the self-checkout, type the requested details when prompted into a self-serve kiosk. It’s that simple!

Note that Coles eGift Cards are not a Coles Myer Gift Card and can only be used in-store at Coles (not handy for Coles Online shoppers). You can find all the terms and conditions here.

Stacking a Coles eGift card for extra savings

Once you’ve received your Coles eGift card, it’s possible to stack it with other in-store savings to ‘double down’ on discounts, extracting maximum value on your everyday spend.

Coles flybuys

Coles flybuys is the loyalty program of Coles supermarkets. It’s free to join and allows you to earn points which can then be put towards rewards including flights and accommodation or redeemed for money off at Coles checkouts. By scanning your flybuys card at the point of sale when you shop at Coles, you’ll earn 1 point per $1 spent.

Shop weekly specials

Like most major supermarkets, Coles typically release their weekly catalogue specials each Wednesday. By planning your shopping around high-value specials and stocking up on half-price items in bulk, you’ll save even more on your everyday spend, ensuring your dollars go further.

How does the Coles eGift card compare with a Coles Group and Myer gift card?

Coles eGift cards are digital gift cards that are exclusively accepted at Coles Supermarkets and Coles Central locations. Usage at Coles Express and Coles Online is excluded.

A Coles Group and Myer gift card, on the other hand, is a physical or digital gift card that can be more widely used. It can be redeemed at thousands of participating stores. Popular retailers that accept the Coles Group and Myer gift cards include:

  • Coles Express
  • Myer
  • Target
  • Kmart
  • Kmart Tyre & Auto Services
  • Officeworks
  • Liquorland
  • Vintage Cellars

However, despite their popularity, Coles Group and Myer gift cards are not typically able to be purchased at a discount.

Earning supercharged Flybuys points for gift card purchases

Coles eGift card discounts seem to be somewhat thin on the ground these days, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t still ways to maximise value from gift cards at Coles.

Coles Flybuys sometimes run points promotions on gift card purchases where members can earn up to 20X Flybuys points.

The value on offer here lies in the ability to save these points up for dollars off a shop, or alternatively, transfer them to a Velocity Frequent Flyer account.

This can definitely make more sense for points collectors who are planning on a big ticket purchase, or working towards a particular flight redemption.

Other things to consider when you buy Coles eGift cards

Many of the online retailers we’ve outlined in our table above will allow you to purchase eGift cards in a range of denominations. However, bear in mind that there is often a daily purchase limit.

Note that some retailers apply a surcharge for credit card payments. As always, it pays to watch out for these, as a credit card surcharge may erode any savings from purchasing a gift card online. To avoid a credit card surcharge, consider using a debit card if you’re not chasing credit card points. To avoid expensive credit card surcharges, check with the retailer that you plan to purchase eGift cards with, and read the fine print.

Having said this, it’s possible to earn points on eGift card purchases by applying for the right credit card. You can browse our current range of credit card offers here.

Lastly, Coles eGift cards carry a validity of 4 years, so while there is some wiggle room, it is best to only buy them as you require them. It’s worth noting here that the credit remaining on the card becomes unavailable once it expires.

Just like cash, a Coles eGift card cannot be replaced when stolen or lost. Be sure to keep an eye on your eGift card balance so that you avoid any credit expiring.

FAQ: Coles eGift card

Does Coles do eGift cards?

Yes, Coles offers the ability to purchase e-gift cards, which are delivered digitally. Cards can be used when shopping ar Coles supermarkets in-store. Note that eGift cards cannot be used to purchase Gift Cards.

How do Coles eGift cards work?

Coles eGift cards are redeemable at Coles Supermarkets nationwide. However, it is not possible to use cards when shopping at Coles Online, at Coles Express or Liquorland.

How do I redeem my Coles eGift card?

Coles eGift cards are delivered digitally, to the email address nominated by the purchaser. Once you receive your eGift card, follow the prompts to activate it and get ready to start shopping.

Could you unlock serious savings by purchasing Coles eGift cards?

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    Hi Adele, Regarding the Table which details the organisations and online retailers that sell discounted Coles eGift cards in 2019:

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