Upcoming offer: Earn 20x Everyday Rewards points on selected gift cards (convert 2:1 for Qantas Points)

There’s a bundle of Qantas Points up for grabs via Everyday Rewards coming soon, but you’ll need to be quick…

For one week only, savvy supermarket shoppers can earn 20x Everyday Rewards points on selected gift card purchases made at Woolworths.

Since Everyday Rewards Points convert to Qantas at a 2:1 ratio, this offer could help you grow your Qantas Frequent Flyer balance quickly. Here’s what Everyday Rewards is offering right now:

Upcoming deal – August 2023 (Woolworths)

Offer: Earn 20x Everyday Rewards points on Ultimate Him, Her, Baby & Mum, Kids, Teens, Students, Active & Wellness, Shopping, Beauty & Spa, Home, Eats or Thanks gift cards. Available denominations include $30, $50 and $100.

Promotion period: The current offer runs from 9 August 2023 to 15 August 2023.

Inclusions: This offer is exclusive to Woolworths Supermarkets and Woolworths Metro (excludes Woolworths Online, Ampol, MetroGo and Metro60).

Purchase limitations: For cards with a fixed value, there is a purchase limit of 5 cards per day per Rewards Member (multiple transactions are allowable). Bonus points can take up to 14 business days to be loaded onto your Everyday Rewards Card from date of purchase.

Woolworths Everyday Rewards shopper

Tip: Multiple Ultimate gift cards list JB-HiFi and/or The Good Guys as a participating retailer, so savvy points collectors could bank up these gift cards and use them for high ticket electronics or white goods.

Woolworths gift card promotions: What’s the hype?

Woolworths often runs promotions that allow Everyday Rewards members to earn supercharged points on gift card purchases. The gift cards on offer vary, but they often include electronics and travel brands – providing an opportunity to stock up on gift cards ahead of a large purchase.

With Woolworths recently making moves to slash the benefits of an Everyday Extra subscription, racking up a heap of points with gift cards could make more sense than ever.

Beyond the appeal of using points for discounts off supermarket shopping, these promotions can be leveraged as an ultra-savvy way to top up a Qantas Frequent Flyer points balance. Since 2 Everyday Rewards points is worth the equivalent of 1 Qantas Point, the current offer delivers a cool 10 Qantas Points per $1 spent on gift cards.

This offer holds even greater appeal when you consider that gift cards are often excluded from ‘spend and earn’ promotions or cashback offers. As such, this could be a strategic way to bag a bunch of points with purchases you’d otherwise make, or even as a tactic for meeting a minimum spend on a credit card.

everyday rewards card image

Previous deals 

We frequently see Woolworths promotions for 20x points on gift card purchases, so if you miss this one, chances are you may be able to take advantage of the next offer in the coming weeks or months.

In the past, we have also seen the maximum value of gift cards capped at up to $7,000, though some stores may limit the number of gift cards able to be purchased in one transaction to a lower amount. This would equate to 140,000 Everyday Rewards points and 70,000 Qantas Points, which could get you well on your way to an international business class redemption.

Why earn Qantas Points via Everyday Rewards gift cards?

As we’ve already touched on, the premise of spending money you normally would anyway and earning a bulk of free Qantas Points on the side is what makes Woolworths Everyday Rewards gift card promotions so appealing.

Seeing as the gift cards don’t usually have a service fee, the bonus points come without additional cost (provided you’re not buying the gift cards purely for the points).

While buying points outright usually presents a poor value proposition, purchasing a product or service that you want or need – think Qantas Health Insurance and Qantas Wine – is much more appealing with a side of bonus points.

By holding out for a bonus points offer, you’re essentially using the same strategy. In saying this, it’s worth stressing again, that this strategy is only likely to be worthwhile if you’re planning a purchase anyway.

Is this Woolworths gift card promotion worth it?

Qantas has one of the most valuable points currencies in the loyalty sphere, which is why the Everyday Rewards and Qantas partnership adds significant value to the supermarket loyalty program.

Qantas points can be valued at up to 5 cents per point when redeemed for premium cabin class flight rewards, which is why earning bulk points through a gift card promotion can be an especially savvy way to top up a Qantas Frequent Flyer points balance.

image 12

Which brands are available via gift cards? 

We usually see a range of brands are on offer across the regular promotions. The purchase categories often include home, fashion, and electronics.

A highlight of many offers we’ve seen is the ability to use some of the gift cards at JB Hi-Fi and Apple.

Saving gift cards up for big-ticket electrical items such as an iPhone, TV or laptop may seem tedious, but we think it’s well worth the effort when Qantas Points (and Classic Flight Rewards) are also on the cards.

woolworths rewards 20x points

While Uber Rewards has ceased to exist, using gift cards to top up an Uber balance can also be a good way for frequent ride-sharers to get excellent value out of this promotion.

Airbnb is another popular option amongst frequent travellers who usually have a stay or two on the horizon.

Essentially, you don’t want to be purchasing gift cards that are going to sit around and expire, but rather, have something to show for them (ideally something you were going to purchase anyway).

Get savvy with gift cards: How it works 

Say you’re after a pile of the Ultimate or TCN cards (that we often see included) to cover a $1,000 JB Hi-Fi purchase and come out with Qantas Points on top.

In this case, you’ll have to be somewhat strategic in navigating the promotion’s known limitations. Here’s how we recommend going about it:

  • First, you’ll want to be sure your Everyday Rewards points are set up to convert to Qantas Points – you can read more on this here.
  • Gift card promotions have proved their value in popularity, so you may need to shop around at a few stores before you find the maximum 10 to purchase in a single transaction.
  • Be sure to scan your Woolworths Everyday Rewards card at the checkout when purchasing your gift cards, and be aware that stores may place limitations on the number of gift cards that can be purchased in one transaction.
  • In this case, 10 gift cards at $100 each would see you spend $1,000 and end up with 20,000 Everyday Rewards points, which converts to 10,000 Qantas Points (enough for a zone one Classic Flight Reward from Melbourne to Sydney).

Reading between the lines: What to look out for

It’s worth noting that there are a few pain points to be wary of when diving into this promotion.

  • The offer extends to all denominations of gift cards listed (this varies, but it is often between $20-$500).
  • Standard Everyday Reward points are not earned on top of the 20X bonus points.
  • Bonus points can take up to 14 business days to arrive in an Everyday Rewards account, meaning this isn’t ideal for an immediate redemption need.
  • You must scan your Everyday Rewards card at the time of purchase. You won’t see the points unless you do so.
  • Each Everyday Rewards member has a limit of 10 cards per transaction and one transaction per day, so you may have to shop around to find the number of cards you need.
  • While we’ve recently seen the expiry dates for most gift cards extended from one to three years, individual terms and conditions apply to each card, so be sure to check this.

Summing up: Are Woolworths gift card promotions worth it? 

Whether you’re saving up for a big-ticket item, such as a TV, dishing out gifts, topping up your Uber balance or buying to make a minimum card spend, Woolworths Everyday Rewards gift card points promotions could offer a way to get your product plus a sizable pile of points on the side – just how we like it.

The ability to convert Everyday Rewards points to Qantas Points makes this bulk points-earning opportunity even more attractive. Taking full advantage of some gift card promotions can even translate to a Classic Flight Reward redemption, making for an aspirational use of points.

Lofty redemptions aside, Woolworths gift card promotions also offer a virtually effortless way to knock off some Christmas shopping with a swag of points for doing so.

Have you taken advantage of a Woolworths gift card points promotion before?

FAQ – Everyday Rewards gift card purchases

How do I earn bonus Everyday Rewards points?

Everyday Rewards members earn 1 Everyday Rewards point per dollar spent at Woolworths and Big W. However, bonus point promotions regularly allow members to earn 20X points on gift card purchases.

How much are Everyday Rewards points worth?

Everyday Rewards points have been valued at just under one cent per point. While this isn’t outstanding value, bonus points are easy to earn on an everyday spend with gift cards and can be transferred to Qantas at a 2:1 rate, meaning that 2,000 Everyday Rewards points will convert to 1,000 Qantas Points.

How do I use my Everyday Rewards gift cards?

A savvy way to use gift cards can be to save them up for a big-ticket electrical item such as a TV or laptop from JB-Hi-Fi, or for accommodation expenses for an upcoming trip.

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17 thoughts on “Upcoming offer: Earn 20x Everyday Rewards points on selected gift cards (convert 2:1 for Qantas Points)”

  1. Avatar for Noel

    My wife has a WW rewards card and I have another. How come she can’t get most of promotions that I get on my Rewards App on her App

    1. Avatar for Adele

      Hi Noel, many Everyday Rewards promotions are targeted, as based on a range of factors, which means you won’t always get the same offers a spouse receives. For this reason, it can be handy to hold multiple memberships in one household – giving you the ability to choose the highest offer on regular grocery spend.

  2. Avatar for Mark

    I would advise read the terms and conditions for getting bonus points. I got caught not getting points on my second transaction. Make sure you know the T’s and C’s . Especially if you are buying multiple cards.

  3. Avatar for Laura

    “Standard Everyday Reward points are not earned on top of the 20X bonus points”
    I find it hard to understand this, could you explain what does this mean?

    1. Avatar for Adele

      Hi Briony, these offers are usually only available in store and advertised on the physical catalogue (not online)

    1. Avatar for Zoe Kassiotis

      Hi Tony. You’ll find each gift card has individual terms and conditions. There’s nothing stating you can’t use a Woolworths Gift Card to purchase a different gift card either instore or online. You can find the Woolworths Gift Card terms and conditions here: https://tinyurl.com/muk3xyb4

    1. Avatar for Zoe Kassiotis

      Hi Stephen, Woolworths Everyday Rewards promotions typically run once a week, but they differ. The ’20x Everyday Rewards points on selected gift cards’ promos usually feature quite regularly. Keep an eye out for new offers in the Woolworths catalogue each Wednesday.

    1. Avatar for Adele

      Hi Tina, the gift cards can only be purchased in store. They are popular, and can sell out quickly, so it’s best to look to secure them as early as possible.

  4. Avatar for DJ

    The one downside of this is that if you are buying a big ticket item (e.g. TV or iPhone) you will miss out on the credit card’s free warranty extension.

  5. Avatar for Kathryn

    Hi, I’ve searched for this on the everyday rewards and the Woolworths site but can’t find details! Can you please add a link to post? Kathryn

    1. Avatar for Adele

      Hi Kathryn, the offer here was covered in the weekly Woolworths catalogue, this is usually the only place the offers are advertised.

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