The Benefits of Solo Travel

If you’re reading this, you’re probably considering taking a solo trip somewhere. I know solo travel can seem scary, especially if you are travelling alone for the first time, but the benefits of solo travel far outweigh the worries you may have. There are so many benefits to solo travel and this article would never end but these are my favourites!

No compromises – Choose your own adventure

When travelling with others, we typically consider their likes and dislikes and compromise on the things we do, such as the vacation spot, the hotel, the food, activities, etc. Like most people, I want to spend my time and money doing what I love, and solo travel is the perfect opportunity for that.

When you’re travelling alone, you get to indulge in all your favourite things and go your own pace! Want to get up early for the sunrise? Do it! Want to hike the mountains instead of going to the beach? Yep! Want to take a scuba diving class? You got it! You have the opportunity to do anything you want!

Solo travel benefits

Take control of your money

When I’ve travelled in a group, money is spent so easily and unnecessarily. When you’re solo travelling, you can decide where your money goes! I’m the kind of person who prefers to walk within a city, so inner-city transportation is not something I would spend money on if I travel alone. I also don’t spend a lot of money eating out because I can easily make do with a grocery run. This doesn’t mean you have to be like me. You are more than welcome to save or splurge your money any way you want! This trip is all about you after all.

Learn independence and realise how Capable and Badass you are

Your solo travels will be an eye-opener to your inner self. You will learn new things about yourself, like how courageous you are by taking a solo trip and facing the unknown! You will learn to rely on yourself for everything, even when you go back home. The solo trip will help you grow as a person and eliminate any limiting beliefs you may have about yourself.

Learn to enjoy your own company – be comfortable alone

This is your time to connect with yourself! In our everyday lives, we get bogged down with responsibilities, our jobs, or our families, and we rarely find the time to reflect on our own selves and focus on personal growth. Take this opportunity and truly evaluate your life so far, get to know your deepest thoughts, or indulge in quiet time. One way to do this is to journal your thoughts and emotions throughout the trip.

Do a Technology Detox

Another great opportunity while solo travelling is being surrounded by new things: new sights, new experiences, new conversations. Put your phone down and be present in those experiences. Your phone, email, and social media can wait because these unique experiences are more enriching than an Instagram like. Your phone can rob so much of your time so put it away and actually enjoy your time.

Try out things that you’ve put on the Backburner

Taking a solo trip is a great opportunity to pick a skill to show off back home or just for your own fun! For me, I’ve always wanted to try surfing or salsa dancing! Take classes in the things that interest you or surprise yourself and try something you normally wouldn’t. Take advantage of the time that you are alone because that time belongs to you and your growth.

Solo travel benefits

Rejuvenate your Mind

As I touched on above, solo travel is the perfect opportunity to pick up new skills, but it’s also great to experience a different way of living. Solo travel opens your eyes to different lifestyles, diverse cultures, fresh ideas, foreign languages, and people from all walks of life, all will keep you entertained, inspired, and mentally fit! Meditate in India to clear your mind, learn Thai Kickboxing or chill out with Yoga on a beach in Bali. Options to rejuvenate your mind during solo travel are unlimited.

In a place where no one knows your Name

We often fantasise about leaving our everyday routine behind and going somewhere where no one knows our name or recognises us. This is a thrill for me because it truly feels free-ing. In our lives, we belong to a family or have obligations, such as a job, and it’s freeing to leave that behind, even for just a little bit, to create a new you.

I hope these benefits of solo travel eased your worries and you book your solo trip. You will embark on some incredible experiences and create unforgettable memories. I will always recommend solo travel to anyone and everyone who will listen because of the never-ending benefits that come with it. If you’re looking to grow as a person, start planning that solo trip! Oh! And be wary of the travel bug! You’ll have it for life.

If you haven’t decided on a destination for your solo trip, check out these amazing Top Solo Female Travel Destinations. Top destinations for going solo include Iceland, England, Italy, Thailand and Australia.

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