Qantas launches new Double Status Credits offer

As demand for travel continues to grow, Qantas has launched a brand new Double Status Credit offer – the first for 2021!

The promotion is available for eligible flights to over 60 destinations across the Qantas domestic network. It's not valid for flights overseas, which makes sense, given the restricted ability of Australians to travel globally.

With no limit to the number of eligible flights you can book, a Qantas double status credit offer could be your key to unlocking perks like lounge access, extra baggage allowance, priority upgrades and more.

How to earn Qantas double Status Credits

Registering for this offer takes just a minute, and it could help you to obtain or retain elite Qantas Frequent Flyer status faster. Here's what you need to do:

  1. Head to the Qantas website here and register for this offer by 11.59 pm (AEDT) 30 March 2021
  2. Make a new booking between25 March and 30 March 2021 for travelbetween 31 March 2021 and 28 February 2022 on any Qantas operated Australian domestic flights with a QF flight number. Ensure your Qantas Frequent Flyer number is included in your booking.

Bonus Status Credits will be credited to your account up to six weeks after travel.

Remember, all passengers in each booking must register separately to earn double Status Credits. Bonus Status Credits will be credited to your account up to six weeks after travel.

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Looking for more information about Qantas Double Status Credit promotions? Read on to find out more about these popular offers, and discover how you can leverage status credits to earn elite Qantas Frequent Flyer status in 2021.

Soar higher with Qantas Double Status Credits

When do Qantas Double Status Credits post?

Qantas states that bonus status credits should be credited within six weeks after travel. However, while Qantas double status credits are incredibly popular, unfortunately, we have received reports from readers who've needed to chase missing double status credits that have not appeared in their account for previous similar offers.

In order to safeguard against this occurring, we'd encourage you to ensure you retain email confirmation of your registration for a double status credits offer. If you're sure your flight sector is eligible, you should then contact Qantas Frequent Flyer if the status credits have not appeared in your account after six weeks.

We've previously written an article about chasing up missing Qantas double status credits here.

What are Qantas status credits?

Before looking to leverage a double status credits offer, it’s important to understand the concept of status credits.

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Qantas status credits are a completely separate currency to points. Essentially, they are a vehicle for moving up the membership ranks of the Qantas Frequent Flyer program.

Status credits are used to measure flying activity on Qantas and partner airlines. When you complete an eligible flight, you earn a certain number of status credits. The number of Qantas status credits earned varies by the distance of the route flown. A discount economy flight between Sydney and Melbourne, for example, earns just 10 status credits, so you’d need to flyseventy sectors just to achieve Qantas Gold.

Fortunately, however, there are easier ways to earn status credits, and a Qantas double status credit offer can boost the usual haul by double!

Qantas Double Status Credit offers: Important things to know

While Qantas double status credit offers present a unique opportunity to fast track to a higher membership level, there are typically a number of restrictions levied to the promotion. Travellers should be aware that the following terms and conditions usually apply:

  • Qantas operated flights only. The current double status credits promotion applies to flights operated by Qantas only (with a QF flight number). This means that Qantas-ticketed flights on Jetstar or partner airlines like Emirates are off the table.
  • Selected routes only. The current double status credit offer is only valid for eligible routes on the domestic Qantas network. Overseas destinations don't count (which makes sense, given the restricted ability of Australians to travel globally)
  • A specific booking and travel period. The current Qantas double status credits promotion requires travellers to register within the specified time period, and then travel in a second specified time period. Registration and/or travel outside the eligible time periods will render your journey non-qualifying.
  • Restrictions on status credit usage. If you're planning a Qantas status run with a view to completing a status challenge, or achieving a membership bonus reward – think again. Qantas has recently tightened up the usage of status credits earned through double status credit promotions. They now don’t typically count towards Loyalty Bonus, Membership Bonus Reward or status challenge requirements.
  • Requalification period. Qantas states that double status credits should be credited to your account up to six weeks after your travel is completed. It's important to keep this in mind if you have a restricted period of time to travel and obtain double status credits in order to retain or attain a new status tier.

Before you look to book in your Qantas double status credits flight, be sure to carefully check the terms and conditions of the promotion.

Will you look to take advantage of the first Qantas double status credit promotion of 2021?

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31 thoughts on “Qantas launches new Double Status Credits offer”

  1. Thanks Adele,
    I’ve just realised that we booked via Qantas with a QF flight number but on flights operated by Emirates so I guess we are not eligible 🙁

  2. Hi Adele, I haven’t been able to locate this offer anywhere on the QFF pages and a search within the site only brings up past offers. Is this Feb 2020 promotion a public offer or targeted?

  3. Adele, when I go on the qantas site to take advantage of status credit offer, there is no registration section as I’ve had previously. How can one register for dsc prior to booking flights please? Thanks

    1. Hi Helen, yes, so long as you register before rebooking your flights, you will be eligible to receive the double status credits. Happy travels!

  4. Been good no double status points I to have moved Company business to other airlines and now am sold on Emirates Singapore and Cathay there food lounges and service are so superior Qantas now when only choice..Dropping double status has exposed the opposition and found Qantas wanting.

  5. Lucky you! I am Platinum and no offer has come through. So could be selective. Fingers crossed they are starting at the top and working their way down! BTW – did you get advised by an email notification?

    1. I’m platinum too ( have been for years and it is all my flights on many ‘low status credit earning’ economy class international flights – not by doing the occasional first class journey that some travellers do) and have missed out on double status promos before. When I called to ask why colleagues had received the email, but not me, they even admitted it was selective and I am not in the list. I am no longer loyal to Qantas due to that. Forget wasting my time doing all their numerous surveys! It rubs both ways, Qantas.

      1. Hi Leeane, the current offer is most definitely open to the public. While it went live yesterday, it does take Qantas awhile to send out emails – I only received mine this morning. Cheers, Adele

  6. Hello, I am a Qantas platinum one member and have just expressed my disappointment with the Qantas Platinum one concierge who tonight confirmed that there is a current double status credits promotion that has been launched for selected frequent flyers only. Rather disappointing Qantas. loyalty is a two way street.

      1. Hi Adele, I expressed my concerns in the letter to CEO of Qantas loyalty Olivia Wirth Who basically just said thanks for your feedback we will take this on board, did not offer to include me in the promotion or apologise for leaving me out. I threatened to leave behind my 25 years of loyalty including 10 months remaining on my P1 membership if nothing is done about it and gave them two weeks. Guess what? Nothing was done about it, so I switched all of our business to Virgin, Who gave me a gold membership. I am now on my second week of flying with them, the product is not as good but was not letting Qantas Win on this one.

  7. Still no word on the street about another QANTAS DSC offer? It’s been relatively light-on this year compared to last year! Is there any suggestion that this is a change in strategy from QANTAS?

    1. Hi Mike, we continue to wait 🙂 We’ll certainly update this article if and when a new DSC offer is released. Cheers, Adele

    2. I just received the latest DSC offer yesterday. Registration then bookings required between 12:01am 28 October to 11:59pm 4 November, for travel between 5 Oct 2019 and 22 Oct 2020. Note that I’m PlatinumOne so note sure if this was a selective offering or will be for all flyers? Happy flying!

    3. Yes it’s a targeted promotion/selected/disrmInatitive what ever you call it, my P1 partner was afforded it but I wasn’t. I challenged them on it and they didn’t care so I moved all of our companies business to virgin leaving 10 months worth of P1 membership behind and 25 years loyalty on my part. Contact [email protected] If you want but don’t expect any special treatment Mark

    1. Hi PP, with the previous DSC offer available up to bookings made for the end of August, it’s possible we might see another released soon. Taht being said, Qantas play their cards close to their chest, and we don’t hold any insider information. We’ll be updating the post as soon as a new DSC offer comes out.

      1. There are multiple stories around that QANTAS will not be doing any more double status offers again. Have you guys heard this at all

        1. Hi Cooper, we’ve seen a few blogs and news sites mention as much. Targetted status credit offers have been around for a number of years, however I think we’ll continue to see some public offers – possibly just not as frequently as Qantas have run them in the past. We’ll post any information in this article as it comes to hand.

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