Five incredible destinations to visit with 30% less Qantas Points

From diving with whale sharks in Exmouth to ticking Lord Howe Island off your bucket list, these destinations are so dreamy you won’t want to return.

For a limited time, you can make your domestic travel dreams come true with fewer Qantas Points.

Until 22 January, Qantas Frequent Flyers can enjoy 30% off the points required for Classic Flight Rewards across the red roo’s domestic network for travel between 1 March 2023 and 30 June 2023.

Short on points after the holiday season? This offer could see you secure a Zone One Classic Flight Reward for just 5,600 Qantas Points (down from 8,000 points) excluding taxes/carrier fees.

Qantas classic flight reward discount

We’re all for using less points for a bucket list-worthy stay, so here are our top five dreamy destinations to explore with the 30% off Qantas Classic Flight Rewards promo. 

1. Island life: Fly from Sydney to Lord Howe Island

If you’ve always wanted to fly to one of Australia’s most sought-after destinations, there’s a limited opportunity to do so with this promotion.

Currently, you can fly one-way from Sydney to Lord Howe Island from 5,600 Qantas Points (usually 8,000), plus $90 in carrier charges.

It’s worth noting that there isn’t much availability showing during the promotion period, with most reward seats limited to the month of June:

image 1 1
sydney lord howe island availability

While I’d happily make my way over to Lord Howe on a one-way fare, we should mention that there don’t appear to be any Classic Reward seats on flights back to either Sydney or Brisbane during the offer period.

There is, however, considerably more availability on the return leg from July (conveniently once the offer has ended), so there’s always the option to fly over for fewer points in June and return at the regular Classic Reward price the following month, which still offers excellent value.

lord howe island image

Based on distance, Sydney to Lord Howe Island falls into a Zone One Classic Flight Reward, which is why this route is a prime example of extracting maximum value from points – especially at the current discount.

And, despite the short distance from Sydney to Lord Howe Island, a one way economy fare doesn’t come cheap (you can expect to pay up to $900). As a result, those lucky enough to score a discounted reward seat could extract almost 7 cents value per point!

2. Tropical therapy: Jet from Brisbane to Cairns

Craving some tropical therapy? Qantas Frequent Flyer members can lock in Brisbane to Cairns with a one-way economy Classic Reward from 8,400 Qantas Points (was 12,000 points), plus $50 in carrier charges.

cairns image

Unlike the previous example, there’s plenty of availability across the board here, offering the flexibility to travel from March to June 2023.

The screenshow below shows full Classic Reward availability throughout May, with the below flight jetting off on 7 May 2023:

brisbane cairns classic flight reward
brisbane cairns availability

3. Ocean bliss: Fly from Perth to Exmouth (Learmonth)

For those wanting to explore the road less travelled, Qantas Link flies direct from Perth to Exmouth, where the Ningaloo Reef promises some of the dreamiest waters in the country.

ningaloo image

Qantas Frequent Flyer members can secure a Classic Flight Reward from 8,400 Qantas Points (usually 12,000 points), plus $59 in carrier charges.

The best availability appears to be in February and May, though we’d suggest May when the whale shark season is in full swing:

image 9
Availability on Thursday 18 May 2023.
perth exmouth availability

Qantas also connects East Coast travellers to the Ningaloo, with direct flights from Melbourne to Exmouth fetching 12,600 Qantas Points (plus $55 in carrier charges) for a Classic Reward on 11 June (usually 18,000 points):

image 10

4. Paradise found: Fly from Sydney to Hamilton Island

It doesn’t get dreamier than the Whitsundays, hence why a Hamilton Island trip is on our radar with this 30% off promotion.

For just four more days, you can lock in a dream trip to Hamilton Island for significantly fewer Qantas Points than usual.

hamilton island marina image

Right now, an economy Classic Reward seat can be snatched up for 8,400 Qantas Points (usually 12,000 points), plus $55 in carrier charges.

The below Classic Reward seat is showing for 3 March, however, availability is surprisingly good at the time of writing, with economy rewards showing from March through to the end of June:

image 11
sydney hamilton island availability

5. Coastal beauty: Fly from Melbourne to Fraser Coast (Hervey Bay)

Arguably one of the jewels in Queensland’s crown, Hervey Bay offers an abundance of wilderness experiences, with the iconic Fraser Island just a hop, skip and jump away.

fraser island image

There is widespread availability on this route from March until the end of June this year, with an economy Classic Reward from Melbourne to Fraser Coast (via Brisbane) now fetching 8,400 Qantas Points (usually 12,000 points), plus $81 in carrier charges.

Currently, there are limited seats left for the availability shown on Wednesday 19 April:

image 8
melbourne fraser coast availability

Summary: Book now

Classic Flight Rewards are a great way to maximise the value of your Qantas Points, even more so when booked under a discount such as this.

Locking in a domestic Qantas Classic Reward by 22 January, for travel between 1 March and 31 June 2023, means you’ll be able to jet off for 30% fewer Qantas Points – saving the rest of your points stash for your next dream trip.

As always, you’ll likely need to be flexible with dates in order to find availability.

In saying this, there are good opportunities to redeem points on most of the routes mentioned – Hamilton Island anyone?

Hurry, there are just four days left to book your dream Classic Flight Reward for 30% less Qantas Points.

Which dreamy destination will you lock in?

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