How to scale up your business with Amex Idea Exchange

Amex Idea Exchange offers free resources, business grants and more

Running a business can be lonely, and I’m always on the lookout for opportunities to grow and learn.

Whether it’s upskilling through seminars, actively seeking out networking opportunities, or applying for a grant, there are many exciting initiatives available to those who hold an ABN.

And when it comes to supporting business owners, American Express is ahead of the pack.

Researching a recent article, I stumbled across the Amex Idea Exchange, an exciting initiative geared around helping Australian small and medium-sized businesses thrive and grow.

The Amex Idea Exchange is designed to provide additional value beyond the core product of business cards. And whatever the nature of your current business relationship with Amex (if any), there are ways you can participate.

Read on to discover Amex Idea Initiative and find out how you can harness the program for your business.

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Amex Idea Exchange: What you need to know

Launched in 2018, Amex Idea Exchange Idea Exchange is designed to provide small and medium-sized businesses with opportunities to engage with the top minds in business.

The program offers a range of free resources, with many of them available to the public. Think virtual masterclasses, informative resources, podcasts and more. Customers with a current American Express business relationship can also access mentorship and grant opportunities.

Virtual Masterclasses

As a key Idea Exchange offering, Amex is presenting a series of webinars with some of Australia’s most successful business leaders. These free virtual Masterclasses are open to anyone, and they are designed to inspire and educate businesses of all sizes.

As a business owner, I’ve personally found these webinars invaluable. Amex Idea Exchange Masterclasses cover a range of topics that are highly relevant right now, particularly in a climate where many Australian businesses are struggling to navigate the challenges of Covid-19.

Amex Idea Exchange has released three previous Masterclasses this year. All of the following webinars are available to stream for free:

  • Building Resilience During Blows to Business (speakers: Leanne Faulkner and Peter Strong)
  • From concept to content: Boost your brand and expand your customer reach through social media marketing (speakers: Jules Lund, Brooke Vulinovich, Melissa Westcott)
  • Unpacking the Government Assistance Package (speakers: David Koch and Kate Carnell)

Open to all small businesses, these previous webinars can be streamed via the Amex Idea Exchange website. While the current line-up of Masterclasses is complete, stay tuned as more will be announced in the future.

Amex Idea Exchange Podcasts

In partnership with Tim Reid, Amex Idea Exchange Initiative has produced an exclusive Podcast series, where some of Australia’s top business minds pass on the invaluable insights and wisdom they’ve learned on their way to the top. The series aims to equip business owners with ideas on:

  • Developing effective growth strategies
  • Forming the right mindset around finances
  • Nurturing a culture that attracts and retains great talent, and
  • Finding efficiencies to achieve a better work-life balance.
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There are currently ten Podcasts available to stream for free on the Amex Idea Exchange website. Featured guests include including Jane Lu (Showpo), Andrew Banks (Shark Tank) and Carolyn Cresswell (Carmans).

Mentoring and Business Grants

When it comes to scaling up a business, a mentorship or cash injection could give you what you need to go further.

From time to time, Amex Idea Exchange offers a series of mentoring opportunities and small business cash grants. These initiatives are exclusively available to current American Express business / corporate cardholders and merchants.

So far this year, Amex has partnered with Rare Birds to offer mentorship packages, designed to provide expert advice to businesses of all sizes. In addition, American Express has also released a series of small business grants (currently closed).

With the first competition wrapping up earlier in June 2020, keep an eye out for more coming later in the year.

Who can participate in Amex Idea Exchange?

Amex Idea Exchange virtual masterclasses and podcasts are open to all business owners and ABN holders. To apply for a mentorship package or small business grant, you must be a current American Express business / corporate cardholder or merchant.

Amex Idea Exchange: Final thoughts

In the current climate, more small business owners are actively seeking out opportunities to learn, grow and build resilience. And, with a range of free resources on offer, participating in Amex Idea Exchange is a no-brainer.

Whether you’re a bootstrapped start-up or an established small to medium-sized business, the Amex Idea Exchange masterclass and podcast series are worth putting on your radar.

Plus, as an American Express business / corporate customer or merchant, you’ll have the opportunity to apply for mentorship or grant initiatives. Find out more at the Amex Idea Exchange website.

Have you considered an American Express business card?

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