Jetstar Price Beat – How to get cheaper flights guaranteed

Find a lower comparable fare online and Jetstar will beat it by 10%  cheap flights just got cheaper.

Travel has well and truly ramped up, but so have the prices of flights. If you’re on the hunt for the cheapest economy fares available, the Jetstar Price Beat Guarantee is something to know about.

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What is the Jetstar Price Beat Guarantee?

Jetstar guarantees the cheapest fares, so if you find a cheaper comparable flight on a third-party website, Jetstar will beat it by 10%. Simple.

It may seem too good to be true, but we assure you it’s not. Jetstar’s Price Beat Guarantee essentially makes sure passengers book and fly with them above other low-cost carriers.

jetstar price beat guarantee

The fine print: What you should know

While locking in cheaper airfares is worth it, Jetstar’s Price Beat Guarantee can require a bit of effort, so there are a few things to bear in mind.

Price Beat bookings are always economy starter fares (Jetstar’s lowest fare class). As such, your ticket won’t include any checked baggage, seat selection or in-flight meals (though you can pay for meals onboard).

In terms of getting the Price Beat through, there are a few eligibility hoops to jump through, which Jetstar will check upon your application.

You can request a Price Beat on economy class flights on a competitor airline (which is another airline except Qantas) or on a Jetstar comparable fare, which can be on:

  • Jetstar
  • Jetstar Asia
  • Jetstar Pacific
  • Jetstar Japan 

It’s worth noting that Jetstar flights found cheaper on a third-party website must be the exact same flight as the one you’re trying to get a Price Beat for.

Plus, they need to be visible online and available for purchase directly through the third-party site. As such, Jetstar won’t pass the Price Beat if the website doesn’t accept direct bookings, or if Jetstar cannot verify the cheaper price.

Whether on another airline or with Jetstar, the flights must:

  • Be a direct one-way flight between the same airports
  • Depart within one hour of each other (domestic), or, on the same day (international, excluding between Australia and New Zealand and within Asia)
  • Be priced in the currency of the departing country

While the Jetstar Price Beat Guarantee is a handy trick to have up your sleeve, it won’t work for last minute bookings, as the application cannot be for a flight that departs in under seven days.

Finally, the cheaper price doesn’t include carrier charges, so it’s best to double check that these are the same as your existing flight.

Jetstar lists the full Price Beat Guarantee terms and conditions here.

How to book a cheaper Jetstar Price Beat flight

While you could be scoring a cheaper flight, you will also be spending some extra time and effort to complete your booking.

Scenario: Airlie wants to fly from the Gold Coast to Cairns on 8 March 2023. She searches for a trip on Google Flights and sees that the fare is $1 cheaper to book with Jettzy than with Jetstar.
Airlie confirms she is looking at a comparable fare on the same flight, meaning that she could use Jetstar’s Price Beat Guarantee to get the flight for 10% less than advertised on Jettzy.

image 4
Google Flights search results for Coolangatta to Cairns on 8 March.
jetstar price beat guarantee
Booking via Jetstar.
jetstar price beat guarantee
Booking the same flight via Jetzzy.

As such, it would be possible to complete the following steps and lock the booking in for $81.90 ($10.10 less than Jetstar’s price).

  1. go to the Jetstar Price Beat Guarantee page, be sure to sift through the terms and conditions before proceeding
  1. click the ‘apply now’ button
  1. complete the application form with details of the flight
  1. check your email for a link to complete booking and payment (this should be sent within minutes).

You could either choose to pocket the savings or put them towards any extras by managing your booking once it is paid for.

Summary: Does the Jetstar Price Beat Guarantee work?

Our money-hacking philosophy is that when savings are on the cards, a little extra effort is well worth the hassle.

The Jetstar Price Beat may involve some extra shopping around and paperwork, but it can see you lock in the cheapest flights for even less, which is worth the few extra clicks.

While it goes without saying that you’ll likely be making a few sacrifices when it comes to comfort, this is a worthy hack for anyone on the hunt for low-cost airfares.

Have you used the Jetstar Price Beat Guarantee to score cheaper flights? Tell us about it in the comments!

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