How to buy Velocity Points with Velocity Points Booster

Chasing a special flight reward? Velocity Points Booster could get you there.

Introducing Points Booster, Velocity Frequent Flyer’s points purchase feature.

Most avid points collectors are forever chasing a specific reward, sometimes with an entire holiday hanging in the balance of an extra surge of points.

While buying points almost always offers poor value, it can be a sure way to lock in that reward.

As such, Velocity’s Points Booster may be worth considering if you’re in the market for some extra points, stat.

velocity points booster

Savvy Velocity members will wait for periodic promotions to extract maximum value, so it’s worth being across those.

Unsure where to start? Not to worry, we’ve got you covered. Stay tuned for all things Velocity Points Booster.

Points Booster explained

Points Booster essentially allows Velocity Frequent Flyer members to buy extra points in order to reach that dream reward sooner.

While other points promotions typically offer better value, it can take weeks and even months to see those Velocity Points touch down, meaning they may not arrive in time for an upcoming trip.

In this case, buying points can be a quick, easy and effective way to top up, secure your reward, and head off on that dream trip.

How to buy Velocity Points

The key to buying Velocity Points is first being a Velocity Frequent Flyer member. Then, once you log into your account, purchasing points is pretty much as easy as counting to five.

  1. Go to the Velocity Points Booster page
  2. Log into your Velocity account
  3. Select a number of points to purchase
  4. Enter your payment details
  5. Check your account balance for the extra points

The points that you buy should come through immediately and will show in your recent account history.

how to buy velocity points with velocity points booster

How much does it cost to buy Velocity Points?

The cost of purchasing Velocity Points depends on how many points you’re buying. While occasional promotions see a discount or bonus on points purchased (we’ll delve into this in a little bit), regular Points Boosters come at a set cost.

Velocity members can purchase anywhere from 1,000 to 250,000 Velocity Points per calendar year. For reference, Qantas Frequent Flyers can buy up to 600,000 Qantas Points per year, which would cost $16,000.

You can buy 1,000 to 5,000 Velocity Points in 1,000 points increments, 5,000 to 50,000 points in 5,000 points increments, and 50,000 to 250,000 points in 10,000 points increments.

The table below outlines the cost of Velocity Points across various denominations:

Velocity PointsCost (AUD)Cost per 1,000 points
1,000 $36 $36.00 
2,000 $68 $34.00
5,000 $168 $33.60 
10,000 $325 $32.50 
15,000 $462 $30.13 
25,000 $677 $27.08 
50,000 $1,172 $23.44 
100,000 $2,340 $23.40 
250,000 $5,850 $23.40 

You can find the full list of denominations in the price table on the Points Booster page.

It’s worth noting here that Velocity Points Boosters are non-refundable, so it’s best to do the math and be sure of any points purchased.

When to pounce: Points purchase promotions

When it comes to Velocity Points Boosters, it’s best to keep the three Ps in mind: Points Purchase and Promotions.

Periodically, we see discounts on Velocity Points purchases (sometimes up to 40%). Taking advantage of a promotion like this would see you get much better value out of your points purchase.

However, even with a promotion in play Points Booster purchases still won’t offer comparable value to other methods through which to earn Velocity Points.

Other ways to earn Velocity Points

Flying with Virgin Australia or Taking up a Velocity Points earning credit card are much smarter ways to earn Velocity Points.

Most cards will offer bonus points for an annual fee, and you’ll need to meet minimum spend and eligibility requirements. Selected Velocity-linked credit cards offer ongoing benefits, including the ability to earn Qantas Points for ongoing spend.

For example, right now you can earn 75,000 bonus Velocity Points by taking up an American Express Velocity Platinum Card for a $375 annual fee when you spend $3,000 on eligible purchases within the first 2 months of your approval date.

You can check out our featured Velocity Points earning credit cards here.

As we mentioned, it can take months for points for bonus points promotions to reach a frequent flyer account, so purchasing top-up points may be considered somewhat of a last resort when there is no other practical way of obtaining points from other sources quickly. 

A couple of points to bear in mind

While purchasing top-up Velocity Points occasionally makes sense, there are some further limitations to consider if you do wish to buy points.

Velocity Points Booster transactions are processed outside of Australia, which means you may incur some fees. It’s worth brushing up on your bank’s foreign transaction fees before purchasing points.

Additionally, purchasing points in order to ‘top up’ a Velocity Frequent Flyer account balance does not necessarily mean that you’ll secure the desired reward. There are no guarantees (particularly with upgrades), which is something worth considering before you decide to buy.

Summary: Is a Velocity Points Booster worth it?

Buying Velocity Points for a quick and easy boost to a frequent flyer balance can sound appealing, especially when it’s the difference between locking in a dream trip or missing out.

However, before deciding to purchase Velocity Points, you should be sure that the value of the reward you seek is worth more to you than the cost of buying top-up points.

On the odd occasion, buying Velocity Points can actually make sense, especially when you’re after that boost to get you to an aspirational flight reward.

Have you purchased a Velocity Points Booster before? Tell us about it in the comments.

FAQ – Buying with the Velocity Points Booster

Can I buy Velocity Points for someone else?

No. You can only purchase Velocity Points for yourself, which will appear in your account. 

How many times a year can I buy Velocity Points?

There is no limit to the number of times you buy Velocity Points in any given calendar year. However, you can purchase up to a maximum of 250,000 points during this time.

Can I refund my Velocity Points?

No. Velocity Points are non-refundable, so it’s best to be sure of any Points Booster purchases.

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