How to nab a Hilton Honors Gold fast track with two stays

Hilton Honors has relaunched its lucrative status challenge, which sees select Visa cardholders soar to the lofty heights of Gold membership – with very little effort.

For a limited time, Visa Signature cardholders can fast track to Hilton Honors Gold status simply by consuming four nights or two stays over a 90 day period.

That’s an exceedingly generous offer when you consider that Gold membership usually requires 20 stays or 40 nights.

Once the qualification criteria have been reached, your Hilton Honors Gold status is valid through March 2021 – providing up to 18 months to enjoy elite membership perks!

Is Hilton Honors Gold membership worth chasing?

If you see yourself staying at Hilton properties in the next year or two, even infrequently, then yes, a fast track to Hilton Honors Gold could be well worth your while.

The fact is, Hilton is one of the only hotel loyalty programs to offer a complimentary (continental) breakfast to Gold members. This is a generous perk that can lead to significant savings over time.

Other valuable benefits include a space-available room upgrade (depending on the room tier of your existing booking, you could aim for an upgrade to an Executive Club room) and unlimited Milestone Bonuses.

hilton-honors-gold-1024x828 perks

You can learn more about Hilton Honors member benefits here.

How to qualify for the Visa Signature Hilton Honors Gold Fast Track

The offer is valid for Visa Infinite and Signature cardholders located within the Asia Pacific region (excluding Japan).

In Australia, Visa Signature credit cards are issued through selected card issuers, including a number of banks.

Note that you must have a Hilton Honors account number prior to registering for the fast track to Gold offer and you need to sign up by December 31, 2019.

Case study: How to nab Hilton Honors Gold for $259

Depending on where and when you choose to stay, it should be possible to meet the offer qualification criteria for very little cost outlay.

Don’t have international travel planned? Why not choose to indulge in a few one-night ‘staycations’ at Hilton properties close to home to meet the offer criteria?

As an example, right now, the Hilton Adelaide is advertising member sale rates from just $124 (excluding card merchant service fee) for selected nights in September:

Hilton Honors Gold price per room dates

Based on the pricing above, simply by consuming two one night stays over a week apart (at a cost of $124 and $135 respectively), you could qualify for your Gold fast track for $259! You’ll find very competitive rates in other properties across Australia, too.

Further afield, you could stay in a Hilton Bali property from just $55 per night.

Other ways to fast track to Hilton Honors Gold

If you don’t hold a Visa Signature credit card, there are other ways you can fast track to elite Hilton Honors status without posting 20 stays or 40 nights. Complimentary Hilton Honors Gold status is also provided to American Express Platinum cardholders.

Hilton Honors also has a long-running public Gold and Diamond status challenge offer which offers a reciprocal status challenge to members of selected other hotel loyalty programs. You can find out more here.

Will you be taking advantage of this generous fast track offer?

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