How to buy a new iPhone with 10X bonus Velocity Points

This week, Coles Flybuys members can snatch up to 50,000 Flybuys points (or 25,000 Velocity Points) on Apple gift cards – that’s a new iPhone with a serious side of Velocity Points

When it comes to Flybuys gift card promotions, Apple is amongst the brands we really want to see for good value.

From Wednesday 16 November to Tuesday 22 November 2022, Flybuys members can earn up to a lucrative 50,000 Flybuys Points on Apple gift card purchases.

Snapping up your fair share of Apple gift cards under this promotion can be a clever way to earn a surge of Flybuys points on a planned purchase, so here’s what you should know.

How the offer works

To qualify for this offer you simply need to present your Flybuys card when purchasing the Apple gift cards. It is possible to collect a few different denominations to make up your preferred amount, but note that a limit of five gift cards per Flybuys account applies.

Here’s how many points you could earn with the different gift card denominations:

  • $20 = 400 Flybuys points (200 Velocity Points)
  • $30 = 600 Flybuys points (300 Velocity Points)
  • $50 = 1,000 Flybuys points (500 Velocity Points)
  • $100 = 2,000 Flybuys points (1,000 Velocity Points)
  • $200 = 4,000 Flybuys points (2,000 Velocity Points)
  • $500 = 10,000 Flybuys points (5,000 Velocity Points)

To earn the maximum 50,000 Flybuys points under this offer you will need to pick up 5X $500 Apple gift cards. Note that locating a $500 denomination gift card may prove challenging given the popularity of these promotions in the past.

In saying this, persistence certainly pays off when it comes to 25,000 Velocity Points, so it may pay to scout a few different Coles stores.

Flybuys offer

Reading between the lines: Offer limitations

This offer is quite straightforward, but you’ll want to make sure you’re aware of the following points:

  • The offer ends 22 November 2022, or until gift cards sell out
  • You can only purchase the gift cards at Coles Supermarkets (this excludes Coles Online, Coles Express and
  • You must scan your Flybuys card at the time of purchase (you won’t receive the points unless you do)
  • A hard limit of five gift cards per Flybuys account applies

The standard Flybuys terms and conditions also apply to this offer, which can be found here.

Taking advantage of the Flybuys x Velocity partnership

Thanks to the Flybuys and Velocity Frequent Flyer tie-up, members have the option to convert their bonus Flybuys points straight into Velocity Points.

This is usually the best way to get optimal value out of your points, so if you’re wondering whether investing effort into the gift card promotion is worth it, we recommend looking into transferring those Flybuys points straight into Velocity Frequent Flyer.

flybuys virgin velocity

With the maximum 50,000 Flybuys points under this promotion, it is entirely possible to come out with 25,000 Velocity Points.

This is enough to redeem a flight reward in itself, or to aim higher for an aspirational long haul business or first class redemption goal.

Summing up: Should I buy Apple gift cards for Flybuys points?

Purchasing Apple gift cards under this Flybuys offer can be a savvy strategy to bag a significant number of Velocity Points.

The key here is considering whether you would have otherwise used the gift cards to make an Apple purchase. If you were planning on purchasing a new iPhone or Macbook anyway, then earning up to 25,000 Velocity Points on top would make a lot of sense.

However, you wouldn’t necessarily be getting good value if you end up using the Apple gift cards to purchase via the App Store, for example.

Don’t worry, if you miss out on this offer, chances are there will be another around the corner.

Since limited-time offers change frequently, we’ll be sure to keep you up to date with future Flybuys gift card points promotions – stay tuned!

Will you be rushing into Coles for Apple gift cards today?

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