Backtrack: Virgin Australia extends elite membership

Velocity Frequent Flyer has now matched Qantas on elite status extensions, announcing it will be providing members with a 12-month extension of their current status tier. This will be offered in addition to the Status Credit gift announced this morning, which disappointed some loyal Velocity Frequent Flyer members.

The new action means that all Silver, Gold and Platinum Velocity members will receive:

  1. The existing Status Credit gift (210 Status Credits for Platinum members, 105 for Gold members, 60 for Silver members); and
  2. A 12 month extension to their current status, meaning that there are no minimum flight sectors required for members to maintain their current tier for the next year.

The extension, coupled with gift of additional status credits, means that some frequent flyer members are likely to move up to the next level if they were close to doing so.

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2 thoughts on “Backtrack: Virgin Australia extends elite membership”

  1. So many questions though.

    My review date is October 2020.

    I had already requalified which will take me through to Ocotber 2021.
    I have even earned but not yet gifted Platinum Companion membership for my wife.

    Now what will happen does that mean 2022?
    Should I night gift the complimentary yet and just wait u til october like planned?
    So cofusing.

  2. Steve Comerford

    Wow that’s some kinda love indeed .
    Keeping me loyal to a company that has the most amazing staff and so much kindness . Love you gals & gals .
    Thanks Steve C .

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