How to use the American Express $450 Qantas Travel Credit

When it comes to ongoing perks, the Qantas American Express Ultimate Card delivers in spades. And the key benefit to know about is the $450 Qantas Travel Credit, available each and every year.

This benefit enables card members to redeem for Qantas flights purchased online at American Express Travel. It’s awarded yearly, including when you first receive your card.

The best bit? By using this annual benefit, you'll essentially offset the cost of the $450 annual card fee.

But what use is this perk if you don’t know how to redeem it? We’ve put together this post to explain how the $450 Qantas Travel Credit works.

$450 Qantas Travel Credit: How it works

The Qantas Travel Credit is a highly flexible travel benefit.

You can redeem for any eligible domestic or international flight on the Qantas network. That includes codeshare flights operated by Qantas partner airlines, provided the flight has a QF flight number (T&Cs apply). Flights must be purchased online at American Express Travel.

Note that you can't use the Qantas Travel Credit to pay for fees/charges associated with a Classic Flight Reward booking.

In most cases, the price of Qantas airfares booked via the Amex Travel website mirrors the cost of booking direct. Eligible flight bookings using the Qantas travel credit earn points and status credits with Qantas Frequent Flyer, as you’d receive when booking elsewhere.

One of the things I like the most about the Qantas Travel Credit is that it isn’t tied to the primary card member.

You can use it for yourself or choose to book travel for a family member or friend, as I’ve done in the past. If you choose to book travel for someone else, you don’t need to be travelling them.

And, while the Qantas Travel Credit is valid for 12 months, as we’ll explain below, there’s potential to extend its usage much further into the future, provided you can find an eligible future flight.

How to use the $450 Qantas Travel Credit: Step by step

The $450 Qantas Travel Credit is yours to use as soon as you’ve paid the annual fee and made a minimum payment on your first statement. Once eligible, the credit will automatically become available to use within your online American Express account.

It’s a simple process to redeem the Qantas Travel Credit. Simply follow the steps below:

  • Visit the American Express Travel Online site.
  • Log in to your American Express account using your American Express user ID and password.
  • Your $450 Qantas Travel Credit will display in the top right corner of the page.
  • Search for flights. If available, eligible Qantas services will display in the results.
  • Select your itinerary (making sure to select a service with a QF flight number) and continue to checkout.
  • Redeem your Qantas Travel Credit against your booking by selecting the Qantas Travel Credit option.

It’s important to note that you can only use the Qantas Travel Credit in one single transaction and the remaining (unused) balance will be forfeited. To get around this, consider booking a higher cost flexible fare, or including a second passenger on your booking.

If you’re booking an eligible flight that costs in excess of $450, you can opt to pay using a combination of the Qantas Travel Credit and your American Express Card.

When does the Qantas Travel Credit expire?

The $450 Qantas Travel Credit is issued each anniversary year, from the first month your account is opened. The validity is for 12 months, and it must be redeemed within the same anniversary year.

That said, it’s possible to book travel using your credit far into the future, provided an eligible flight is available to book via the American Express online travel portal.

Since Qantas and partner airline flights open up for booking up to 11 months out, a Qantas Travel Credit issued in January 2022 would be valid for travel up until late 2023.

Summing up

The Qantas Express Travel credit is a valuable and flexible benefit that can help you to extract tremendous value from the Qantas American Express Ultimate Card. Simply by using the Travel Credit each year, it's possible to extract enough value to fully offset the $450 annual fee.

Pricing examples we’ve highlighted in this article are current as of 10 Dec 2021 and may be subject to change. The Qantas Travel Credit is subject to T&Cs and availability.

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