Cheap Qantas Noumea status runs are back – only till Tuesday!

Right now, Qantas is running a sharply priced Premium Cabin sale.

And, while there is currently no double status credit offer in play, it’s possible to use this promotion to take advantage of a lucrative business class ‘status run‘ itinerary to Noumea, helping you to retain or obtain elite Qantas status!

Specialist travel agent, Alicia Clark, has identified two routes that could enable travellers to acquire a swag of status credits at earn rates we’d usually only see during a double status credit offer.

The pricing and potential status credit earn is as follows:

  • Adelaide – Noumea ($1656.00, earning 480 status credits @ $2.89 / SC)
  • Canberra – Noumea ($1472.00, earning 440 status credits @ $2.98 / SC)

Both itineraries include multiple domestic sectors, with all flights in (mostly 737) business class.

Do factor in that overnight stays will be required outbound in Sydney and inbound in either Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane. You might also like to make a holiday out of it and spend some time in Noumea.

While you could book the trip yourself, if you don’t fancy spending hours navigating the Qantas multi-city booking tool, you might like to consider using Alicia to sort out your itinerary at no extra cost.

Alicia can be reached at (Note: we receive no commercial benefit for recommending Alicia. However we have successfully utilised her services for complex status run bookings in the past).

If you’d like to find out more about Qantas status runs, and more specifically, my experience flying the Adelaide – Noumea route, check out my extensive write up here.

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