QLD is set to charge for mandatory coronavirus hotel quarantine

Queensland is set to charge travellers arriving from overseas for their compulsory 14-day hotel stay for coronavirus quarantine.

According to a message on the Queensland Health website, people arriving in Queensland from overseas will be charged fees for quarantining in government arranged accommodation from 1 July 2020.

To date, the Queensland Government has spent more than $19 million accommodating international arrivals. QLD Health states that this figure is expected to surpass $24 million by 30 June.

What can travellers expect to pay?

A single traveller staying in one room will be charged $2,800. That’s comprised of $1,890 for accommodation and $910 for meals. A family of up to four will pay a $4,620 bill when sharing the same hotel room. A hardship scheme will be available to help vulnerable people and those facing financial difficulties.

If, you already have a flight booked into Queensland, there’s no need to worry. Travellers who had a confirmed arrival date into Queensland before midnight on 17 June 2020 will not be required to pay the quarantine accommodation fee, even if the arrival date is after 1 July 2020. Documentary evidence will need to be provided that the arrival date was confirmed before 17 June 2020.

Will other states / territories follow suit?

Yes, with the cost of mandatory quarantine running into tens of millions of dollars, we can expect to see other jurisdictions follow QLD’s lead. The National Cabinet gave the go-ahead for states and territories to start charging international arrivals for quarantining costs on 29 May. The Northern Territory has already been charging arrivals for quarantine for several months.

Find out more on the QLD Health website here.

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