Qantas offers Frequent Flyers status extension until 2023

Qantas has announced new plans to help top-tiered Frequent Flyers retain elite membership status by extending status support for members who are facing a possible tier downgrade between now and June 2022.

How it works

Australian and New Zealand-based Frequent Flyers (Silver and above) with a membership year ending in or before June 2022 will be able to maintain their status for another year by booking an eligible flight prior to their membership year-end, for travel until June 2022.

Qantas Frequent Flyer will also roll over eligible Status Credits that members earned this year into their new membership year.

There are five membership levels in Qantas Frequent Flyer from Bronze up to Platinum One. The higher the tier, the more member benefits.

With Australia’s international border still closed for now and domestic lockdowns currently making it challenging for members to earn the required Status Credits to retain their tier level, Qantas Frequent Flyers will no doubt be reassured with this new retention lifeline.

More to come

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15 thoughts on “Qantas offers Frequent Flyers status extension until 2023”

  1. Avatar for Suellen

    I was disappointed when QANTAS failed to honour my late husband’s QFF points and forward them to me as part of his estate.
    Despite an email from QANTAS to the contrary, and despite my forwarding all the necessary documentation, the time expired and the QFF points and status points were deleted.
    I am a loyal QANTAS flyer too, but I can’t forget this uncaring response.
    I followed up several times and fulfilled the requirements, I was assured that after a time period that included x number of flights the points and status would be reinstated, but after being passed from department to department it all came to nothing.

  2. Avatar for Janet Maddison

    Hi there..l had the same predicament and had a lot of flights booked.
    With the continuing, rolling Covid situation, Qantas cancelled most of them and l was rescheduled on Jetstar flights.
    My steps forward in good faith were doubly rewarded when my status points were wiped.
    I don’t feel the goodwill is reciprocal unfortunately.

  3. Avatar for Peter English

    I know how you feel anonymous.
    My wife and I booked business class to Christchurch, double status offer to maintain gold status in 2019 . It was a QF flight but Emirates. After taking it we were told it didn’t qualify for the bonus because it wasn’t a Qantas flight ( read the fine print idiot ) and we slipped to silver after many years as gold.
    Covid hit and we remain silver despite booking , and losing , a first class flight to Europe.
    I know it’s not there fault , but it is frustrating for sure.
    Anyway , I’m glad to maintain some status at all I guess.
    Like you we are Qantas supporters ( they do have the best in flight hospitality we have found ) who don’t fly a lot but we do like the pointy end.

  4. Avatar for Cynthia

    Hi Adele
    I did that with the previous offer: registered, booked my QF flight, flew at the correct time, but I still lost my status points. Despite numerous attempts to contact qantas, nothing but radio silence from Qantas on this.

  5. Avatar for Barbara

    This is great news. I wonder what the rules would be around the flight you booked in order to retain your tier benefits. What if borders were shut and you had to cancel that flight – would that still count? I am facing this possibility in the next few weeks unless something changes in Queensland. This is the flight I booked to ensure status is retained this year!

  6. Avatar for Julianne

    Hi what about helping non-Australian based frequent flyers retain Gold and Platinum, has Qantas issued explained how they will help?

  7. Avatar for Anonymous

    Just a thought on what I feel disappointed about. I had enough flights booked, intentionally booking higher class seats ( obviously paying more for them ) in order to reach the platinum level of frequent flyers! I was so looking forward to moving up from gold, I only ever fly Qantas. I actually knew that it would mean from here on in, I would need to book business class flights or thereabouts in order to retain that status. I was willing to make that choice. With all of my impending flights cancelled, I will then remain on the gold level hopefully. I wish they would honour the amount spent, the number of flights and the goodwill involved in paying more and welcome me as someone who they could make money from into the future. Additionally, as they cancelled my flights, I could have opted for a full refund but instead took the credits… I’m certain this would benefit Qantas economically. Frustrating that they don’t show me the same loyalty that I show the. I feel almost like switching. Thanks

    1. Avatar for Wendy

      I totally agree with you comments. I have continued to support Qantas, whilst also trying to maintain my status, and also take credits instead of refunds to help. I also only ever fly Qantas, sometimes even paying extra on package deals to do so. Do I now have to credit my flight next week and the pay for another flight before June 2022 to qualify, instead of using the considerable credit amount that I have? Or can I just change the date and still qualify.

  8. Avatar for Julie Mackay

    I’m delighted to hear that Qantas has plans to help top-tiered Frequent Flyers retain elite membership status! This is great as I would be flying right now if I could…really thrilled that you’re considering extending status support for members who are facing a possible tier downgrade between now and June 2022. Keep up the innovative ideas – we will be back!

      1. Avatar for Anthony ZONNO

        A points flight are not an eligible flight.
        I know this as I took one paid/revenue flight and one points flight. Only the revenue flight was acknowledged and gave me the desired 12 month extension. The wording in the Qantas website is very particular that it must be a revenue flight. It would make no sense to allow points flights to be except. The point of the extension for 12 months was to make a flight earning a status credit which a points flight does not accrue status points

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