New cuts: Qantas to slash flights by up to 90%

As the global impact of coronavirus worsens, Qantas will slash hundreds of additional international and domestic flights.

Qantas and Jetstar have announced that they will make further and much larger cuts to domestic and international flying schedules. This action comes as a result of significant falls in travel demand due to Coronavirus, and new government restrictions across multiple jurisdictions in recent days.

The cuts will be phased in from the end of March 2020 onwards and are expected to be in place until at least the end of May 2020.

New Qantas and Jetstar changes: What can we expect to see?

  • International capacity will be cut by around 90 per cent: This is up from a 23 per cent reduction for the fourth quarter of FY20 announced last week and largely reflects the demand impact of severe quarantine requirements on people’s ability to travel overseas.
  • Domestic capacity will be cut by around 60 per cent: This is a major increase from the 5 per cent reduction for the fourth quarter of FY20 and reflects a rapid decline in forward travel demand due to government containment measures, corporate travel bans and a general pullback from everyday activities across the community.

These actions represent the grounding of around 150 aircraft, including almost all of the Qantas Group’s wide-body fleet.

Previously announced cuts in place from end-May through to mid-September remain in place and are likely to be increased, depending on demand.

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