Qantas schedules twelve hour website downtime (are they fixing bugs?)

The Qantas website will be down for ‘scheduled maintenance’ from tonight, could this mean improvements for frustrating user navigation issues?

The Qantas Frequent Flyer system will be undergoing overnight maintenance from 7pm (AEDT) tonight 24 January to 7am 25 January.

During this planned outage, Qantas Frequent Flyer members won’t be able to log into their account via the Qantas website, app or contact centres.

qantas website down for maintenance

Any avid Qantas Frequent Flyer member will likely have something to say about the website’s many quirks.

If you’ve ever tried to make a more complex Classic Flight Reward booking, you’ve almost certainly been met with quite a few error messages.

Dare we say, sometimes it feels as though Qantas doesn’t want its frequent flyers to secure those reward seats at all!

From being met with blank screens after giving the search function a workout to even being unable to log in, the Qantas website has a personality of its own. So we can hope that this downtime – expected to clock in at a sizeable 12 hours – will result in a more user friendly experience.

Who will the outage affect?

During the downtime, Qantas Frequent Flyers will be unable to access their frequent flyer account.

A number of services will also be unavailable including:

  • Joining or updating Qantas Frequent Flyer membership details, including email subscriptions
  • Making or changing flight bookings using Qantas Points
  • Requesting an upgrade using Qantas Points (Classic Upgrade Reward, Bid Now Upgrade or Domestic on Departure Upgrade Reward)
  • Accessing complimentary lounge invitations and linking them to bookings
  • Joining or renewing Qantas Club Membership
  • Using Qantas Points for non-flight rewards including Qantas Wine, Qantas Hotels and the Qantas Reward Store
  • Registering for a member offer on
  • Applying for a Premier credit card or accessing your account, including loading funds to your Qantas Travel Money card

Essentially, you’ll still be able to book flights tonight, however, you won’t be able to add your frequent flyer number.

As such, you’ll have to manage your booking to add your membership number once the system is back online Wednesday morning.

What if I need to contact Qantas tonight?

You can still contact Qantas via the 24-hour call centre during tonight’s maintenance, however, as Qantas will not be prioritising calls based on Frequent Flyer status, we expect there will be longer than usual wait times.

You can contact Qantas on 13 13 13 from anywhere in Australia or find the numbers to reach Qantas from other countries here.

Summing up: Here’s hoping

There’s nothing more frustrating than having to resort to booking a Classic Flight Reward via the call centre because the Qantas website simply can’t handle more complex itineraries.

We would love to see Qantas fix some of these infamous bugs to make for a more seamless booking process for its frequent flyers – here’s hoping!

Not a member yet? Check out how to join Qantas Frequent Flyer for free in 2023.

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