Suite dreams: Lufthansa unveils game changing new first class

Lufthansa’s new Suite Plus sets a hotel room-like standard for first class travel

It’s hard to imagine that a bespoke private suite complete with a double bed, wardrobe, heating and cooling can exist 11 kilometers in the air, but Lufthansa has made our first class dreams a reality with its new First Class Suite Plus.

The German airline teased aviation geeks with the new ‘Allegris’ prototype first class suites in Berlin this week, with the cabins expected to be rolled out on Munich-based Airbus A350s from next year.

Developed in-house by Lufthansa and London-based PriestmanGoode, the aim of the open plan suites was to bring the ambiance of the most luxurious space at home to the air – we think they’ve nailed the brief.

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Lufthansa’s new First Class Suite Plus has a double bed

First Class Suite Plus

Living up to German innovation, Lufthansa has revealed a two-person suite, which mirrors a private bedroom when the 1.4 metre-wide seat transforms into a double bed.

Adding to the novelty, there will only be three first class suites onboard the carrier’s A350s, with the one ‘Suite Plus’ pod nestled between two more typical first class suites spread across a 1-1-1 layout.

The middle suite is getting a lot of attention – and rightly so – with its 3.7 square metre area almost twice the size of the flanking first class suites.

Lufthansa’s new Suite Plus is ideal for couples, who can spread out across main seating and ottomans – easily enough room to comfortably seat four travellers – and enjoy restaurant-style dining on demand.

First class suites

The two single-berth first class suites measure almost one metre across, but share many luxe features with the Suite Plus, including personal heating and cooling systems that work to create a comfortable microclimate, where warmth comes from within heated seats and cooling comes from underneath – gone are the days of suffering in an arctic or stuffy cabin!

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Overhead bins have been sacrificed for floor-to-ceiling walls and sliding doors that give the cabins complete privacy, but there is still plenty of room for a bag in the cabin, with the Suite Plus comfortably fitting two.

Unlike the Suite Plus, the first class suites will sit alongside a window fitted with electrically-operated blinds (just to add more novelty).

Seeing as the middle aisle First Class Suite Plus has one door, one of the first class suites will have slightly more privacy than the other.

Business class

The new Allegris charm extends to Lufthansa’s business class, where all passengers have aisle access and the privacy of 1.14 metre tall walls and closing doors.

There will be seven diverse seating options to cater to different types of business travellers – first row suites with extra space being the best for couples.

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Also on offer will be privacy window seating with a bassinet, as well as seating with an extra-long bed spanning 2.2 metres.

All seating types will feature heated and cooled seats, large 4K entertainment screens, personal minibar and Bluetooth connectivity.

Final thoughts: An impressive reveal

We are beyond excited to see Lufthansa’s first class suites in the sky. Come 2024, we expect to see the German airline at the pointy end of premium travel offerings.

Lufthansa has said it expects to feature the new Allegris cabins on at least 80 aircraft over the coming years, including the new Airbus A350 scheduled for delivery next year.

In the future, travellers can expect to see a modified version of the Allegris first class appear on the airline’s existing Boeing 747-8 fleet.

What do you think of Lufthansa’s first class reveal?

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