How to actually use the $50 Qantas ‘apology’ flight voucher

Qantas recently announced that the airline will be thanking flyers for their continued support via a series of customer-benefiting perks, including a $50 flight voucher for Qantas Frequent Flyers. 

The voucher is part of Qantas’ surprise ‘sorry’ package that is intended to apologise for the brand’s recent mishandling of countless flights and baggage mishaps, while simultaneously saying ‘thank you’ for sticking around.

Whether you view the voucher as an attempt to buy customers back, or are grateful for Qantas’ effort to appease, the credit is there to enjoy. Here’s how to use it: 

What’s on offer?

Qantas is rolling out $50 off flight promo codes for eligible members of its frequent flyer program to redeem on a Qantas-operated return flight. The credit is available to any Qantas Frequent Flyers residing in Australia and Australian and New Zealand. 

Frequent flyers have just over a month to take advantage of the flight discount promo code, which must be accepted by 30 September 2022.  

How do I claim the voucher?

Qantas Frequent Flyers can easily claim the flight discount promo code through the Qantas app. 

Members will need to take these few simple steps to accept the code: 

  1. Log in to the Qantas app (free download for iOS or Android if you haven’t got it already)  
  1. The offer should appear on your app home screen – click the ‘Accept’ button  
  1. Check your account-linked email for the $50 promo code 
Qantas voucher
Frequent Flyers can find this offer on their Qantas App and will need to click ‘Accept’ by 30 September 2022

What’s the catch?

This offer is available to all Qantas Frequent Flyers in Australia and New Zealand, but there are some terms and conditions around dates and flight eligibility.  

There are some key restrictions to be aware of. The flight discount promo code only applies to: 

  • Qantas-operated flights (flights beginning in a QF code) 
  • return flights 
  • flights booked by 30 November 2022 
  • flights taken by 30 June 2023 
  • flights booked directly through Qantas (not a travel agent or other website)  

Members can book a flight through Qantas by visiting Qantas’ website, the Qantas app or by calling Qantas on 13 13 13. 

While the $50 flight discount promo code is only available to Qantas Frequent Flyers in Australia and New Zealand, members all over the world can take advantage of some of the carrier’s other recently announced perks, such as a 12-month status extension (for Silver status and above). 

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