Free WiFi onboard Delta from next month

You can stream, browse, email, scroll and swipe for free when in the air with Delta this year.

From February 1 Delta passengers can access high-speed WiFi on more than 500 aircraft serving the carrier’s most popular routes.

Powered by Viasat Ka-Band, the satellite connectivity offers streaming-quality connectivity to every seat on most domestic flights, with the exception of Delta’s Boeing 717 and regional Airbus A220 aircraft.

The fast connection will enable SkyMiles members to access in-flight WiFi from multiple devices, making it entirely possible to catch up with emails or indulge in a streaming binge from in the air.

Delta inflight wifi

Travelling in the US? More domestic Delta routes are planned to come online with free Wi-Fi in 2023. Read on for what to expect on board.

How do I know if there’s WiFi on my flight?

Delta customers will be able to tell whether they are on a free Wi-Fi-ready aircraft by looking for the symbol below, which will be located near the boarding door.

image 1

Once on board, passengers can select the ‘’ network in their device’s settings. After connecting, you can simply enter their SkyMiles number and password.

What if I’m not a SkyMiles member?

Passengers who haven’t signed up on the ground can still join Delta SkyMiles for free directly from the WiFi login page, if needed.

However, if you prefer to not have a SkyMiles account, you still have the option to purchase Wi-Fi access for a flat rate of $10 per device per flight.

Passengers with an existing Intelsat subscription can still use their credentials to connect onboard Delta flights where free WiFi is not available.


While many Delta services have been upgraded with free and fast WiFi, you still won’t be able to connect on international flights or onboard domestic Boeing 717 services.

Delta is aiming to offer fast and free WiFi for SkyMiles members to its entire domestic mainline fleet by the end of 2023.

In terms of international flights, the airline plans to connect its entire global fleet by the end of 2024 thanks to a partnership with T-Mobile.

That means we can expect Delta’s popular Airbus A350 service between Sydney and Los Angeles to feature WiFi across all cabins in the coming years.

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