The Best Gifts For Mums: 100 Thoughtful Ideas for Australian Mothers

Mums deserve the best. As a mother myself, I know how hard it is to find time for yourself, your family and your friends. Whether you’re looking for a Mother’s Day gesture, a birthday gift or a Christmas present, this list of 100 best gifts for mums will make this process easier for you!

100 thoughtful and inspiring gifts for mums

I’ve included gift ideas that are easy to buy online so that you can easily find the perfect gift no matter what your budget is. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

A beautiful photo album

I love this idea because the photos are very important gifts for mums, especially if they feature your kids or relatives who live far away. There’s nothing like seeing them every day in a gorgeous-looking album that mum will cherish forever! Just be sure to upload their favourite pictures onto Instagram and Facebook before gifting her the box set of albums, so she doesn’t miss out on anything. If she’s into scrapbooking, then go ahead and get her a DIY scrapbooking kit too.

best gifts for mums photo album image

An adventure experience voucher

This is a compelling gift for mums who love adrenaline-pumping activities. From skydiving to bungee jumping, there’s an adventure experience voucher out there that will suit her interests perfectly. And if she’s not so adventurous, how about a relaxing spa day instead?

A heartfelt note or poem

Mums always appreciate heartfelt gifts, and what could be more touching than a handwritten note or poem from you? The best part is that this type of gift can be tailored to fit any budget – all you need is some paper and a pen! If you’re feeling really creative, why not make her a scrapbook with your own personal messages in it?

Hermes planner or journal

Mums are always so busy, and they need a good planner or journal to keep track of everything. The Hermes planners and journals are some of the most decadent on the market, and they come in lots of different styles to suit every taste. Plus, they make great gifts for any occasion! Sure, they don’t come cheap, but this gifting idea for mum is sure to be remembered.

Silk pillowcase

This is a luxurious gift idea that suits mums who need some time to relax after a long day of work. Simply slipping beneath the sheets with this pillowcase will be enough to induce sleep, and then she’ll wake up feeling refreshed in the morning! Plus, silk pillowcases are known for preserving hair blowouts and minimising sleeping lines.

An inspirational book or eBook

Books make fantastic gifts because they offer a lot of value for your money. If your mum is always busy and doesn’t have much time to relax, then an inspirational book or eBook might be the perfect gift for her. It’ll help her to unwind and de-stress after a long day, and she can read it at her own pace!

A stylish watch

This is another great gift idea for mums who are always on the go. A stylish watch will show that you put some thought into choosing a present for her – plus, she can wear it every day to remind herself of how loved she is.

best gifts for mums watch image

A home fragrance spray

Mums always appreciate a nice-smelling home, and what could be easier than gifting her a bottle of your favourite home fragrance spray? She can spritz it in any room she likes to make it smell amazing!

A facial roller

A facial roller makes a great gift for mums who are passionate about beauty and who love taking care of their skin. Facial rollers are all the rage right now, and by gifting her one you’re showing that you want to help with her skincare routine. She’ll be thankful!

Fresh fruit basket

Mums who love to cook will love the gifting idea of a fresh fruit basket, and it’s also very healthy! A fresh fruit basket will provide her with all the ingredients she needs to make a delicious smoothie or breakfast bowl. From grapes to strawberries, raspberries and more exotic fruits, there are many options available to purchase.

A cast iron casserole pot

A cast-iron casserole pot is a great gift idea for mums who love cooking with delicious, healthy ingredients. This homewares item is especially good if she likes to make stews or soups because it can be used on the stovetop and in the oven!

Apple watch

An apple watch is a perfect gift for mums who love to keep up with their workouts. Provided your mum already owns an Apple product like an iPhone or an iPad, this gift could come in seriously handy. It’s also very fashionable, which means she can wear it every day and get more use out of it than if she had bought herself one!

A smartphone tripod

This is a great gift for mums who like taking photos on their phones but don’t have a proper camera or selfie stick. A smartphone tripod will help them take the perfect picture every time! It’s also very portable which means they can bring it with them anywhere without having too much of an inconvenience.

Luxury lipstick

If your mum loves to wear lipstick, then luxury lipstick is the perfect gift for her. There are so many different shades and textures out there, so you’re bound to find one that suits her perfectly! Plus, she can choose when and where she wants to wear it. High-end makeup brands that are known for legendary lippies include Yves St Laurent, MAC and Chanel.

best gifts for mums lipstick image

A marble serving tray

A marble serving tray is a great gift that’s bound to be appreciated by the mum who loves entertaining guests. It adds an elegant touch to any table, and it can also be used as a storage keepsake for keys or jewellery!

A bookcase

This is another classic gift that’s bound to please even the pickiest mum out there. A bookcase holds all of their books and also looks stylish, so they’ll want to display it anywhere in their home! If you don’t know which type, or style she’d like best, then opt for one with glass doors so she won’t have trouble finding something when she wants to read.

Customised stationery

If your mum likes writing notes and letters but has run out of stationery at home, then customised stationery is worth considering as a present. You can choose a design and font that she’ll love, and then she can use it for all of her correspondence.

A degustation meal at a top restaurant

If your mum loves to eat out, then a degustation meal at her favourite restaurant is the perfect gift. She’ll be able to taste lots of different dishes and she might even get a few recipes for future dinners! Just make sure that you book in advance so there’s still space available on the night you want to take her.

Japanese incense

A beautiful and relaxing scent can make a lovely gift for mums. If you want to keep things simple, and are after the highest quality, then Japanese incense is the way to go! There are lots of different scents available so be sure to pick her favourite one. Some Japanese incense sticks come in a gift set with essential oils.

An elegant robe or bathrobe

If your mum loves luxurious gifts, an elegant robe will definitely put a smile on her face in the morning when she gets ready for work or school – especially if it’s cold outside! You could even get two robes: one for home and one that she can take with her when travelling overnight somewhere else. Just don’t forget the matching slippers too because they’re really practical gifts for mums who love comfy clothes at home before going out.

A wine tasting experience

If your mum loves drinking wine, then a unique gift idea is to take her out for a tasting experience. You can purchase vouchers online or ask the staff at your local shop if they have any available.

best gifts for mums wine tasting image

A day at a luxury spa

This is definitely one of my favourite gifts for mums because it’s the perfect way to relax and rejuvenate after a long year. Plus, most spas have restaurants on-site so she can really indulge in some quality time out. If this is something that your budget allows, I highly recommend it!

Gourmet food hamper

For those who love to cook (or eat), then a gourmet food hamper makes a perfect gift for mums. There are so many different options out there, but my personal favourite is one that includes lots of delicious Australian treats like Tim Tams, Vegemite and lamingtons. Foodies are simply spoiled in Australia, with so many food hampers available. Yum!

A day at the races

Mums love a good day out and what could be better than taking her to the races? It’s a great opportunity to dress up in something glamorous and have some fun with her friends. Be sure to buy her a racing tip sheet so she can make some educated guesses about which horse will win!

Akubra hat

If your mum is an outdoorsy type of person who loves camping, hiking and outdoor activities then a stylish Akubra hat would be the ideal gift for her. It’s not only practical but also very fashionable! Plus, it comes in many different colours so you can choose whatever suits her style best.

Streaming subscription

In the current climate, many of us have turned to streaming. If you’re all out of ideas, this could make the perfect, last-minute gift for mum! In Australia, there are many streaming services to choose from, including Binge, Foxtel, Stan, Disney and Netflix. You could even gift mum an Amazon Prime membership, which offers streaming, too.

A Kindle

If your mum loves reading, then a Kindle is the perfect gift for her. Nowadays it can even connect to Wi-Fi so she can access her favourite books whenever and wherever! Plus, they’re super thin and portable which makes them easy to carry around when travelling.

A coffee machine or grinder

This is definitely my top choice gift for mums because I love to start (and end) my day with a short black or espresso made by me! If this gadget isn’t an option where you live, then perhaps look into getting her a grinder instead so she can grind fresh beans at home before making them herself. You can even buy different types of coffees like fair trade, organic and decaf to suit her every mood.

best gifts for mums coffee machine image

A vintage suitcase

Mums love nothing more than getting away on holidays with their family or friends, but unfortunately, this isn’t always possible due to work commitments. So why not give her an excuse by gifting her a gorgeous vintage suitcase? This gift idea for mums is versatile – a vintage suitcase makes a great coffee table too; especially if you fill them up with some designer cushions first!

An airline voucher

Does your mum dream of flying all over the world one day? Then perhaps consider gifting her an airline voucher so she can get the opportunity to travel more often. It’s nice to have something that you work towards, and this is definitely one of them! Just be sure to check out all the terms on your specific voucher before buying it, because some are only valid for redemption at certain times or from certain airlines.

Gift voucher for afternoon tea

Afternoon tea is another wonderful way for mums to relax and catch up with friends. It’s a bit more special than just meeting for coffee, and most tea rooms offer gift vouchers so it’s the perfect present for mums too!

A stylish handbag or clutch

Mums always need new handbags, especially if they like to keep up with the latest trends. A stylish one from a well-known designer will definitely make her happy and is a great gift for a mum. Just be sure to measure the size of her current bag first so you know which style to go for.

Gift voucher for her favourite store

If your mum loves shopping (who doesn’t?), then a gift voucher for her favourite store is an ideal present. This way she can pick out whatever she wants, whether it’s a new dress, some jewellery or a new handbag. Whether it’s an online option (think Amazon or eBay) or a bricks and mortar store, there’s sure to be an option that suits.

An expensive perfume

If your mum is into fragrances but doesn’t have any particular favourites yet, then why not surprise her with a gorgeous-smelling bottle of perfume? It’s definitely something she’ll love because it will be an expensive brand that she wouldn’t usually buy for herself.

A gorgeous silk scarf

Scarves are the perfect accessory because they can be worn with so many different outfits and in all seasons too. Plus, you get lots of colour options to choose from like red, blue or pink. Just make sure it goes well with her style before buying one! If she already has a scarf, then why not buy her something else that looks stunning?

best gifts for mums silk scarf image

A candle

Another great gift for mums is a beautiful, scented candle, especially if they have a good collection already! Be sure to get them one in their favourite scent so you know they’ll really enjoy using it when the time comes.

Film tickets to see one of the latest blockbusters

If your mum loves going to the movies, then a ticket to the movies is a great gift for her. Just make sure you know what her favourite genre is before buying tickets! It’s always more fun when you can go together and have some popcorn and drinks while you watch.

A new wallet

Even if your mum has a good collection of wallets already, a new one is always a great gifting option to consider. You can either get her the same design or something totally different to spice up her wardrobe and make sure she never has to use an old wallet again!

A home massage

Who wouldn’t love receiving some pampering from their child every now and then? A gift like this shows your mum that you care about making sure she’s relaxed after work/school each day, plus it saves time if you’re looking for gifts for busy mothers. As long as no one else has booked in first (which they probably have!)

An afternoon tea set with all the trimmings

This is another wonderful gift for mums because not only does it show your mum how much you appreciate her, but it’s something she can use to entertain guests in the future. It’s definitely a gift that will be used time and time again!

A framed photo of the two of you

Mums love gifts that show how much you care about family, so a gift like this is perfect for her. In fact, she’ll probably hang it up in her room or living area as soon as possible because pictures are something that will always be treasured by mums around Australia! Just make sure to get a good picture from your last trip together and have it printed out professionally – don’t just use an average printer at home. You can even include a card with some heartfelt words if you want to go the extra mile too.

Potted plant

Mums always appreciate living things in their life because they bring some joy into their space. A potted plant is a great gifting option because it can be placed in any room without taking up too much floor space.

best gifts for mums pot plant image

An overnight staycation at a five-star hotel

If your mum lives in or near a big city like Sydney or Melbourne, then this is another wonderful gift idea. Not only does she get some alone time with room service and breakfast in bed, but you can go out on the town together too! Just make sure you book well in advance if you’re thinking about this one.

A day at an amusement park

This is always a winner for mums with kids! A day out at the amusement park will keep them entertained for hours on end and it’s something they’ll definitely remember. Just be prepared to spend a lot of money on tickets!

A yoga mat and workout guide

If your mum enjoys going out jogging every morning before work, then why not surprise her with a gifts idea that encourages physical fitness? A good way to do this is by buying gifts like a yoga mat so she has something soft on which to perform floor exercises each day, as well as a book containing easy-to-follow workouts anyone can no matter how much previous experience.

A few hours helping around the house

Although this might not seem like much at first glance, every busy mother will appreciate gifts that save them time in their day-to-day life because then they can spend more quality moments with their children or work on something personal instead. So why not offer to take over her weekly cleaning duties? It’s a simple gifting idea but one she’ll definitely be thankful for.

Mum & Me yoga classes

If you and your mum are close, why not join her for a few yoga classes specifically designed for mothers and their children? This is a great way to bond with each other while getting some exercise in, plus it can be really fun trying new things together. Just make sure there’s no sibling rivalry when it comes to being the best at Yoga!

An activity session at the gym

Another great gift for mums is to help them find time for exercise and self-care. One idea is to sign her up for an activity session at the local gym, whether it’s yoga or spinning. It will help keep her fit and healthy, plus she’ll definitely appreciate your gifts if you’ve given her something that can benefit her well-being too!

Tickets to an art gallery exhibition

If your mum is more of an intellectual, then gifts like this one are perfect for her. For instance, why not treat her to tickets to a local art exhibition showcasing the work of some up and coming artists? Not only will she appreciate gifts ideas that encourage cultural learning, but it might also lead to interesting conversations afterwards.

best gifts for mums art gallery image

A voucher for a pampering treatment

Whether it’s getting her nails done at a beauty salon or receiving some luxurious spa treatments like hot stone massage, this gift shows mum how much you care about caring about taking good care of herself. Just make sure not to buy anything that might be dangerous (like laser hair removal) without checking with someone first.

Gift baskets filled with all sorts of goodies

Another great gifts idea is to fill a basket full of different goodies related to one particular topic – like beauty products, chocolates or even wine. This way your mum can choose her own gifts depending on what she’s in the mood for, and it means you won’t have to worry about getting the wrong gift!

Affirmation cards

Written affirmation cards are perfect for any mother who’s feeling down or stressed out because they offer some words of encouragement that can make all the difference. Just choose a few heartfelt phrases and write them down on some pretty cards – it’s that easy!

Teeth whitening kit

This gifts idea is aimed at mothers who are self-conscious about their teeth, and it’s a present that they can use all year round. Plus, the kit will last for quite a few uses so it’s definitely good value for money!

Preserved flowers

If your mum loves flowers, then why not gift her some that will last for months or even years? Preserved flowers are a great idea for a present because they don’t need any water or sunlight, and they come in all sorts of different colours and styles. Plus, they make a really pretty addition to any home décor.

Home-cooked meal delivered to her door

Mums do a lot of cooking and cleaning, so why not surprise her with a home-cooked meal that you’ve made? If she already has dinner plans, then it’s probably best to cook something else instead. Just ask your dad if he wants the leftovers!

best gifts for mums home cooked meal image

A basket filled with home-baked treats

If your mum loves nothing more than spending in the kitchen then this gifts idea is perfect for her. Why not fill a basket with all of her favourite treats that you’ve baked yourself? This way she can enjoy them any time she likes, and it’ll show her just how much you care about her.

Custom photo book

Photo books make great gifts for mums because they’re something that your mum can keep close by and look at whenever she wants. Plus, you can put all sorts of different photos in there – from family holidays to candid shots of your mum doing her everyday activities. It’ll be like a little piece of your family history that she can keep close to her heart.

Personalised jewellery

Jewellery is always a popular gift for mums because it’s something that women can wear every day and show off to their friends. So why not get your mum some personalised gifts? It’ll be a present that she can cherish forever, plus you might even get to choose the jewellery together.

Season pass to the pool

If your mum loves swimming then a season pass to the pool is a gift idea to think about. She’ll be able to go whenever she wants, and it’s great exercise too! Plus, most pools have other facilities like Jacuzzis and saunas that she can take advantage of too.

Fitness tracker

This gifting idea is designed for mums who are trying to get fit in 2022. A fitness tracker will help motivate her to hit her fitness goals, plus it’ll provide her with all sorts of useful data like how many steps she’s taken each day and how well she’s slept. It’s also one of the more affordable gifts ideas on this list, so it’s definitely worth considering!

Tickets to her favourite show or concert

If your mum loves live music, theatre or comedy, then tickets to her favourite show make an amazing gift. You could even go all out and book a hotel room for the night so she can really enjoy herself! Just be sure that you know what type of shows she likes before buying any tickets. And, when you’ve settled on your show – book fast! Bestsellers sell out quickly, so don’t delay.

best gifts for mums tickets to a show image

French linen bedding

A great gift idea for mum that is as practical as it is luxurious, is a full set of French linen bedding. Flax linen sheets are made from high-quality fibres that will last a lifetime, plus they’re comfortable and breathable. It’s the perfect gift idea if you want to get something premium but still affordable! Some of my favourite linen retailers include In The Sac, Bed Threads and bed Tonic, to name a few.

Customisable tea towels

Why not offer to help out by embroidering some customised tea towels with all sorts of different phrases and designs? Your mum will love gifts ideas that add a personal touch to her home décor, plus it’s something she can show off when friends and family come over.

A plant subscription

A plant subscription is a clever gifting option for mothers who have a green thumb! You might be thinking, “But how does this work?!” It’s actually super easy – you just choose the plants your mother would like delivered straight to their doorstep each month, so they don’t even need to leave the house if they want access to fresh herbs or flowers. Plus, it means you’ll get plenty of quality time with Mum in your life, which is another gift option for so many people out there!

Personalised art

If your mum loves painting and drawing, then why not offer to pay for her next piece? A thoughtful present for mum would be to commission some personalised artwork that she can hang up in the living room or bedroom. It’ll definitely brighten up any space, plus it’s something that you both created together – what could be better than that?

Book voucher

Mothers who love to read (or even those who don’t) always love to receive a book voucher. This gift idea for mum allows her to choose between a novel or non-fiction book, and you’ll know that they’re guaranteed to love it! Plus, it’s an affordable gifts idea that doesn’t require any effort on your behalf. Win-win!

Gym membership

If your mum has been wanting to join the gym for months now but just hasn’t gotten around to it then this gift idea could make sense. It’ll motivate her to finally get started on her fitness goals, and she can always use the excuse that she’s doing it for you! Plus, most gyms have great facilities like pools and saunas that she can enjoy after her workout.

Cheese hamper

If culinary gifts are what you’re going for, then a hamper filled with different types of cheeses is perfect. Not only will your mum have plenty to eat at home, but she can also share her gift with friends and family – so everyone wins! Plus, it’s something the whole family can enjoy together.

best gifts for mums cheese hamper image

Gourmet picnic basket

Another great gifting idea for mothers would be a gourmet picnic basket! It’s perfect because it allows them to enjoy their favourite foods without having to leave the house – plus they don’t even need any cutlery or plates if they’re eating outdoors. You might want to team up with some friends too since this gifts idea actually works best as part of a larger gift pack.

Memory box

If you’re looking for a thoughtful gifting option that will be treasured for many years to come, consider a memory box. This form of gift box is perfect because it allows mums to keep all their most precious memories in one place (and not scattered across various photo albums). Plus, you can even include notes, old letters and other gifts ideas like candles or perfume samples too!

Grocery box delivery

This gifting option is perfect for busy mothers who don’t have a lot of time to go grocery shopping. You can set up a subscription where they receive a gift box of fresh, organic groceries delivered right to their doorstep each week – it’s definitely the gift idea she’ll love and appreciate the most!

Dinner party voucher

If your mum loves hosting dinner parties but hates all the organisation that goes into them then this mums gift idea is perfect for her. A dinner party voucher entitles her to organise and host a dinner party at any restaurant or venue of her choice, so all she has to worry about is inviting her friends over! Plus, it’s an affordable gifts idea that will make her feel like a VIP for once.


If your mum loves to cook (or even if she doesn’t) then a cookbook is the perfect gift idea for her. It’ll give her tons of new recipes to try out, and she can even use it as a reference guide when hosting dinner parties. There are all sorts of different cookbooks available on the market, so you’re sure to find one that suits her style and preferences.

Tickets to a museum

If your mum loves history, culture or just looking at pretty things, then tickets to a museum are the perfect gifts for her. It’s also a great way to get some quality time together and have a conversation without feeling like you’re stuck in a lecture hall.

Serenity gift pack

A gift idea that’ll make mum feel like she’s on a luxurious holiday is a ‘Serenity gift pack’. It includes things like scented candles, massage oil and bubble bath – all scents that promote relaxation. Plus, this gifts idea can be used almost anywhere because it doesn’t require any special equipment to work! How great is that?

Expensive shampoo

Who doesn’t love gifts ideas that will make life easier? If your mum is always on the go then why not get her an expensive shampoo she can use at home or when travelling. There are all sorts of different brands out there, so you’ll definitely be able to find one that suits her lifestyle and preferences. There is a myriad of brands to choose from. I personally love Oribe, Olaplex and Kerastase.

best gifts for mums shampoo image

Bar mixing set

For the mum who loves cocktails, why not gift her a bar mixing set? It’ll give her access to all sorts of fun tools like shakers and jiggers that will help make even the simplest drinks taste gourmet. Plus, this gifts idea also includes tasty recipes so she can try out some new signature cocktail flavours too.

Beauty subscription box

Mothers who love trying out new beauty products will love this great gift box idea. It’s great for new mums, too! A subscription box provides her with a range of different samples every month, some which she’ll fall in love with and others that she can pass on to friends or family members – it’s one of the gifts ideas where everyone wins!


Boardgames are a gift idea that never gets old, and they’re great gifts for mums who love having fun with the family. There are so many different board games out there to choose from too – everything from Monopoly to Cluedo is available on the market today.

Manicure set

This gift for mum is aimed at those who love to keep their nails looking good. A manicure set will give her all the tools she needs to achieve salon-quality nails from the comfort of her own home, and it’s a gifts idea that she can use time and again. Plus, there are lots of different sets available on the market so you’re sure to find one that suits her personality perfectly!

Personalised mug

A personalised mug is a gift that mum can use every day – plus, it’ll make her feel extra special because it’s been made just for her. You can choose any design you like, or even get a photo of the two of you printed onto it. It’s definitely one of the more unique gifts ideas on this list, and your mum is sure to love it!

Reusable shopping bag

This gifts idea is perfect for mothers who are looking to go green in 2020. A reusable shopping bag means that she can do her grocery shopping without having to use plastic bags every time. Plus, most of them fold down into a compact size too so they won’t take up much space when she’s not using them!

Voucher for family portrait

A voucher for family portraits is a gift idea you should consider if you want your mum to have lovely new photos taken next year. It’ll give her the opportunity to book herself in with a professional photographer so she can create some truly stunning images – it’s definitely something worth considering this Mother’s Day, birthday or Christmas!

Gua sha tool

This gifts idea is perfect for mothers who love looking after their skin. Gua sha tools are a traditional Chinese beauty treatment that can make your mum’s face look amazing – plus, it only takes five minutes to do so she doesn’t need to schedule an appointment with a beautician! It’ll definitely be one of her favourite gifts ideas this year too. In Australia, many beauty retailers sell gua sha tools. This includes Adore Beauty, Mecca Cosmetica and more.

A vintage piece of jewellery

I think that every woman deserves to own something beautiful like this, and so it makes an inspiring gift for mums. A vintage piece of jewellery is a special present because it can’t be replaced. Whether it’s rose gold or stainless steel, it’s the thought that counts here. If she already has lots of trendy bracelets or necklaces, go with a simple necklace instead because they never go out of fashion – just ask Kate Middleton! You could even get one engraved with her name on it if you want to make it extra special. 😉

best gifts for mums vintage jewellery image

Mindfulness colouring book

A mindfulness colouring book might not have originally been on your list but hear us out. It’s a worthwhile mum gifting idea to consider. A mindfulness colouring book will give her hours of relaxation, and it’s a gift that she’ll use time and again. Colouring books are also one of the more affordable options on our list, so they’re definitely worth thinking about if you’re looking for something unique.

Aroma diffuser

This gift idea is for mums who love to relax. An aroma diffuser provides her with a lovely-smelling home, plus it’s something that she can use time and again – meaning you’ll continue to enjoy the benefits of this great gift idea long after mum’s birthday or Mother’s Day has come and gone!

Gin subscription

This gifts idea is perfect for mothers who enjoy a tipple or two, (or three). A gin subscription gift for mum means that she can have a different bottle of her favourite drink delivered to the door frequently – it’s definitely one of the more luxurious gift set ideas on this list, and your mum will love unwrapping this special gift in front of all her friends!

Free coffee from local café

A free coffee voucher entitles your mother to get a hot beverage absolutely free at any participating café near you – whatever kind she likes best! It’s a thoughtful gifting idea that doesn’t cost much money, but it’ll make her smile when she realises how simple it was for you to provide such an awesome present without breaking the bank either.

Custom keyring

Perfect for mums who like to keep their keys organised, this present is ideal. A personalised keychain provides her with a location to keep all of her essential house and vehicle keys, and it’s something she can use again and again.

Personalised phone case

Hands up if you’ve cracked your smartphone screen in the past year. We’re sure mum has too! This is the ideal present for a mother who values her phone’s safety. A personalised phone cover gives her a fashionable and durable way to keep her phone looking new. There are hundreds of distinct designs accessible on the market, so you’ll be able to discover one she likes.

Jewellery box

This gift for mums is aimed at those who like to wear jewellery. A jewellery box shields her most treasured possessions from damage while keeping all of her favourite pieces safe and secure. Jewellery boxes come in all shapes and sizes, so you’re bound to find one that suits your budget.

Custom keep cup

Mothers who enjoy drinking coffee or tea will love this present. A personalised keep cup gives her a solid means of holding hot beverages, as well as something she can use again and again. Plus, because there are so many different designs available on the market, you’ll be sure to discover one that matches her personality perfectly!

Gift card voucher

A gift card voucher entitles your mother to redeem this gifting idea at any store near you – whatever kind she likes best! It’s a gifts idea that doesn’t cost much money but it’ll make her smile when she realises how simple it was for you to provide such an awesome gifts idea without breaking the bank either.


I confess I’m a sucker for pretty, dainty teapots. This gifts idea is perfect for mothers who love to drink tea. A teapot provides her with a safe place to store all of her favourite loose leaf teas, and it’s something that she can use time and again. Many brands sell stylish teapots. I personally love Wedgwood and Royal Doulton (especially the Jasper Conran and Monique Lhuillier ranges!).

best gifts for mums teapot image

Custom mouse mat

Workaholics and online shopping addicts rejoice! This gift for mum will suit anyone who uses a computer regularly. A custom mouse mat protects her surfaces as well as the desk she’s working on, and it’ll make her feel even more exceptional because it’s been made just for her!

Custom coaster set

If your mum likes wine or beverage gifts, why not think slightly outside the box? This gifting idea is geared towards mothers who are often looking for a place to put their drink down. A custom coaster set provides a stylish and sturdy way to protect both the surfaces she’s using and her drinks. There are many different options and finishes available for each budget, including marble, wood and resin.

Customised candle holder

Candles and home decor have exploded in popularity over the past few years, so it’s unsurprising that a customised candle holder has made it onto our list of the best gifts for mums.

A customised candle holder provides her with a stylish way to display any scented jar candle in the house, plus it’ll make her feel extra special because it’s been designed just for her! Whether you opt for a new candle holder or an antique one, you’re sure to please mum with this heartfelt gift option.

Magazine subscription

Do you have a mum who loves to read and keep up with the latest news? A magazine subscription provides her with a stylish way to keep up-to-date with all of the latest news and lifestyle trends, plus it’ll be something she can look forward to every month. You can usually customise this gift for mums for your preferred subscription timeframe – whether that’s 3 months, 6 months, one year or even longer.

Coffee table book

A coffee table book is a fantastic present idea for any mother. It’s a gift she’ll be able to use again and again, and it also serves as a beautiful way to display all of her favourite photographs or memories.

Bath bomb set

This gift for mums caters to those who enjoy relaxing in the bath. A bath bomb set allows any mum to experience a variety of fragrances and textures while relaxing in the tub, and it’ll make her feel extra special since she has a chance to practice self-care. You can find decadent bath bombs at many stores, including Lush and The Body Shop.

Custom tote bag

This is the ideal gift for mums who are busy. A bespoke tote bag gives her a fashionable way to carry everything she requires, and it will make her feel extra special since it was created especially for her! Sites like Esty offer many types available to purchase, so you’ll be able to discover one that fits with her style.

Fresh flowers

This is a fantastic present for mothers who enjoy being complimented on their home presentation and styling. A generous bouquet of fresh flowers provides her with a stylish way to show off her living space, plus it’ll make her feel extra special because she knows you went out of your way to get her something beautiful! There are lots of different types of flowers available on the market so you’re sure to find a bunch to impress.

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Personalised blanket

This is the ideal present for a mother who enjoys spending time by the fire or snuggling on the sofa. A personalised quilt makes her a comfy and cosy resting spot, while also making her feel more special because it was created especially for her! Retailers like Etsy offer numerous versions of personalised blankets, so you’re bound to find one that meets her needs.

Chocolate gift basket

This gift for mums’ idea celebrates those who love chocolate. High-end chocolatiers including Haighs, and Koko Black offer decadent gift baskets that are sure to impress. A chocolate gifts basket provides her with a variety of different treats to enjoy, plus it’ll make her feel extra special because it’s been curated especially for her! There are lots of different baskets available on the market so you’re sure to find the right one.

What are the best Mother’s Day gifts?

When it comes to purchasing Mother’s Day presents, most of us revert to the tried-and-true options: flowers, loose leaf tea, a card, or a framed piece of art. However, if you’re wanting to truly celebrate mum this year, you might want to look a little further.

That’s why we put together this comprehensive list of Mother’s Day presents for every type of personality, from artistic mothers to fitness mums and everything in between. Most of the gift ideas in this post are available for purchase online.

What are the best gifts for mums that don’t cost a cent?

If you’re looking for gifts that don’t cost a cent, we’ve got you covered. Here are some suggestions for thoughtful and heartfelt presents that you don’t need to pay for:

  1. Homemade photo album
  2. Picnic in the park
  3. Basket of homemade goodies
  4. Voucher for an afternoon of house cleaning
  5. Offer to wash the car
  6. Home pamper session
  7. Voucher for a home-cooked meal

What are the best luxury gifts for mums?

If you’re looking to splash out for mum’s special day, we’ve got the perfect gifts for you. From designer watches to luxury spa days, these presents are sure to show your mother how much you appreciate her:

  1. Antique or retro jewellery
  2. Hermes planner
  3. Cire Trudon scented candle
  4. High end perfume
  5. Designer watch
  6. Luxury spa day

The benefits of choosing a personalised gift

When it comes to choosing a present, personalised or DIY gifts are a thoughtful idea for any mother! They provide her with a stylish and personal way to show off all of her favourite memories, plus it’s always nice when something is designed just for them because they know you’ve put some extra thought into your gift ideas! There are lots of different DIY designs available on the market so you’re sure to find a custom item that she’ll love.

Best Gifts for Mums: Conclusion

A thoughtful gift idea can sum up everything your mum means to you in an instant – however, sometimes finding gifts for mums which capture how much they mean to us can seem harder than expected. Luckily, we’ve put together this listicle containing 100+ gift ideas your mum will love! All of these gifting ideas for mums have been chosen with Australian mothers in mind, so you can be sure that you have plenty of options.

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