Three ways to earn Velocity Status Credits without flying

Level up your Velocity Frequent Flyer status in 2024 without stepping onto a plane

When it comes to Velocity Frequent Flyer program, Status Credits are what stand between a member and an array of elite privileges.

But despite being more difficult to come by than Velocity Points, Status Credits are not just up for grabs in the sky, but on the ground too.

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Whether it’s weekly at the supermarket or through a daily credit card spend, here’s how savvy Velocity members can amass Status Credits without flying.

Shop at Coles with Flybuys (up to 120 Velocity Status Credits per year)

Thanks to a longstanding partnership with Coles Flybuys, Velocity Frequent Flyers can maximise Status Credit earnings and boost their membership level by doing the grocery shopping at Coles.

But it’s not just the groceries that count, purchases from Liquorland, First Choice Liquor and Coles Online count (excluding tobacco, gift cards and charity donations), so make sure you put your hand up to cover booze at your next big event.

How it works

Your total eligible spend across participating stores is tallied up at the end of each month, with one Status Credit awarded for every whole $100 AUD spent, capped at a total of 10 Status Credits per month.

Note that while partial credits are not issued, the tally adds up individual transactions across the month, so there’s no need for each shop to be over $100.

What to know

While the maximum earn of 120 Status Credits per year from a hefty $12,000 spend isn’t going to elevate you to Velocity Gold status by any means, it will certainly help you reach your status goals from the ground.

Since Velocity Frequent Flyers are limited to earning 10 Status Credits each month, so there’s little point in spending over $1,000 unless you would do so otherwise.

Amex Velocity Platinum Card (100 Velocity Status Credits in a membership year)

If you’re chasing Velocity Frequent Flyer status, then it’s worth knowing that the popular American Express Velocity Platinum Card could deliver a serve of 100 Velocity Status Credits. That’s in addition to an impressive array of perks, including a complimentary return Virgin Australia domestic flight and four Lounge entries each year.

For a limited time, we’ve partnered with American Express to bring our readers a generous offer of 100,000 bonus Velocity Points on this card. Find out more here.

How it works

100 Velocity Frequent Flyer Status Credits will be awarded when you spend a minimum of $50,000 (on eligible spend) within your membership year. The spend threshold equates to $4,166 in eligible spend each month across 12 months.

Provided you are able to meet the spending threshold, this benefit could offer a handy way to boost your Status Credits balance, particularly if you’re aiming for Silver, Gold, or Platinum Velocity status.

What to know

Membership year means 365 days from the anniversary date of your American Express Velocity Platinum Card.

There are some excluded spend categories, including overseas transactions, traveller’s cheques and cash advances. It’s also worth noting the $375 annual fee also won’t count towards the minimum spend.

Family Pool your Status Credits

Velocity’s Family Pooling feature offers a unique benefit – rarely seen in other airline loyalty programs, such as Qantas Family Transfers – of consolidating Velocity Points and Status Credits into one account. The best bit? You don’t need to be flying with your family to take advantage of the pooling feature!

We’ve prepared a step by step guide to Velocity Family Pooling, you can access it here.

Using family pooling, one nominated member can collect all points and status credits, providing an easy way to reach elite Velocity Frequent Flyer status sooner.

The benefit allows members to pool points and Status Credits to up to six family members of the same household, including a maximum of two adults and four children under the age of 18.

Once set up, it’s possible for a nominated beneficiary to automatically receive a steady flow of points and Status Credits when the administrator travels.

How it works

In a practical sense, pooling your Status Credits could very well see a selected family member achieve their status goals by reaching Gold or Platinum status in time for holiday travel.

Here’s a case study: A family of four flying return from Sydney to Perth would collectively earn 60 Status Credits and 2,300 Velocity Points on an Economy Choice fare, costing $460 per person.

If all points and Status Credits are then pooled to a nominated beneficiary, they would earn:

  • 240 Status Credits
  • 9,200 Velocity Points

This means that with just one family return trip, the beneficiary of the Family Pool would have earned enough Points to book a one-way domestic Reward flight and almost enough Status Credits to reach Silver Status!

Of course, you’ll only want to pool points and Status Credits to someone until they reach the next status level and then move on to help another family member do the same.

Summing up

Earning enough Velocity Frequent Flyer Status Credits can see you soar to the heights of Velocity Gold or Platinum status.

There are a few key ways you can be earning Velocity Status Credits every day, with groceries, your daily spend and pooled family travel benefits all capable of helping a frequent flyer to fast track status.

Velocity also occasionally comes out with generous Status Credit promotions that it pays to know about. We’ll continue to keep our eagle eyes peeled for ways to rack up Velocity Status Credits without flying –watch this space! 

How do you earn Velocity Status Credits on the ground?

FAQ: Earning Velocity Status Credits on the ground

How do I earn Velocity Status Credits?

Velocity Status Credits are primarily earned by flying, however you can earn status credits on the ground by shopping at Coles with your Flybuys card, holding an American Express velocity Platinum Card or taking advantage of Velocity’s Family Pooling benefit.

What are Velocity Frequent Flyer Status Credits?

Separate to Velocity Points, Velocity Frequent Flyer members earn Status Credits to progress through the program’s various membership tiers. You will need to earn 400 Status Credits in a membership year to reach velocity Gold status.

Can you turn Velocity Points into Status Credits?

No. It’s not possible to convert Velocity Points into Status Credits.

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