For a limited time, Amex has upped the rewards on offer when you refer a friend or family member

If there’s one question we regularly get asked, it’s “when is the American Express Refer a Friend promotion coming back?”

Well, we have good news! Until 28 August, American Express has SUPERCHARGED the referral bonus you could earn when successfully introducing a friend or family member to American Express.

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Why we love American Express Refer a Friend

Amex Refer a Friend is a fast and easy way to earn rewards without needing to spend big on your card. You could reach your travel goal sooner, simply by introducing friends and family to the benefits of an American Express card.

And it just got better: Until 28 August 2019, cardholders can enjoy a huge increase to the bonus points normally offered through Amex Refer a Friend. If you hold a retired/past product or a card issued by a Professional Members Association you’ll instead earn a $200 credit back to your account for each successful referral (more on this below).

Your friends and family members win too, of course. In most cases, when they successfully apply via your Refer a Friend link, they’ll earn more sign-on bonus points than if they’d gone via the public American Express website!

What referral bonus could I earn?

Depending on the product you hold, you could enjoy between 30,000 to 60,000 bonus points or a $200 credit back to your account when you successfully refer just one friend or family member to American Express during the offer period.

We’ve put together a list of the rewards that both the referrer and referee could enjoy, below:

ProductReferral Bonus (Referrer)Bonus Points (Referree)
Platinum / Centurion60,000Up to 150,000^
David Jones Card45,00025,000
David Jones Platinum60,00040,000
Platinum Edge45,00010,000
Qantas Discovery / Classic30,00010,000
Qantas Premium45,00040,000
Qantas Ultimate60,00065,000
Velocity Escape30,00010,000
Velocity Platinum60,00060,000
Velocity Gold45,00010,000
Affinity Edge$200*10,000
Platinum Reserve /
Affinity Reserve
Gold / Green /
Rewards Advantage
Charge Cards
$200*Up to 150,000
Platinum Rewards$200*10,000

*Cardholders of selected retired/past products or cards issued by a Professional Members Association will earn a $200 credit per successful referral.

^ Limited time offer ends 28 August 2019.

The bonus that you’ll earn as the referring cardholder remains the same, regardless of the product your friend or family member chooses to apply for.

Your friend or family member must apply by 28 August 2019 and be approved for you to receive the limited-time referral bonus.

Ready to refer? Let’s jump in!

Follow our easy step by step guide below to refer your friends and reap the rewards.

Step 1:  Get started by generating your unique AMEX Refer a Friend link

You can generate your unique link for friends and family by clicking here and logging in. You can also refer via the AMEX app if you prefer.

(You’ll need to indicate your acceptance of important terms and conditions before you can access your unique link)

Step 2: Share the love with your family members and friends

Once you read and agree to the terms and conditions, spread the word by sharing your unique link through a variety of ways. This includes:

  1. Copying your Refer a Friend link and sharing it
  2. Distributing it via email
  3. Sharing it on LinkedIn, or
  4. Sharing it via Facebook

Once your friends or family members head to your referral page, they will be prompted to apply for the card product you hold. However, they can also select another Amex consumer card to apply for.

Step 3: Wait for your referral bonus to credit

Once you’ve referred friends and family, it’s time to sit back and wait. You’ll receive your referral bonus if and when an application is approved.

AMEX Refer a Friend annual referral cap

The AMEX Refer a Friend program usually allows eligible cardholders to earn a cap of 200,000 points per calendar year.

However, for this promotion, you can earn even more points! The referral cap has been increased by an additional 200,000 points for referrals between 18 July 2019 and 28 August 2019. Card members eligible to receive the $200 Statement Credit offer, can earn a maximum cap of $600 back in credit on their account (3 referrals) for the duration of the offer period.

If the referral cap is reached (lucky you!), you’ll be ineligible to receive any further AMEX Refer a Friend bonus points until the referral cap resets on 1 January of the following year.

When will I receive my boosted referral bonus?

Referral points and credits are awarded to the referrer upon approval of the applicant, and to the applicant upon meeting the specified terms of the minimum spend. AMEX advise that it can take 8 to 10 weeks for the referral bonus to be awarded following the criteria being met.

AMEX Refer a Friend eligibility

In order for both the referrer and the applicant to qualify for the referral bonus, your friend or family member must apply directly through your unique link. If they apply through the public website link, no Amex Refer a Friend bonus points will be awarded.

You cannot refer a friend or family member who already holds a direct-issued AMEX card, or someone who has held one in the past 18 months (previous bank-issued and supplementary cardholders are excluded).

Ready to share the love? Generate your unique referral link here

Now is the perfect time to introduce friends to the benefits of American Express while earning thousands of bonus points. It’s the perfect chance to get rewarded without spending on your card.

Don’t delay – this limited-time offer ends 28 August 2019.

If you don’t yet hold a card issued directly by AMEX, you can browse our selection of popular American Express credit cards here. As an Amex cardholder, you’ll be able to generate your own referral link and participate in the AMEX Refer a Friend program.

Disclaimer: This post has been prepared with the support of American Express.

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