American Express rewards card members with bonus points available through their popular ‘Refer a Friend’ program. It’s a popular program, offering up to 30,000 bonus points, simply by successfully referring one friend or family member to a new card!

But a generous referral program is just one of many ways you can earn big with American Express. Whether you’re a long-time points collector or a newbie just starting out in the wonderful world of AMEX Rewards, read on for our list of the six best ways you can earn a stack of points with your AMEX card.

1# Choose an AMEX card with a strong bonus offer

If you’re new to American Express, the best place to start is a card with a solid introductory bonus point offer – and often, you can earn even more, if you apply via a friend or family member’s referral link.

2# Play the ‘Local Champion’ game

I’m always surprised at how few AMEX card members are aware of the Local Champion game.

AMEX Local Champion is a free and easy way to boost your points earn, simply by shopping frequently. The game enables eligible card members to earn an additional bonus point per $1 spent at businesses where they shop most frequently, up to a cap of 10,000 points.

You can select up to ten merchants you’d like to play at via the AMEX app. Once you become the AMEX card member who makes the highest number of purchases at a nominated retailer in a 30 day period, you’ll be crowned ‘Local Champion’, earning an extra point per $1 spent each time you return.

3# Shop till you drop

While AMEX offers a generous earn rate across their entire stable of cards, some cards earn additional bonus points on selected spend categories, allowing you to rack up significant points on your day to day spend.

Cards that shine here include the AMEX Platinum Edge Credit card (3 points at major supermarkets) and the AMEX Platinum Card (3 points per dollar at restaurants). And other cards, like the AMEX Explorer, offer a generous flat rate of 2 points per dollar almost everywhere (excluding the Australian Tax Office and some other merchants), so you’ll earn significantly, regardless of your spend category.

4# Register for promotions via AMEX Offers

Amex Offers rewards card members with targeted ‘cashback’ offers when they spend on their card at selected merchants. Cardmembers can browse available offers online or via the AMEX app. After registering for an offer, the cardmember completes an eligible purchase and is then rewarded with a ‘statement credit’ (essentially a cash back) or bonus points.

David Jones, Woolworths, Amazon and The Iconic are just some of the merchants which have featured in recent offers. While most offers come in the form of a statement credit/cash back, often, card members can register to receive multiple bonus points per $1 spent.

Cardmembers can save big with AMEX Offers. Source: American Express Australia

At the time of writing, for example, AMEX is offering selected card members 5 points per dollar for every $1 spent at Lenovo – a handy way to boost your points balance quickly if you’re in the market for a new laptop.

AMEX Offers are released weekly, usually on Tuesday mornings. It’s well worth checking back regularly to see if you have access to an offer you’d like to use.

5# Add a supplementary card holder

Have a family member or friend you’d like to add to your card account? Most American Express cards allow you to add multiple supplementary card holders for free, either online or over the phone.

And with all points earned through supplementary cardholder spend credited directly to the primary card holder’s account, you’ll be boosting your rewards balance in no time at all!

6# Refer friends or family now

The AMEX Refer a Friend program is one of the most valuable benefits that existing Card Members enjoy. It’s a fast and easy way to earn a stack of bonus points, simply by introducing friends and family to the benefits of American Express.

Until 15 August, card members will get a significant boost to the number of referral points normally on offer – between 30,000 to 60,000 bonus points are on the table when successfully referring just one friend or family member to a new American Express card. And in addition to the increased referral bonus, AMEX has increased the referral cap per calendar year by an additional 200,000 points for the duration of the promotion.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to the AMEX website to generate your unique referral link now!

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