CoinSpot Referral Code: $10 FREE Bitcoin for a limited time

Have you been considering signing up for CoinSpot? Before you do, make sure you use our CoinSpot Referral Code: REF5QWC4T to get a $10 Bitcoin bonus!

CoinSpot referral code – Get $10 FREE Bitcoin!

Sign up for CoinSpot with our referral code REF5QWC4T and make a deposit to receive $10 AUD worth of Bitcoin (BTC).

The CoinSpot bonus is awarded when you sign up and make a qualifying deposit within 90 days of registration. You must be a new user to take advantage of this promotion, and other T&Cs apply.

How to get your CoinSpot bonus

To apply the CoinSpot referral code, simply click the button below to head to the CoinSpot website:

Join CoinSpot now and you’ll receive AU$10 in FREE Bitcoin with our unique code REF5QWC4T( T&Cs apply) or follow our link.

You can then set up and activate your CoinSpot account. You’ll receive the equivalent of $10 BTC in your account once you make your qualifying deposit.

Alternatively, you can manually enter REF5QWC4T as your CoinSpot referral code. It’s that simple!

With a CoinSpot referral code, you’ll get access to exclusive CoinSpot offers and rewards. You can also invite friends and family to open new accounts and earn more free bitcoin.

CoinSpot referral code: How to use it

To register for CoinSpot with our unique referral code, you’ll need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Sign up for CoinSpot at with our CoinSpot affiliate code

Step 2: Activate and verify your account by entering personal information including a valid Government ID. Once this has been done, CoinSpot will send a verification email that contains further instructions on how to deposit AUD$

Step 3: Make a deposit

You will receive $10 BTC bonus after you complete your first AUD deposit.

coinspot referral code bitcoin

How do I get my own CoinSpot referral code?

The CoinSpot referral program is open to all users. Inviting friends and family to become Coinspot users can be a great way to maximize value from the platform.

If you want to get your own CoinSpot affiliate code, all you need to do is sign up for a CoinSpot account and deposit at least AUD$50. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be assigned a unique CoinSpot referral link that you can share with friends and family.

Once you have your CoinSpot referral code, here’s what you need to do to share it with friends and family for a nice little passive income stream:

Share your code: Send your unique invite code to anyone you think would be interested by email, Twitter, or Facebook. Some users have also been lucky enough to have their CoinSpot referral link shared on Reddit.

Undertake verification: Your friends sign up using your CoinSpot referral code and complete the account registration process online.

Get your $10 FREE Bitcoin: Once your friend has completed their first eligible AUD deposit, you both get $10 worth of free BTC.

You can refer multiple people to CoinSpot. Simply send friends and family your referral code and send them to CoinSpot will reward you each time with $10 of Bitcoin.

It’s worth knowing that CoinSpot also operates an affiliate program. Users can choose to either participate in the referral program or the affiliate program, but not both. The affiliate program is likely to be more suitable for users with a commercial arrangement – such as crypto bloggers, news sites, etc.

Join CoinSpot now and you’ll receive AU$10 in FREE Bitcoin with our unique code REF5QWC4T( T&Cs apply) or follow our link.

CoinSpot referral: Things to know

Before you circulate your CoinSpot referral code, there are a few things to know:

Firstly, only new CoinSpot members can receive the referral bonus. If you already hold a CoinSpot account, you’re out of luck. Existing users are excluded.

Secondly, the sign-up bonus can only be claimed when your friend enters your CoinSpot invite link at the point of sign-up. It’s not possible to retrospectively apply the CoinSpot referral code.

Thirdly, each person using a referral link must make at least one AUD deposit on the CoinSpot platform within 90 days of creating their account. If the deposit is applied later, or if the account is never activated, the referral bonus won’t trigger.

Finally, it’s important to note that the value of BTC fluctuates. Both parties earn the equivalent of $10 AUD in free Bitcoin (BTC). The amount will be calculated as the equivalent value of AUD $10 at the time the referred party completes their first qualifying deposit.

CoinSpot Referral: Terms & Conditions

Looking to comb over the fine print about the CoinSpot referral program and the Coinspot affiliate code program? You can find out all the applicable terms and conditions on the CoinSpot website here.

Do CoinSpot coupon codes work?

If you search for the term CoinSpot coupon code or CoinSpot discount code, you’ll likely come across many listings from coupon and deal sites.

However, CoinSpot does not appear to offer promo codes and coupon codes outside the generous referral program we’ve outlined in this post. We’ve tested out many CoinSpot promo codes and discounts advertised on coupon websites. In each instance, these coupon codes have not been valid.

coinspot referral code bitcoin

CoinSpot benefits + features

CoinSpot is recognised as one of the best crypto exchanges in Australia. CoinSpot competes with other top bitcoin exchanges such as Coinbase, Swiftyx, Binance, and in the highly competitive online crypto exchanges market.

Here are some of the key features and benefits to know about before you decide to sign up:

Trustworthy and Australian-owned

CoinSpot, founded in 2013, is a legitimate crypto exchange that is fully owned in Australia. CoinSpot boasts an excellent security record, and it takes appropriate measures to protect customer assets.

Competitive fee structure

CoinSpot charges a fee of just 0.10% for market orders. This is the most competitive fee structure of any Australian crypto exchange. The trading fees are typically significantly cheaper than competitor, Coinbase.

Flexible funding options

CoinSpot allows you to deposit funds using PayID (OSKO). These transactions are generally quick, so users can often enjoy instant deposits and instant buy. You may also use BPay, POLi, or even cash to add money to your account.

More recently, a Coinspot Mastercard credit card has been introduced.

320 + cryptocurrencies and NFTs

CoinSpot is widely considered to offer the most diverse range of digital currencies. Most well-known currencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, are available via the platform. CoinSpot continues to add new cryptos regularly.

Lucrative referral program

Finally, CoinSpot offers one of the most generous referral programs of any cryptocurrency exchange. And unlike other refer-a-friend programs, users can refer as many friends and family as they like – with no caps.

Disclaimer: Cryptocurrency trading has potential risks involved. Trading may not be suitable for all people. This article constitutes general information only. Before deciding to invest, you should seek independent financial or professional advice.

CoinSpot Referral Code Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can I get free $10 CoinSpot?

Simply enter the CoinSpot referral code REF5QWC4T – Receive $10 worth of Bitcoin when you sign up and make your first qualifying deposit.

Do I need a CoinSpot account to get free bitcoin?

Yes, to get your CoinSpot bonus, you must create an account and apply the CoinSpot referral code REF5QWC4T at the point of signing up.

Is CoinSpot legit?

Yes. CoinSpot is a legitimate, Australian-owned crypto trading platform.

Can You Withdraw The $10 AUD Free Bitcoin?

Yes. To withdraw the free Bitcoin referral bonus on CoinSpot, you may either export it to an external Bitcoin wallet or sell it and withdraw the AUD for free.

Can I buy cryptocurrencies with my SMSF?

Yes, there are ways, but seek your own independent financial advice before jumping in, as there is significant risk involved.

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